Alexus Reynolds

Reynolds, Alexus Mekaja

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On 01/06/2023, at approximately 0847, I was dispatched to [100 BLOCK] Effingham Road SW, in reference to a domestic in progress.

On 01/06/2023, at approximately 0856, I arrived on scene at [100 BLOCK] Effingham Road SW. Upon my arrival, I witnessed a female and male in a verbal altercation in the front yard of the residence, and the female was holding what looked to be a piece of wooden chair in her hand, swinging it around in a threatening manner while yelling at the male. The male was in a neighboring yard from the female. Several witnesses in the yard at the time stated she busted the window out of the truck in the yard and that they wanted to press charges on the female. Upon walking up to the female I instructed her several times to drop the object and to place her hands behind her back to be detained.

After giving multiple commands, the female eventually complied to my orders and she was detained and placed in the back of a patrol car until further investigation was made. I then met with the victim’s mother, who stated her name is [VICTIM #1], and the offender’s name was Alexus Reynolds, her daughter. [VICTIM #1] then walked me to the truck to show me the damage that Alexus had done, and stated the truck was hers and that she would like to press charges for the damages done.

After running the truck through Baldwin County Dispatch, I confirmed the truck did belong to [VICTIM #1]. Pictures of the truck were taken via Axon Capture, and will be uploaded to evidence. The male that Alexus was arguing with upon my arrival stayed on the neighboring property and did not want to be involved in the investigation.

I asked [VICTIM #1] what led to the verbal argument and damages to the vehicle. [VICTIM #1] stated she learned that Alexus had been sending threatening text messages to people and they were contacting her to try and stop Alexus from doing so. [VICTIM #1] stated when she confronted her about the text messages she became violent and started acting hostile towards her and called 911.

[VICTIM #1] stated Alexus then picked up the object used to do the damage to the truck from the bed of the truck, and busted out the rear driver side window, passenger side mirror, and dented the passenger side of the truck. [VICTIM #1] stated Alexus is always arguing with her and that this is not the first time that something like this has occurred, and that she was already out on bond for doing the same thing.

Alexus Reynolds was transported to the Baldwin County Jail with a completed arrest booking sheet and warrantless arrest. A state warrant will be secured for one count of Criminal Trespass- Family Violence.

[End of Narrative]