Jared Woodin

Woodin, Jared Levi

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
DUI-Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

Possession of a Schedule IV Controlled Substance

Drugs to be kept in original container

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On the above date and time, I was on uniform patrol for the city of Kingsland Police Department. I was dispatched to 1877 Harriett’s Bluff Rd. (Circle K), in Kingsland, GA in reference to a man passed out in his vehicle at pump 8. Dispatch advised it was a silver Honda Civic bearing display of [REDACTED].

Upon mine and Ofc. Wilson’s arrival, we located a silver Honda civic bearing GA display of [REDACTED] at the gas pumps. The headlights were on and the vehicle was running. Ofc. Wilson first made contact with the driver. That driver was later identified as Jared Woodin by his driver’s license. Upon Ofc. Wilson’s walking up to the vehicle, Mr. Woodin was leaned back in the driver’s seat and appeared asleep. I asked Mr. Woodin if he was okay, he stated yeah. His eyes were opened really big. His eyes were glassy. He appeared out of it, or possibly under the influence of something. I asked him if he could hand this officer his ID, in which he asked excuse me, I re asked the question. This time he stated oh yeah. Mr. Woodin began fumbling around the inside of his vehicle attempting to retrieve his ID.

I asked him how long has he been sitting in here, in which he stated mmm 15 minutes (Ofc. Wilson later told me a clerk at the gas station advised he had been there approximately 2 hours). I asked him if he was getting gas or what, he stated he was eventually going to get gas. He stated he was waiting to see if he was going to go home or go to his girlfriend’s house. Mr. Woodin’s speech was slurred. I asked Mr. Woodin again, if he would mind handing this office his ID. Ofc. Wilson asked him why was he asleep, he stated because it is late, and he is tired. I asked Mr. Woodin if he would mind stepping out and chatting with me, in which he mumbled mhm, and got out of the vehicle.

I started speaking with Mr. Woodin outside of our vehicles. I asked him where is he coming from tonight, he stated he was coming from Woodbine. I asked Mr. Woodin if he has taken any medications today, he advised no. I asked him if he has drank any alcohol today, he stated no I actually don’t drink at all. I advised him that his eyes are really watery, in which he stated yeah I know it’s like what the hell. I asked him again, so do you not take medicine, he stated I take medicine I just haven’t taken any today. I asked him how does he feel, and if he feels like he is good to drive. He stated yeah, I got like 4 miles that way. I asked him if he would mind taking a couple of test for me really quick to make sure he’s good to drive, in which he agreed.


I asked Mr. Woodin if he has any medical issues, he stated no. I asked him if he wears glasses or contacts, he stated no.


I observed equal pupil size and no resting nystagmus in each eye. I observed equal tracking in each eye. His pupils were constricted.


He had difficulty maintaining his balance while in the starting position. He used his arms to steady himself. He missed heel to toe. He took an improper turn. He used his arms for balance. He stopped walking after his first 9 steps to ask question about the test. (I observed 5 of the 9 possible clues)


Nothing follows


LOC was not present.


Mr. Woodin estimated the passing of thirty seconds in fifty-eight seconds. I asked him how much time was that, he stated thirty seconds.


On the seconds attempt he missed the tip of his nose.

I asked Mr. Woodin if he is sure he has not taken any medicine tonight that he can recall. He stated at like six o’clock in the morning. I advised Mr. Woodin because based off what I am seeing there may be something. Mr. Woodin advised he took a liquid PM Tylenol, hours ago. I asked Mr. Woodin if he has ever been arrested for drugs ever, in which he stated yeah I’m actually in a court case right now. I asked him what was he arrested for, he stated they claim they found a straw in my car, that was from Chick-F-ila, they sent to GBI to be tested.

I asked was there anything else they found, he stated they found a grinder in my car and claimed it was used from anything from Heroin or something else which is crazy. I asked Mr. Woodin has he ever used any drugs in his life, he stated he has smoked weed, I advised him I’m not really seeing weed. He stated I had a problem with pain pills. I asked him if he takes any pain pills in which he stated he goes to a Methadone clinic. I asked him if he took some recently, he stated no like I said I take it once a day.

I asked Mr. Woodin if would stick his tongue out, in which he did. I observed his tongue, it appeared irritated and red. I asked him is it fair to say that his tongue does look irritated, he stated I don’t know and stuck his tongue out again and attempted to look at it himself. I asked Mr. Woodin when did he take the Methadone last, he stated he takes it every day. He takes it anywhere from six AM to two in the afternoon. I asked him when did he take it last, he stated yesterday about eight thirty, for clarity, I asked him eight thirty at night. He stated no, in the morning. I asked Mr. Woodin maybe is it fair to say that’s what I’m seeing right now, he stated yeah usually, uh that’s how it works, it’s twenty-four hours. I asked Mr. Woodin on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being stone cold sober, and 10 being he took ten times the amount of Methadone he is supposed to how does he feel between 0 to 10, he stated a 3.

Based off my observations, I determined that he was operating his vehicle while under the influence of drugs. I read Mr. Woodin the Georgia Implied Consent Notice for suspects 21 years or older, requesting the state test of his blood. Mr. Woodin refused testing stating nope. He stated the reason is because they already done took it.

I asked Mr. Woodin if he has anything illegal on him, he stated probably right down there. He stated in a Krazy glue bottle (Not a prescription medicine bottle). In his front right pants pocket I retrieved the bottle. I asked him what is in it, he stated a bunch of Xanax pills that aren’t mine. I later observed the pills in the bottle. There were two orange pills with “B705”, two blue pills with “B705”, and orange pill with “029”. These pills were later identified on Drugs.com, which advised they are Alprazolam (A Schedule IV controlled substance). Mr. Woodin stated to be honest with you, he can tell me exactly where they came from. I finished searching Mr. Woodin search incident to arrest.


I read Mr. Woodin his Miranda Rights. I placed him in the rear seat of my patrol vehicle, and placed him into his seatbelt.

Ofc. Wilson searched Mr. Woodin’s vehicle, in the center console he found a white Apple cable container (Not a prescription medicine bottle). Inside the container were multiple prescription pills. They were not controlled substances after being looked up on Drugs.com. They were identified as Tizanidine, and Naproxen. A wrecker service was called to impound Mr. Woodin’s vehicle for an arrest. Dispatch advised A and A was en route. I advised Mr. Woodin I wanted to get his side of the story, I asked him how did the pills get there. He stated now I will tell you everything, but if I do, I would be pretty much taking that route you know what I mean. I asked him how did the pills get in his pocket, he stated besides the fact, they were purchased and put there. I asked him how much did he pay for the pills, he stated let’s see, they were about eighty bucks.

I transported Mr. Woodin to the Camden County Sheriff’s Office for booking. I issued him a citation through the Superior Court of Camden County, GA for DUI drugs. Due to his refusal to submit to the state chemical test, a DDS1205 form was filled out and served to Mr. Woodin. I searched Mr. Woodin on GCIC. On 01, 11, 2023 Mr. Woodin was arrest and charged with DUI drugs, possession of cocaine, and possession of drug related objects. I searched the rearseats of my patrol vehicle before and after placing Mr. Woodin in for transport.

Warrants were secured for Possession of Schedule IV Controlled Substance and Drugs to be Kept in Original Container.

I have advanced training in DUI detection. Including Standardized Field Sobriety, Advanced Roadside Impairment Driving Enforcement, and I am a certified Drug Recognition Expert.

[End of Narrative]