Jose Guzman

Guzman, Jose Angel

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Battery, Family Violence (1st Offense)

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On this date, 10/29/2021, myself and officer Greer responded to [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in reference to a disturbance in progress.

The complainant, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] advised that [REDACTED BY AGENCY] has been physical with family members on scene and that he was under the influence of alcohol. She advised that he was in his bedroom before we arrived on scene.

Once on scene, I made contact with [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in the living room. I immediately noticed that [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was wiping blood from his nose with a paper towel. I could see that his nose was swollen and had a laceration on the bridge of the nose. It appeared that he had been struck by a hard object. I asked what happened and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] advised that his brother, Jose, head-butted him in the nose. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated that Jose head-butted him when he tried to stop him from going after [REDACTED B AGENCY] before contact was made with Jose, EMS was dispatched to check [REDACTED BY AGENCY] nose.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] all advised that Jose was hostile and that he may try to fight me when I opened his bedroom door. I made contact with Jose once officer Greer arrived on scene. We spoke with Jose in his bedroom about the incident. Jose advised that he was next door at the neighbor’s house consuming alcohol less than an hour before the police was called. He advised that he consumed a 12 pack of beer while at the neighbor’s house and at some point he left. Jose advised he got into an argument with the neighbor and returned to his apartment with his family.

Jose then stated that he became angry and “it all went blurry.” I asked what he meant by that. Jose stated that he and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] “got into it” and he does not remember what happened. I asked Jose if he fought with any of the family members and he stated he could not remember. I asked Jose if he knew how his [REDACTED BY AGENCY] received the injuries to his nose. Jose stated that he did not know how [REDACTED BY AGENCY] received the injuries.

While I was speaking with Jose, it was clear that he was under the influence of alcohol. I could detect the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath. Jose appeared angry as he was crying about what had happened. I asked him about this, but he could not advise why he was so upset. Jose then stood up and placed his hands behind his back and stated, “I know I’ m going to jail so just take me.” I then placed Jose into custody and transported him to my patrol car. Myself and officer Greer had to hold Jose up as we walked him to the car as he was slightly stumbling. Jose was searched incident to arrest and nothing of evidentiary value was located on his person. Jose advised he is a U.S. Citizen and did not wish to wear a seatbelt.

I then went back inside to ask [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to walk me through the incident. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated that Jose was at the neighbor’s house drinking alcohol and came home “drunk” and angry. He stated that Jose wanted to fight the neighbor, but his [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was trying to calm him down and shut the front door to prevent him from trying to pick a fight with the neighbor. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated that when his [REDACTED BY AGENCY] did this, Jose turned around and acted like he was going to fight them instead. I asked what he meant by this and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] believed that Jose was going to go after his [REDACTED BY AGENCY] he stated that Jose’s mannerisms and body language was consistent with someone who wanted to physically fight someone. He stated Jose took a fighting stance and started walking towards [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

At this point, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated he grabbed Jose from behind to try to restrain him from going after [REDACTED BY AGENCY] he stated when he did this they fell backwards to the couch. Once on the couch, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Jose used the back of his head to head-butt him in the nose. This caused visible injuries to [REDACTED BY AGENCY] nose. His nose was swollen, bleeding, and had a laceration on the bridge of the nose. Photos of the injury have been attached.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated that he let go of Jose once he was hit in the nose. He stated that Jose then walked towards [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

At this point, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] started to tell me that she then slapped Jose in the face after he head-butted [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. She stated she yelled “You are acting like a child” to Jose. She stated Jose then approached her and wrapped his arms around hers to stop her from doing anything else. She stated they then tripped and fell on the kitchen floor with Jose on top of her still holding her arms. She stated her [REDACTED BY AGENCY] then pulled Jose off of her. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] told Jose she was calling the police and Jose went to his room. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] advised that she did not believe Jose was trying to hit her, but holding her arms to stop her from slapping him.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] confirmed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] statement. He stated that once he saw Jose fall on top of [REDACTED BY AGENCY] he and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] attempted to pull him off of her. He stated that once [REDACTED BY AGENCY] yelled, Jose stopped and went into his room.

Before leaving, I spoke with [REDACTED BY AGENCY] about the incident. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] gave the same statement as [REDACTED BY AGENCY] she stated that she heard Jose yelling and she ran downstairs. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] advised she saw Jose walking towards [REDACTED BY AGENCY] grabbing Jose to stop him. She stated she saw Jose head-butt [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in the nose and then Jose wrap his arms around [REDACTED BY AGENCY] she stated once Jose fell on top of [REDACTED BY AGENCY] she thought he was choking her on the ground. She stated she was yelling at Jose to get off of [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and she punched him to try to break them up. She advised she never saw Jose choke [REDACTED BY AGENCY] but was unsure was happening due to the quickly changing events.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] Jose, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] all live together in the sane household.

After obtaining all statements, I transported Jose to the WCSO and placed him in the care of the booking staff. I charged Jose on warrantless arrest form #64742 for the following charge: 16-5-23.1, battery (FV)