Jody Stokes

Stokes, Jody Michael

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Terroristic Threats And Acts

Criminal Trespass Of Property Without Permission

Obstruction Of Officer By Threat/ Violence

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On saturday, 10/30/2021, at approximately 06:48 hours I, ofc Kell, responded to 1907 Chattanooga Rd (Racetrac)in reference to a vagrant sleeping behind the business.

Once on scene, I walked around the back of the building, from the left side of the building. Once at the back, I observed what appeared to be a person laying underneath a large blanket. I also observed several bags and clothing items to be thrown out around the individual underneath the blanket.

I then announced myself and tried to wake up the subject. After announcing myself, I only heard moaning and “huh?” Coming from underneath the blanket. After several moments of me continuing to identify myself, and advising the subject that he was not welcome on the property, the subject then removed the cover from his head and looked at me. I was then able to identify the subject to be Jody Stokes.

I then advised Jody that he had to leave, to which Jody told me to “leave him alone.” I then again advised him he could not continue sleeping there, further stating he needed to gather his things and leave. Jody then stated “why don’t yall just leave me the fu*k alone.” I then advised Jody that I was not going to leave, and that he needed to gather his belongings and move along. Jody then responded by saying “I’ m not leaving either.” I then advised Jody that I was going to go speak with the manager of the business and that if he was not up and packing up by the time I returned, he would be going to jail for criminal trespass.

As I continued to the front of the business, MPO McBrayer arrived on scene to assist. I then went to the front of the store and made contact with the manager ([WITNESS #1]). [WITNESS #1] stated that he had just got to the store, but was advised by employees that Jody had been sleeping there all night. [WITNESS #1] stated they tried to wake him up and tell him he had to leave, but stated Jody would only ignore them and not respond.

After speaking with [WITNESS #1], I then began making my way back to the back of the building again. By the time I reached the left side of the building, next to the group of picnic tables, I observed that Jody was up walking around the tables. I also noticed that MPO McBrayer had his ASP baton out, fully extended. MPO McBrayer then informed me that Jody had threatened to harm him by saying he was going to “beat his skull in,” prior to walking around the building.

At this time, due to Jody’s continual refusal to leave the property, and the statements of physical harm towards MPO McBrayer, I then told Jody to place his hands behind his back. Jody complied for a moment, but the moment my handcuffs went to touch his wrist, he immediately pulled away and began trying to run/ walk away from us. At this time, MPO McBrayer grabbed Jody’s right arm and I grabbed his left arm. We both then tried to pull Jody back, but he continued to shift his weight forward, attempting to pull away from us. At this time, I wrapped my right arm around Jody’s right shoulder, grabbed his left arm with my left hand and began twisting to my left, attempting to take him to the ground. Once this was successfully down, Jody immediately placed his hands underneath his body so we could not grab them. While doing this, Jody was also elbowing me in my stomach area and repeatedly saying “I’ m gonna crush y’alls fu*king skull in. I’ m not going back to jail.”

After struggling with Jody for a brief moment, MPO McBrayer then struck Jody twice in the face with a closed fist, in attempts to force Jody to free his hands. After doing this, MPO McBrayer was then able to take control of Jody’s right hand, and I was able to get his left hand. We then secured Jody in handcuffs and stood him up. After Jody was back on his feet, he began trying to apologize, further stating he was “just tired.” I then searched Jody’s person. After search was complete, I secured Jody (who is a U.S. Citizen) in the rear of my patrol car (without seatbelt).

I then transported Jody to the Whitfield county jail, where he was then released to the care of the booking staff. I charged Jody michael stokes with the following charges on warrantless arrest #64746:

16-10-24 obstruction (F)
16-11-37 terroristic threats and acts (F)
16-7-21 criminal trespass (M)

Though I was not recording during the incident, the incident did occur in plain view in front of my patrol vehicle dash camera (car 74). Nothing further to report.

P Kell 597, Dalton PD