Cartersville man charged with serial child molestation, rape

Written by K Bishop

Published September 17, 2022 @ 2:48 PM ET

WARNING: The following report contains information regarding violence against children

Bartow County – A Cartersville man was arrested on August 9 and charged with eleven felonies, including Child Molestation and Rape, after a child victim disclosed the attacks to her father and a neighbor.

71-year-old Robert Edward Dillen was booked into the Bartow County Jail and charged with five counts of ‘Child Molestation,’ two counts of ‘Enticing a Child,’ one count of ‘False Imprisonment,’ ‘Terroristic Threats and Acts,’ Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon,’ and ‘Rape Strongarm.’

The victim’s father called police on August 4 after his daughter informed him that Dillen was molesting her. Dillen was a family friend who was helping the family out financially and spending time with the child.

The victim’s father noticed Dillen behaved aggressively when denied time alone with the child. His daughter told him about the attacks a few days later. A police report was taken that day and the child was taken to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to be examined.

Dillen was arrested five days later.

Dillen is represented by Public Defender Matthew Kerker, who filed a Motion for Bond on August 25 in the Bartow County Superior Court.

According to sources, bond was denied.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Thursday August 4, 2022 at 2042 hours l was dispatched to [30 BLOCK] Rubie Lane in reference to a sexual offense.

Upon arrival I spoke with [WITNESS #1]. He’s the father of the listed juvenile victim. He stated his daughter just told him Robert Dillon, has been touching her inappropriately, and making her do things she was not comfortable with. I asked [WITNESS #1] who is Robert, and he stated he thought he was a family friend. He stated he’s helped buy the juveniles school supplies and clothing for school, and it’s really helped him out financially.

He stated he was completely unaware what has been going on. He said on 7/31/2022 [WITNESS #1] was with his daughter at the Dollar General on Sugar Valley Road, and Robert walks in. He stated Robert asked if the Juvenile could come home with him, and when [WITNESS #1] told him no, Robert got irate with him. He stated he noticed then that something may be wrong.

[WITNESS #1] told me the juvenile went to wash Roberts car one day, and Robert walked her in to a shed at his residence, and locked the door. He said his daughter told him in side the shed there were pictures of kids naked inside. He stated his daughter told him Robert pulled his pants down and started mastu*bating while he had her locked inside. He also stated Robert took his daughter and his son to the lake, and while there were out there he stated his daughter told him Robert started mastu*bating in the water.

While I was talking [WITNESS #1], his neighbor [WITNESS #2], was watching his daughter at [40 BLOCK] Rubie Lane. [WITNESS #1] stated his daughter wrote down some stuff about everything that has happened. Before relocating [40 BLOCK] Rubie Lane to gather the letter, I contacted Investigator Abernathy, and informed him what the situation was. He informed me he was going to set up the interview with the juvenile in the morning, but to collect the letter for evidence.

I asked [WITNESS #1] where Robert lived, and he stated across the street from the Dollar General on Sugar Valley Road I asked what type of vehicle Robert Drives, and he stated it was a hatch back style Volkswagen vehicle red in color, and a gray in color BMW.

I went to [40 BLOCK] Rubie Lane, and [WITNESS #2] stepped outside, and told me the Juvenile told her around the juveniles birthday last year, Robert made penetration with his pen*s to the juvenile. [WITNESS #2] stated the juvenile said it hurt her, and Robert told the juvenile there would be hell to pay if she ever said anything. I asked [WITNESS #2] if she knew why [WITNESS #1] allowed his daughter to hang out with Robert to begin with, and she stated [WITNESS #1] is very naive person.

I informed [WITNESS #1] he could go ahead and take his daughter to Children’s Health Care of Atlanta for a sexual assault kit. I went to Sugar Valley Road and located the vehicle [WITNESS #1] Described and it returned to a Robert Dillen at [1000 BLOCK] Sugar Valley Road. I collected the letter the juvenile had written and entered it in to evidence.

[End of Narrative]