Mathew Gray

Gray, Mathew Garrett

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Criminal Damage To Property, Business, 2nd Degree

Dui- Driving Under Influence Of Alcohol

Open Container Violation

Failure To Maintain Lane

Fail To Report Accident Resulting Injury, Death, Or Prop Dam

Pedestrian Under The Influence Of Alcohol Or Drug

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 10-29-21 I arrived in the area of Chattanooga Ave and West Tyler st in reference to a motor vehicle wreck with a power pole.

On arrival I found a red 2021 jeep (tag: REDACTED BY AGENCY) that was damaged and resting off of the roadway and inside of the wood line on the side of the road. I also observed a power pole that had broke into three separate pieces. There was also debris on the ground around the jeep. The debris appeared to be contents that were inside of the jeep. I observed that the driver side front seat airbag had been deployed. I observed that the passenger side airbag had not been deployed. Also while searching the area, bottles of alcohol were discovered in the debris that had been spilled out of the jeep. Pictures of the vehicle, power pole, debris, and alcohol are attached to this report. The broken power pole caused the power to be out for most of North Thornton Ave.

Contact was made with a witness, [WITNESS #1]. He stated that he observed a tall white male that was wearing a brown jacket with a beard and a shaved head get out of the jeep. [WITNESS #1] stated that this male took an arm full of clothes and started to walk away. [WITNESS #1] stated that the male walked by him and stated that he didn’t want [WITNESS #1] to call the police. [WITNESS #1] stated that this male was stumbling around and appeared to be heavily intoxicated. [WITNESS #1] also stated that there was nobody else with the vehicle.

Eventually contact was made with this male, identified as Matthew Gray. Gray is also the registered owner of the jeep. Gray was walking down the street and was stumbling around as he walked. When Gray was standing and talking to officers he could not stand still and kept stumbling to keep standing upright. I also observed a lot of mud on his shoes and pants from where it appeared he may have fell in the mud that the jeep was sitting in. Gray was also wearing the same clothes that the witness had described him in, and he was also carrying extra clothes with him just as the witness had described.

Gray stated that this jeep was in fact his. Gray stated that he had not been driving it however. I asked Gray who was driving it and he stated that he didn’t know. I asked where Gray was coming from and he stated that he was at Hamilton’s Spirits and then at Crescent City Tavern. I asked how much he has had to drink and he stated that he had a couple of shots, several beers, and a mixed drink. I asked how his jeep got here and he stated that he didn’t know but that he wasn’t driving. He stated that he kept his jeep unlocked with the keys inside. However, Gray didn’t state that it had been stolen, he just stated that this is how he keeps his vehicle. I asked how Gray had gotten there and he stated that he had walked from Crescent City Tavern to this location. I asked him how he knew that his vehicle was here and he shrugged his shoulders in question. As I spoke to Gray I could smell a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and he was slurring his speech.

I asked Gray if he would do some Field Sobriety Tests for me and he agreed. These tests were recorded on car 81. First I conducted the walk and turn test. On the walk and turn test I observed the following clues of intoxication:

-Could not keep balance during instruction.
-Stumbled during his walk and could not walk in a straight line
-Took 13 steps, and had to be told to stop and turn around to walk the other way
-Took more than 9 steps after walking back the other way.

I then conducted the one leg stand. I observed the following clues of intoxication:

-had to use arms for balance.
-Could not stand in one stop and had to jump around

I then used a mobile alcohol sensor for breath. This gave a result of 0.215 alcohol concentration.

At this time I placed Gray under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. He was searched incident to arrest and no contraband was found. He was placed in the back of patrol car 81. He advised he is a U.S. Citizen. I then read Gray implied consent for people over the age of 21. I requested that Gray submit to the state test for breath. Gray stated that he would take the test. Gray was then transported to WCSO. Officer Greer operated the state test for breath. This test resulted in a 0.195 alcohol concentration for breath.

I charged Gray under warrantless arrest form number:64745

-16-7-23 (criminal damage to property second degree)
-512170 (40-6-391a5) (dui alcohol 0. 08Gm or more over 21)
-512171 (40-6-253) (open container alcohol)
-512172 (40-6-48) (failure to maintain lane)
-512173 (40-6-95) (pedestrian under the influence of alcohol)
-512174 (40-6-273) (leaving scene of accident with property damage 500 dollars)

Citations were also printed for all the traffic offences. Gray was then turned over to WCSO booking staff without incident.