Christopher Canup

Canup, Christopher Steven

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers-Felony

Violation Probation – Felony

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 12/20/202 1 at 0408 hours, I was on patrol on University Pkwy at the intersection of Jackson Trail Rd when I observed a westbound vehicle whose speed, I visually estimated to be 95 MPH in the 55 MPH construction zone. I turned on my MPH Bee III speed detection radar device and measured the speed at 93 MPH in the 55 MPH construction zone. I followed the vehicle and observed it weave through traffic. I turned on my blue lights and siren and as I approached the vehicle, a Ram 1500 displaying Georgia tag number [REDACTED], it pulled over near Christmas Ave. A GCIC check revealed that the Ram had no valid insurance and the Georgia Department of Revenue showed it had lapsed on 5/28/2021.

I approached the driver, identified as Jason Holmes, who handed me an expired Georgia CP license. Holmes stated that he had a valid license.

I asked his male passenger for his identification and he stated that he had left it at home. I asked for his name and date of birth and he refused to provide it.

I had Holmes exit the Ram and asked for the name of his passenger. He stated that his name was John, but he did not know his last name. He stated he had met John the day before at a bar called Strokers. He stated that John spent the night with him and he was just taking him to work.

I told Holmes that the Ram showed that it was uninsured. He stated that it was insured. I told him to gather proof.

I had another deputy arrive and went to speak to John. I told John that he would identify himself or he would be charged with obstruction. He refused and I assisted him from the vehicle. Deputy Kinney recognized the passenger as Christopher Canup.

I removed a knife from his belt and returned it to the Ram. I placed him in handcuffs behind his back, checked for fit and double-locked them. I searched him for contraband and found none. I placed him in the rear seat of my patrol car.

It was determined that Canup had an outstanding warrant in Barrow County for probation violation.

I returned to Holmes and asked if he had found proof of insurance. He had not so I gave him 5 more minutes and returned to my patrol car.

Canup, who was in the rear seat, asked me what was going to happen to his brother. I asked if Holmes was his brother and he stated that they had the same mother, but different father. I asked Canup if his brother knew his name and he stated that he did.

I returned to Holmes who had not found proof of insurance. I asked if Canup was his half-brother and he stated that he was.

I arrest Holmes for obstruction of a LEO for lying about his brother’s name. I placed him in handcuffs behind his back. I checked for fit and double-locked them. I placed Holmes in the rear seat of my patrol car. It was determined that Holmes had confirmed outstanding from Gwinnett County. They asked for hold to be placed on him.

I requested next list wrecker and All-Around Towing arrived and took possession of the Ram.

I transported them to the Barrow County detention center where Canup was served with probation violation warrant number 19CR56B. I am taking a warrant for obstruction of a LEO (OCGA 16-10-24) against Canup.

I am taking warrants against Holmes for obstruction of a LEO (OCGA 16-10-24), speeding in a construction zone (OCGA 40-6-188), no insurance (OCGA 40-6-10) and license not on person (OCGA 40-5-29). He has a hold for Gwinnett County.

Prior to leaving, I checked my rear seat for contraband and found none.

A/V WG Unit 2394. No body camera.

Auxiliary body camera video was placed on DVD and into evidence