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Gaspar Patino-Trejo

Patino-Trejo, Gaspar

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Reckless Conduct

Cruelty To Child, Allow To Witness Fel/ Bat/ Fv, 3rd

Simple Battery

Simple Battery

Disorderly Conduct

Willful Obstruction Of Law Officers, Misd

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 07/29/2023 Deputy Phillips, Deputy Findley, and Lt. Gibson were en-route to a fight in progress at [600 BLOCK] Big Oak Ln. Dispatched advised that an adult hit a special needs juvenile and someone is bleeding. Dispatch also advised that the offender was attempting to leave in a blue Nissan passenger car. Dispatch advised deputies the offender was a male wearing a pink shirt.

Deputy Phillips was first on scene and could observe a blue Nissan passenger car leaving. Deputy Phillips told the driver to stop and observed a male, later identified as Gaspar Patino, in the rear passenger seat, wearing a pink shirt, and had blood on him. Deputy Phillips then removed that male, who had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person, and placed him into handcuffs, which were double locked and checked for fit. Deputy Phillips then placed that male in the rear seat of the patrol car and advised him he was being detained until the incident could be investigated.

While Deputy Phillips was speaking with [VICTIM #1], Gaspar started to hit his head on the partition of Deputy Phillips’ patrol car. Deputy Phillips advised dispatch of this and told him to stop. Deputy Findley then arrived on scene to assist. He remained at Deputy Phillips’ patrol car to observe Gaspar. [VICTIM #1] stated to Deputy Phillips that Juvenile 1 is special needs due to autism. Deputy Phillips could observe Juvenile 1 being very upset about the incident.

Deputy Phillips spoke with [VICTIM #1] again and she stated it started between Gaspar and her father, [VICTIM #2]. [VICTIM #1] translated the conversation between Deputy Phillips and [VICTIM #2]. [VICTIM #2] stated that Gaspar threw Juvenile 1 into the pool and called him a “mother f*cker”. [VICTIM #2] then confronted him about this and told him to leave the kid alone and Gaspar punched him one time in the face. [VICTIM #2] stated that it knocked him down and he did it with a closed fist.

Deputy Phillips could observe a laceration on [VICTIM #2]’s right eyebrow. He denied medical treatment for his injuries. Lt. Gibson arrived on scene around this time to also assist. Deputy Phillips took pictures of [VICTIM #2]’s injuries and submitted it to evidence.com. [VICTIM #1] stated that she was also hit by Gaspar. She stated that she had her phone in her hand and knocked it out. Deputy Phillips asked [VICTIM #1] to describe the hit and she demonstrated an open hand slap.

Deputy Phillips advised [VICTIM #1] and [VICTIM #2] that Gaspar would be under arrest and taken to the Whitfield County Detention Center. Deputy Phillips then advised dispatch that Gaspar was in custody and en-route to the Detention Center. While en-route to the detention center Gaspar continued to hit his head on the partition and rear passenger doors deliberately. He became irate and started to curse Deputy Phillips, by stating “hey n*gga, motherf*cker,” and other curse words in Spanish.

Once at the Detention Center, multiple detention officers, and Lt. Gibson were present. Detention staff attempted to get Gaspar to exit the rear seat, and could observe a severe laceration to Gaspar’s forehead that was bleeding. Gaspar denied medical attention at the Detention Center and medical staff advised he needed to be transported to Hamilton Medical Center for stitches. Deputy Phillips advised dispatch of this and to notify public safety at Hamilton medical center. While en-route, Gaspar continued to curse Deputy Phillips.

Once at Hamilton Medical Center, Gaspar refused to exit the patrol vehicle and went limp. Deputy Phillips along with Public Safety Officers had to remove Gaspar from the patrol vehicle and placed him onto a wheel chair. Once inside, Gaspar became irate and a Spanish translator from the hospital had to translate. He would not give consent for treatment.

Deputy Phillips along with public safety officers placed Gaspar back in the rear seat of the patrol car. Gaspar went limp again and would not comply with law enforcement’s commands. Gaspar hit his head on the center seat numerous times while entering the vehicle. Once law enforcement was able to place him in the rear seat, Dr. [REDACTED], came outside and stated that due to his current mental state of being intoxicated as well as the head injury he would not be able to give consent. Dr. [REDACTED] stated that he needed to come back inside for treatment.

