Sarah Nied

Nied, Sarah Jean

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Willful Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officers-Misdemeanor

Simple Assault-Family Violence

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 11/05/2021 at approximately 1102 hours, I responded code 1 to a domestic dispute at [200 BLOCK] Crofton Ridge. An investigation led to identifying Sarah Neid as the predominant aggressor in a family violence incident. Probable cause supported the arrest of Sarah for Simple Assault Family Violence and Willful obstruction of a Law Enforcement Officer. Initial contact and observation

Upon arrival, the complainant, Sarah’s mother, [VICTIM #1] was at a neighbor’s house. Deputy Goldberg and I attempted to make contact with Sarah at [200 BLOCK] Crofton Ridge. Sarah heard us knocking on the front door and began to walk down the stairs. I then observed Sarah turn around and run back up the stairs. We made several announcements addressing Sarah identifying ourselves as law enforcement with no response. I requested Dispatch contact [VICTIM #1] and ask her to return to the scene.

[VICTIM #1]’s statement

[VICTIM #1] met with us at [200 BLOCK] Crofton Ridge. I explained to [VICTIM #1] that Sarah was refusing to come to the door and talk to us. [VICTIM #1] opened the door and let us into the house.

Before talking to Sarah, I asked [VICTIM #1] what happened between them. [VICTIM #1] told me she was trying to help Sarah with her phone. [VICTIM #1] then told me Sarah began to yell at her. [VICTIM #1] said Sarah then threw a lamp at her but missed. Sarah followed [VICTIM #1] out of the bedroom and continued to throw items around the house. [VICTIM #1] then told me she then ran across the street to her neighbor’s house because she was scared Sarah was going to hurt her.

I asked [VICTIM #1] if she was willing to write a written statement for me explaining what happened. In [VICTIM #1]’s written statement she stated:
“I went to Sarahs room asking her if she needed breakfast. She replied by screaming [REDACTED] stole her money from bank, and I went in to help in any way, she started screaming at me and threw a lamp at me. I ran out of my house to my neighbor for safety and called police.”

[VICTIM #1] told me she does not know what else to do and she is scared. [VICTIM #1] explained to me that Sarah has been diagnosed with several behavioral health issues. [VICTIM #1] said she has already tried to have her evaluated, but it did not help.

Sarah Neid’s statement

Sarah initially refused to talk to us. Deputy Goldberg told her to open the door to which she refused stating she did not do anything. After a few minutes of trying to communicate with Sarah through the door, she told us to come in. We made entry into the bedroom and spoke with Sarah.

I asked Sarah what happened between her and her mom. Sarah said nothing happened, she just wanted her money back from [REDACTED]. Sarah said she had not talked to her mom today. Sarah told us to “Just go ahead and shoot her.” I told Sarah we were not there to hurt her. Sarah then said she was not going to jail.

Deputy’s observations

While talking to [VICTIM #1], I noticed she was trembling and tearing up. [VICTIM #1] told me the lamp Sarah threw at her was in Sarah’s room. I went upstairs and noticed the lamp was on the floor in Sarah’s bedroom.

Further investigation

[VICTIM #1] provided me with a written statement that was turned into CID at the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office.

Action taken

Sarah was sitting on her bed using her laptop as we entered the room. Deputy Goldberg asked Sarah to stand up and talk with us. Sarah refused to get up. Sarah was then told to stand up to which she refused.

Deputy Cruz convinced Sarah to stand up. As Sarah stood up, Deputy Goldberg secured her left hand as I secured her right hand. Sarah was told to put her hands behind her back and that she was under arrest. Sarah then began to tense her body, scream, and attempt to pull away from from Deputy Goldberg and I. Sarah was assisted to the wall closest to the door where she was given clear verbal commands to stop pulling away from us. I was able to secure Sarah in handcuffs behind her back with the assistance of Deputy Goldberg and Deputy Cruz.

We then attempted to assist Sarah out of the room. Sarah then collapsed and said she was not going to walk. Deputy Goldberg and I carried Sarah out of the room to the top of the stairs when Sarah attempted to pull away from me again. Sarah was assisted to the ground. Sarah was able to slip her left hand out of the hand cuff. I resecured Sarah’s left hand.

Deputy Goldberg and I attempted to carry Sarah down the stairs, however she continued to flail around. Deputy Goldberg then placed Sarah in leg shackles and was escorted down the stairs.

Sarah was placed in the rear of my patrol vehicle and a seat belt was placed on her for her safety. Sarah was transported to the Barrow County Detention Center and turned over to Detention staff without incident.

Summary of probable cause

Sarah did commit the offense of Simple Assault Family Violence when she placed [VICTIM #1], her mother, in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury. Sarah threw a lamp at [VICTIM #1] causing [VICTIM #1] to go to a neighbor’s house because she was scared.

Sarah did commit the offense of Willful obstruction of law enforcement officers when she knowingly and willfully obstructed and hindered our law enforcement investigation. Sarah did obstruct our law enforcement investigation when she refused to open the door.

Additionally, Sarah committed the offense of Willful obstruction of law enforcement officers when she pulled away from Deputy Goldberg and I in an attempt to evade arrest.

[VICTIM #1] was provided with a case number and a family violence pamphlet. I informed [VICTIM #1] of the resources available to her.