Colbie Allison

Allison, Colbie Liz

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Battery, Family Violence (1st Offense)

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On June 17, 2022 Lieutenant Callahan and Deputy Smith was dispatched to [900 BLOCK] Raygan Dr. in reference to lacerations. Upon arrival Colbie Allison walked up to Deputies and stated the information below.

Colbie stated that she had been raped and that she was a missing person. Colbie advised that deputies needed to take her to jail. Deputies could tell Colbie was intoxicated and was not making any sense in what she was saying. Deputies tried to ask Colbie questions but she would not answer and just kept reinstating that she was a missing person and the man inside the house was not her father.

Deputies spoke with [WITNESS #1] and he stated that all this began earlier this evening when him and his sister (Colbie) had gotten into an argument. [WITNESS #1] stated the argument started because Colbie began stating that there farther wasn’t her real dad. [WITNESS #1] stated that his mother ([WITNESS #2]) and farther began yelling at Colbie.

[WITNESS #1] stated during this Colbie asked him if he would move Juvenile 1 to the back bedroom because she was sleeping on the couch. [WITNESS #1] advised after this everyone stopped arguing and went back to there rooms and he went to the bathroom. [WITNESS #1] stated while in the bathroom he heard Juvenile 1 screaming “help me”.

[WITNESS #1] advised he then ran into the room and saw Colbie on top of Juvenile 1 and he then went and pulled her off. [WITNESS #1] stated that as he was pulling her off his mother came into the room because she heard Juvenile 1 screaming. [WITNESS #1] advised he then had to hold back his mother because she was trying to go after Colbie. [WITNESS #1] also stated that Colbie had been drinking.

Deputies spoke with [WITNESS #2] next and she stated that she was in her room when she heard [WITNESS #1] and Colbie begin to argue. [WITNESS #2] stated that the argument went on for quite some time. [WITNESS #2] advised that once the argument ended that she heard Colbie go back into the back room where Juvenile 1 was sleeping.

[WITNESS #2] stated that this is when she heard Juvenile 1 begin screaming “help me”, she advised once she got into the room she saw [WITNESS #1] pulling Colbie off of Juvenile 1. [WITNESS #2] advised that something similar had happened like this to her other daughter a few weeks prior, where Colbie hit her other daughter in the face with her phone. [WITNESS #2] stated that she believes that Colbie is drunk.

Deputies then spoke with Colbie one more time and asked her what had happened to her daughter. Colbie stated she didn’t know what had happened to her daughter. Colbie just kept reinstating that she has been being raped and molested by the man in the house (her father) her entire life. Colbie advised that nobody ever helps her and to go ahead and take her to jail.

Colbie stated that she hasn’t seen her daughter nor does she know where she’s at. Colbie then asked to see Juvenile 1. Deputy Smith then put Colbie in handcuffs checked for tightness and double lock. Deputies began asking Colbie for her daughter’s father’s information so we could contact him. Colbie stated that she didn’t know his name or his number.

Deputies then went to the ambulance where Juvenile 1 was at and spoke with her. She stated that the whole family had been arguing. Juvenile 1 advised that [WITNESS #1] told her to go to the backroom and watch her little sister. Juvenile stated after she was in the room Colbie came back in there and began stating that she had a “smirk on her face.”

Juvenile 1 stated that this is when her mother began to hit her in the face she stated she didn’t know what she hit her with and she only hit her twice. Deputy Smith asked Juvenile 1 for her father’s information and she was able to provide the information her father ([REDACTED]). She was then transported to Hamilton Medical center by EMS.

Deputies then transported Colbie to Whitfield County Sheriffs Office Booking where she was handed over to Booking staff without incident. Lt. Callahan then contacted [REDACTED] and explained to him the situation and he stated he would go to Hamilton Medical center to be with his daughter.

Colbie was arrested under Warrantless arrest number #65907 and was charged with OCGA 16-5-23.1 Battery Family Violence.

Deputy Smith took photos of Juvenile 1 injuries and they will be uploaded to

There is nothing further to report at this time.