Chopper Garrett

Garrett, Chopper Lee

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Criminal Trespass, Damage Of $500 Or Less

Possess A Schedule 4, Other

Drugs Not In Original Container

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On this date, 3/10/2022, I was patrolling the area of Elk St near Providence Ministries at 711 N Hamilton St.

As I was traveling north on Elk St in my patrol vehicle, I noticed a pickup truck that was parked in the parking lot of Providence Ministries next to a large blue dumpster. As I was approaching the vehicle in my patrol vehicle, I noticed a male subject standing towards the back of the vehicle. I advised dispatch I was getting out with a vehicle at Providence Ministries and then made contact with the male.

I asked the male what he was doing. The male stated he was just dropping some items off at the front of Providence Ministries as a donation. The male was moving items around in the back of the vehicle while I was speaking with him. I asked the male for his ID and he stated he did not have it with him. I then asked for the males name and he provided me with Chopper Garrett.

I asked dispatch to run Chopper through GCIC. After providing Chopper’s information to dispatch, Pfc Jones advised me via radio that the male has been trespassed from that location in 2021. The case number for that report is 21-006099. After learning that information, I advised Chopper to place his hands behind his back and that he was under arrest.

Chopper asked if he could take his jacket off before placing hand cuffs on him. I stated he could. Chopper took his jacket off. Lt Eaton then began searching the jacket while I placed hand cuffs on Chopper and ensured they were not too tight. See Lt Eaton’s supplemental regarding details on his involvement and his findings.

I then escorted Chopper to the front of my patrol vehicle and searched his person. During my search of Chopper’s person, I located a black bag in his back pocket of his jeans. I unzipped the black bag and located 4 blue tablets that were wrapped in a clear wrap. The tablets were circle shaped, blue in color, and had “2531” and “V” imprinted on the tablets.

I identified those pills using by imputing the description of the tablets into the pill finder tool on the web site. I was able to presume through the web site that the tablets were possibly clonazepam 1mg.

I read Chopper his miranda warning from my department issued miranda warning card. I then escorted Chopper to the rear passenger seat of my patrol car. I asked Chopper if he was a US citizen and he stated yes. I then asked Chopper if he wanted a seatbelt and he stated no.

I then asked Chopper what were the pills that I found in his back pocket. Chopper stated they were in the jacket that he was wearing and he put them in his pocket. Chopper stated he got the jacket from another thrift store.

After speaking with Chopper, I was advised by other officers on scene that the female that was in the front passenger seat of the vehicle had a glass smoking pipe in her possession. The female was identified as Vickie Gray. See Lt Eaton’s supplemental regarding the glass pipe and how it was located. Residue was seen inside the glass pipe and was field tested for methamphetamine. The test came back positive.

I was also advised that another female that was in the rear driver seat of the vehicle was identified as Charlesy Bellas and was also banned from the property in the same report that Chopper was banned.

I read Vickie her miranda warning from my department issued miranda warning card. I then asked Vickie if she would give us consent to search her vehicle. Vickie stated we could search the vehicle. After searching the vehicle, nothing was found.

I then transported Chopper to the Whitfield County Jail. Pfc Jones transported Vickie and Charlesy. Once at the Whitfield County Jail, I completed a warrantless arrest form for Chopper (65475) with the charges of criminal trespass, possession of a schedule 4, and possession of a controlled substance not in original container.

I also completed a warrantless arrest form for Vickie (65476) with the charges of possession of methamphetamine and possession of a drug related object. Charlesy was given a uniform citation form (000385) for criminal trespass.

I submitted the glass pipe, the 4 tablets, the black bag, and a metal smoking pipe into property and evidence. The metal smoking pipe had suspected marijuana inside and was submitted into property and evidence to be destroyed.

This case is cleared by arrest.