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Tired of door-to-door sales? There’s an ordinance for that!

For homeowners living in the city, there’s an easy solution to those pesky door-to-door salespeople, and it comes in the way of a sign from City Hall.

According to Sec. 22-147. of the city ordinances, titled ‘Homeowner’s right regarding door-to-door sales‘, it states:

(a) The mayor and city council are of the opinion that if a homeowner or tenant does not want to be bothered by door-to-door sales people calling upon them, sometimes several times during the day, then the choice should be theirs to make. The city will take the following steps to ensure that they can make that decision:

(1) The city will have signs available to put on front doors that will read as follows:

R. H. Ord. #692

(2) When a salesperson is issued a business license or when his license is renewed, he will be notified that he is not to stop at any dwelling that has the “NO SOLICITING” sign displayed.

(3) Any salesperson found in violation of the above restriction shall be declared a nuisance, and his business license will be in extreme jeopardy. In addition, persons found in violation may be cited for such violation and required to pay a fine of $50.00.

In layman’s terms, if you display the provided sign from City Hall on your front door, and a salesperson still proceeds to knock on your door, you can report them to the City of Richmond Hill. Either they violated their conditions of having a business license, or they don’t have a business license at all. Either way, the City can hold them accountable.

It would be helpful to have their name and/or business when filing a report. Ring footage is even more helpful.

Complaints can be filed using the city’s online complaint form, which can be found here:

As far as we could tell, this is only for residents inside the city limits. We couldn’t find any such ordinance in unincorporated Bryan County.