Upon exiting the vehicle again, Gaspar went limp and would not comply with law enforcement. Law enforcement had to remove him from the vehicle and place him into a wheel chair again. While removing Gaspar he started to kick Deputy Phillips and struck him multiple times in the hands, forearms and upper thigh. Deputy Phillips used pain compliance by twisting the handcuffs to gain Gaspar’s compliance.

Once Gaspar returned to the room, Deputy Phillips was advising Sgt. Sullivan of the situation while standing in the hall. Upon entering the room, Deputy Phillips observed Gaspar in the floor near the corner of the bed. Staff at Hamilton Medical Center stated that he fell out of the wheel-chair and hit his head. Medical staff as well as law enforcement, assisted Gaspar into the hospital bed. Gaspar then called medical staff a b*tch and spit at them.

Gaspar’s spit landed on Public Safety Officer Elder. Medical staff then put a face mask on him to restrain him from continuing this. Deputy Phillips then advised dispatch of him spitting. Gaspar then started to hit his head on the bed rails and as he did this he was attempting to remove the mask using his mouth. Deputy Phillips held his head still to keep him from continuing this self harm. Medical staff then placed pads on the bed rails to prevent him from hitting his head any more.

Deputy Phillips then spoke with Dr. [REDACTED] and he stated that he will be placing a medical hold on him due to his current condition. Deputy Phillips then advised Lt. Gibson of the situation. Deputy Phillips then advised Dr. [REDACTED] that Gaspar will be turned over to them for medical treatment and to advise dispatch when he is able to be released.

A short while later, while at the Detention Center, dispatch advised Deputy Phillips that another victim was being treated in Chatsworth. Deputy Phillips contact, by phone. She stated that Gaspar bit her niece and she was at the hospital. Deputy Phillips advised her to come to the Whitfield County Sheriff’s office when she gets discharge to observe the injuries.

Deputy Phillips was then contacted by Hamilton Medical Center and informed that Gaspar was discharged and medically cleared. Deputy Phillips then arrived at Hamilton Medical Center. Gaspar was unable to hold his head up, but was able to breath. He was sedated and the Doctor there stated that he was no longer discharged and he could not leave until he can hold his head up. Deputy Phillips advised dispatch of this information and left the hospital.

After a few more hours, dispatch advised Deputy Dennison he was discharged. Deputy Dennison then made contact with Gaspar in the lobby of the hospital and took him into custody. Deputy Dennison then transported Gaspar to Whitfield County Detention Center where he was turned over to Detention Staff.

Deputy Phillips was advised around 1800hrs on 07/30/2023 that Gaspar was not giving his information to Detention Staff for booking procedures.

Deputy Phillips made contact with the victims that sought medical treatment, [VICTIM #3] and [VICTIM #4], at the Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Phillips spoke with [VICTIM #4] and she stated that Gaspar was messing with Juvenile 1 and caused Juvenile 1 to start screaming. She stated she heard him scream stop several times as Gaspar was pushing him and pushed him into the pool.

She stated she heard Gaspar call Juvenile 1 a “stupid motherf*cker” [VICTIM #4] stated that [VICTIM #3] tried to calm Gaspar down and was leaving when they saw Gaspar punch [VICTIM #2]. She stated [VICTIM #3] got out of the car to separate them and to pull Gaspar off. [VICTIM #4] stated that Gaspar tried to bite [VICTIM #3]’s face so she put her hand in between them but got bit on her right hand. She stated that when they got pulled apart, they fell to the ground and Gaspar landed near [VICTIM #4]’s arm.

She stated that his face did not land on her arm but moved his mouth to start biting her. [VICTIM #4] stated that both herself, and [VICTIM #3] were worried about catching diseases from Gaspar. Deputy Phillips advised them to speak with a Doctor as well as an attorney about subpoenaing his medical records.

Gaspar was charged with Battery O.C.G.A 16-5-23.1, Obstruction of law enforcement-Misdemeanor O.C.G.A 16-10-24(a), Reckless Conduct O.C.G.A 16-5-60, Simple Battery O.C.G.A 16-5-23 (Two counts), Cruelty to Children in the third degree O.C.G.A 16-5-70, and Disorderly Conduct O.C.G.A 16-11-39.

Deputy Phillips took pictures of the rear seat of his patrol car due to the blood and submitted them to evidence.com. Deputy Phillips took pictures of [VICTIM #3] and [VICTIM #4]’s injuries and submitted it to evidence.com.

[End of Narrative]

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