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Chatsworth, Tunnel Hill men arrested for trafficking methamphetamine

BARTOW COUNTY – The following narrative report was filed by the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office regarding the arrests of:

  1. Melvin, Billie Joe, III, 39, of the 400 block of Griffin Dr in Tunnel Hill
    Standards For Brake Lights
    Trafficking in Cocaine, Illegal Drugs,Marijuana, or Methamphetamine
  2. Underwood, Tyler Andrew, 27, of the 50 block of Catalina Dr in Chatsworth
    Possession and Use of Drug Related Objects
    Trafficking in Cocaine, Illegal Drugs,Marijuana, or Methamphetamine

Some errors may exist and names may have been redacted to protect the innocent. We don’t fix spelling or grammatical errors:

Begin Transcription

On Saturday, June 27, 2020 at 0113 hours I initiated a traffic stop on the listed vehicle for operating without properly working brake lights.

I made contact with the driver, Billie Melvin III, and advised him of the reason for the stop. He said there was a switch under his dash that was messed up and caused the lights not to work. I asked for his and the passenger’s identification. I identified the passenger as Tyler Underwood.

I noticed Tyler was extremely nervous and was physically shaking as he handed me the requested information and avoided eye contact when questioned about drugs being in the vehicle. I asked if there were any drugs in the vehicle and he replied “no”. discovered through GCIC that Tyler was on probation and asked him to exit the vehicle.

While talking to him I noticed his nervous behavior increased and I also noticed a “track mark” on his left arm near the crease caused from injecting narcotics. I asked him when he last used drugs and he said yesterday and it was methamphetamine. I asked if I could search inside his pockets and he said he did not understand why I wanted to and I had no reason to search his pockets. Before I started to pat him down he kept twisting his body towards the right as if he did not want me to feel or see anything in his left pocket. When I asked if he had any needles or drugs on his person he began feeling his pockets and said he did not. I began to pat him down for weapons and felt a round cylindrical object in his right front pocket, based on my training and experience, the onject felt tike a syringe.

I detained him and removed the object, which was a hypodermic needle in a second pair of shorts under his main pair of shorts. Tyler said he was not a diabetic as well.

I returned to the truck and spoke to Billie. I told him what I had just found and was concerned that there may be drugs in his truck, so I asked him if I could search it. He was very hesitant because he was unsure how to answer my question. 1 asked him to exit the vehicle and patted him down for weapons and had him stand at the front of my patrol car with Tyler.

I returned to the passenger side of the truck to perform a search of the immediate area where Tyler could have reached, due to his admittance of drug use, the mark on his arm and the discovery of the needle. I opened the door and noticed a one gallon Ziploc bag partially covered by a Subway sandwich wrapper. I noticed the bag contained several large crystallized “rocks”, suspected to be methamphetamine.

I returned to my patrol car and detained Billie and both men were sat in separate patrol cars. I removed the bag and discovered another bag of same size sitting in the middle behind both seats. The second bag contained an unknown white granulated substance.

I contacted Bartow-Cartersville Drug Task Force agent [REDACTED] and informed him of my findings. He said he would be en route to my location. Agent [REDACTED] arrived and read both males their Miranda rights and spoke with them separately.

Both men were transported to the Bartow County Jail without incident and the truck was towed by Wilson’s Towing.

Billie was charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Brake Light Requirements. Tyler was charged with Trafficking in Methamphetamine and Possession of Drug Related Objects.

The bags were entered into evidence to be sent to the GBI for testing.

End Transcription