Tanner Lusk

Lusk, Tanner Ryan

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Theft By Shoplifting, Misd

Fugitive From Justice

Possess A Schedule 2, Other

Possess Methamphetamine

Possess Tools For Commission Of Crime, Vgcsa

Crossing Guard Line With Drugs Without Consent

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On February 13, 2023 I responded to [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in reference to a shoplifting in progress. While I was in route, I learned that I needed to go to the Loss Prevention Office to meet with the complainant in the case.

Upon my arrival, I met with [WITNESS #1]. He stated that there was a male and a female actively concealing items in the store. He stated that the male was currently in the restroom at the back of the store and that he was wearing a brown jacket with blue jeans. He then showed me the female in this case, Samantha Waters, who was wearing a black in color dress and cowboy boots. While he was explaining that she had been seen concealing items, I watched her conceal items in her purse. She then made her way to the front of the store, purchased a couple of items, and then ran back to the rear of the store. This was quite odd that she was running through the store.

While she was doing this, the male, Tanner Lusk, had emerged from the restroom carrying an item in his hand. He walked around the store frantically trying to find Waters and they ultimately met up in the shoe department in the rear of the store. While I was watching them walk around the store, [WITNESS #1] showed me the video of Lusk concealing items in the front of his pants. He can be seen placing several packages of items in the front of his pants.

When Lusk meets up with Waters, he hands the item he was carrying to Waters, who eventually conceals the item in her purse. Lusk then returns to the restroom for several more minutes. She then selects a pair of children’s shoes, removes the tag, and places another price tag on the shoes. After Waters does this, she makes her way back to the registers in the front of the store.

When I saw her coming back to the front, I then advised [WITNESS #1] that I was going to go get her. I made my way out onto the sales floor where I made contact with Waters who was standing in a self checkout line. I took her by the wrist and explained that she was coming with me. While we were walking, I maintained a hold of her right wrist and escorted her to the Loss Prevention Office. While we walked I told her that she was under arrest and advised her of her miranda rights. Once in the office, I gathered the items that she was in possession of and placed them on a table. I then placed her in handcuffs and had her sit on the bench provided in the office.

While I was doing this, I asked that Officer Warren come into the building to make contact with the male. When Officer Warren came inside, Lusk had emerged from the restroom again and was making his way to the front of the store. He began walking out the front door without making any attempt to make a purchase. Officer Warren then made contact with him and brought him into the Loss Prevention Office. Lusk was immediately handcuffed and told he was under arrest. I also advised him of his miranda rights at this time.

I then had Officer Warren begin searching him due to him being seen concealing items while he was in the store.

I then began looking through Waters’ purse. I found several items that were not paid for and she admitted to taking them. There was a pack of socks, animal food, animal food bowl, and super glue. Items that were located on Lusk were several packages of Pokemon cards. Since both were working in concert together to commit this crime, the total of all items shoplifted were $104.97.

I finished searching Waters’ purse and did not see anything else at that time. [WITNESS #1] was able to look Waters’ information up in his database and we confirmed that she had been previously banned from Walmart property after she was caught shoplifting recently in Tennessee.

Officer Warren had located the Pokemon cards on Lusk, a glass smoking pipe commonly used for methamphetamine, as well as a tin containing a dark rock like substance. When I asked Lusk what the substance was, he advised that it was methamphetamine. I asked him about the pipe and he stated that it was not his pipe and that the jacket did not belong to him. He stated that he knew that he and Waters were coming to this location to shoplift and that he needed a loose jacket so that he could conceal items. When I asked him who the jacket belonged to he stated that he would not say.

Both Lusk and Waters were asked at this time if either had additional contraband because them and their property would be searched and they both advised no.

Officer Warren then transported Lusk to the Whitfield County Jail.

I walked Waters out to my vehicle along with her property. Once at my vehicle, I searched the back seat prior to having her sit. Once she was in the car, I then secured her in the back seat with the provided safety belt and confirmed that she was a united states citizen. I advised dispatch of my starting mileage for the transport and then drove her to the Whitfield County Jail.

Once on scene at the jail, I secured my firearm in the lock-box under my driver seat and walked around to the passenger side of my vehicle. At this time I met with Officer Warren and learned that Lusk was in possession of several blue pills stamped “M30” and a piece of aluminum foil that appeared to have burned residue on it. Once I learned this, I recalled an E-mail that we had received about these pills and that they were likely pressed fentanyl pills.

I then helped Waters get out of the car and she also stated that Lusk had several pills in his possession and that they were fentanyl pills. She stated that she did not want us to get hurt from handling them.

Officer Warren gathered the foil and the seven blue pills from Lusk and turned those items over to me.

I then walked Waters into the jail and turned her and her property over to the booking staff. While they were searching her property, they located six blue pills stamped “M30” in a deep corner of her bag. These were the same type pill that was located on the person of Lusk. These pills were seized and bagged while I was at the jail and I took custody of these items.

I then advised the jail staff that I would be returning later with the charges on both Lusk and Waters.

I then went to the Dalton Police Department where I met with Sgt Lowery about the pills. He then tested the pills with a fentanyl test kit and it returned positive for fentanyl. I also tested the dark substance from the tin and it returned positive for methamphetamine. I then packaged and processed all of the items of evidence in this case and placed them into property and evidence at the Dalton Police Department.

I then checked Waters’ and Lusk’s information and learned that Lusk had an active warrant through Hamilton County Tennessee for probation violation. I confirmed the warrant with dispatch and learned that they wished to place a hold on him.

I then completed warrantless arrest forms as follows:

For Lusk on the charge of 17-13-33 fugitive from justice

Lusk was Charged with the following
16-13-30 Possessional of fentanyl
16-13-30 Possession of methamphetamine
16-7-20 Possession of tools for the commission of a crime
16-8-14 Theft by shoplifting
42-5-15 Guard line violation

Waters was charged with the following
16-13-30 Possession of fentanyl
16-8-14 Theft by shoplifting
16-7-21 Criminal trespass
42-5-15 Guard line violation

All of these warrantless arrests forms were taken to the Whitfield County Jail and turned over to the booking staff.

[End of Narrative]