Alexsander Zuniga

Zuniga, Alexsander

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Possess Cocaine

Failure To Obey Traffic Control Devices; Running Red Light

No Insurance

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets.]

On 8-21-21 myself and other officers were dispatched to a head on collision with injuries at W Walnut Ave @ S Thornton Ave. While en route to this call dispatch stated that one vehicle was flipped onto its side.

Once on scene I observed a dark colored Dodge pick up truck on its driver side with the windshield knocked out onto the roadway. I observed debris from the pickup truck all over the roadway. This debris was items such as coins and beer cans. I then made contact with the driver of the Dodge pick up truck. I asked if he was okay and he stated that he was okay.

While speaking with him I could detect an odor of beer. This smell was likely from the spilled beer on the roadway. However, the driver (Alexsander Zuniga) did admit to consuming some beer several hours earlier. I then stood by with him until ems could speak with him. Once ems spoke with him he told them that he was okay and refused to go to the hospital.

At that point I asked Alexsander to come in front of my vehicle in preparation to conduct standardized field sobriety testing. Once I got him to where I wanted I then looked down onto the ground. In the middle of the debris that came from Alexsander’s vehicle such as coins and his windshield was a small clear plastic bag. This bag contained a white powder substance that is consistent with cocaine. I immediately asked Alexsander if he knew what that was and he denied it. This is difficult to believe due to all of the other items of debris on the roadway to be his and this bag of suspected cocaine just happened to sit in the middle of it all. Other officers took pictures of this and removed this item from the roadway.

I then had officers reposition their vehicles and turn off their emergency lights that would hinder my SFST. I then had Alexsander conduct these tests. Alexsander did well and showed no clues of impairment. The clues he did show I believe came from the slight language barrier and misunderstanding of instructions for him.

While conducting these tests other officers took the suspected cocaine and field tested it for cocaine. This substance did test positive for cocaine. I then went back to Alexsander and we spoke about the cause of the wreck. Alexsander then admitted that he ran the red light because it would not change to green. Once I found out this substance did test positive for cocaine I went back to Alexsander and checked his eyes to make sure they were not dilated. I did this because subjects who are under the influence of cocaine have dilated pupils. I did not observe any abnormal pupil sizes.

I then asked Alexsander about this bag of suspected cocaine and he denied it. I asked multiple times for him to be honest with us as it is highly unlikely that this bag of suspected cocaine came from anywhere else but him and his vehicle. Alexsander still denied it. Lt Eaton then confirmed with Alexsander that the windshield on the ground was his. He then confirmed that the coins on the ground were his. Lt Eaton then asked about the cocaine and Alexsander denied it again.

I then placed Alexsander under arrest for possession of cocaine. He was searched and placed into the back of my patrol vehicle where he was seat belted in. He did say he was a U.S. Citizen.

I then transported him to Whitfield County Jail where he was charged with: 16-13-30 possession of cocaine 40-6-20 traffic signal violation 40-6-10 no insurance these charges were put on warrantless arrest form #64472.

The cocaine weighed 1.3gg was entered into property and evidence with a GBI crime lab submission form to be tested. Nothing further.