Tanner Thomas

Thomas, Tanner Anthony

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Dui-alcohol, 0.08g Or More Within 3 Hours Or More

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 06/10/2022 I conducted a traffic stop on a black passenger car bearing Ga tag #[REDACTED]. The reason for the stop was due to this vehicle having a passenger in it that was involved in a domestic that had just occurred see case # 22-003325.

Before I conducted the traffic stop on the vehicle, it was stopped in the parking lot of Park Canyon Apts. I then turned my blue lights on and conducted a stop on the vehicle. At this time the vehicle remained stopped at the entrance/ exit to the apartments.

The vehicle had its left hand blinker on. The vehicle remained stopped for a couple seconds then began rolling forward. The vehicle then turned right onto College Dr and continued to drive south bound.

At this time I continued to follow the vehicle with my blue lights on. The vehicle was traveling at aprox 15 mph. on College Dr. The vehicle then turned right onto Mount Heaven Dr and then finally parked at the Brown Hall Dalton State Building.

At this time I approached the vehicle and asked the passenger if he was [REDACTED] “the subject involved in the disturbance”. While talking to the occupants of the vehicle, I could smell a very strong odor of alcohol coming from within the vehicle. [REDACTED] was then asked to step out of the vehicle and I spoke with him.

While talking to [REDACTED] Officer Ch Jenkins D610 walked up to Tanner Thomas “the driver of the vehicle”. Ofc Jenkins later informed me that while talking to Thomas, he detected a very strong odor of alcohol coming from Thomas’s person. I was further told Tanners speech was slurred and his eyes were red.

Moments later, Ofc Morang informed me that the subjects from case # 22-003326 had just told him that Tanner was very intoxicated. They knew this due to them all being together prior to the disturbance.

Once we were done with case # 22-003326 I relocated with Tanner whom was still sitting in the driver seat of the vehicle. While up at his window I again detected a very strong odor coming from within the vehicle. I noticed Tanners speech was very slow and lethargic, I also noticed Tanners eyes were red with a glassy texture to them.

Due to this I asked Tanner how much he had to drink. Tanner responded saying he had his last beer at 2300 hours at the Braves Game. At this time I asked Tanner if he could step out of his vehicle to run some tests to see if he was ok to drive. Tanner stated he would and stepped out.

Ofc C Morang then asked Tanner how many beers he had drank. Tanner then said he had three beers before the game and then about two more during the game. Ofc Morang then conducted Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) on Tanner. Ofc Morang observed 6 out of 6 clues on HGN.

I then explained and demonstrated the “Walk And Turn” to Tanner. While I was explaining the instructions to Tanner, I had him stand with his hands down by his side and one foot in front of the other touching heel to toe.

Tanner could not stand in this position and would loose his balance. Tanner began the exam too soon. I asked if he had any questions and he had already started. Tanner also missed heel to toe steps and did the wrong amount of steps.

The One Leg Stand was then explained and demonstrated to Tanner. During this exam, Tanner swayed for balance, and also used his arms for balance. Tanner also put his foot down.

I then asked Tanner if he would blow in our hand held Alco sensor. Tanner refused to blow in the Alco sensor. Due to everything that I had gathered I believed I had enough to place Tanner under arrest for DUI. At this time I placed Tanner under arrest for DUI.

Tanner was then taken to my patrol vehicle, I searched the back seat prior to seating him in it and then I read him implied consent notice for suspects age 21 or over. Tanner agreed on giving a breath sample.

At this time Tanner was transported to the Whitfield County Jail. Tanner informed me he was a US citizen. Once at the jail I secured my duty weapon in the locked trunk of my patrol vehicle.

On the way to the jail Tanner informed me his alcohol level was going to be low and that he was currently like this because he had taken Delta 8 gummies. I asked Tanner what Delta 8 gummies were and he informed me he had ate a couple of CBD gummies and that’s why his eyes were red. I was further told he bought them at an Indian store.

Tanner was then handed to booking staff for processing. Once Tanner was booked he was seated in the room where he would be giving his breath sample.

Moments later Ofc Morang arrived on scene and ran the Intox 9000 for Tanner. Tanner’s breath sample registered as .101 in the state test. At this time Tanner was cited on citation # 491366 for DUI/Alco .08 gm or more. Tanners license will be sent to DDS for suspension.

During the vehicle inventory an open Grapefruit White Claw was located.

Nothing further.