Patrick Buffington

Buffington, Patrick Brandon

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
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On 01/21/2023, I responded to the Baldwin County Sheriff’s office in reference to harassing communications. I spoke with [VICTIM #1], who stated that Patrick Buffington has been harassing him. [VICTIM #1] stated that Patrick called him this morning around 1058 hours, and told him he was “Going to kill him.” [VICTIM #1] stated that Patrick has not made any contact with him until today. [VICTIM #1] stated that [REDACTED] saw Patrick looking up his phone number and his home address.

[VICTIM #1] showed me text messages from where Patrick was texting him. I did not see any threatening messages, however [VICTIM #1] did respond to the texts. The messages came from a number that [VICTIM #1] suspects to be Patrick’s number. I advised [VICTIM #1] that I would get in contact with Patrick. I advised [VICTIM #1] to stop responding, and block Patrick’s number.

I made contact with Patrick, who stated that he did not make any threats. Patrick stated that he called in reference to his child only. Patrick stated that his ex-wife and [VICTIM #1] have tried in the past to make false claims about him. I trespassed Patrick from [100 BLOCK] Bentley Circle, and advised him to have no further contact with [VICTIM #1].

On 01/22/2023, [VICTIM #1] sent me an email with screenshots of the text messages. The messages clearly showed Patrick repeatedly texting and harassing [VICTIM #1].

A warrant will be issued for Patrick for one (1) count of harassing communications.

[End of Narrative]