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Matthew Fiedler

Fiedler, Matthew Alan

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:
Cruelty to Children allow to witness Felony/Battery/Family Violence


Aggravated Assault

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On October 14, 2022 at approximately 12:30PM I, Cpl. Corey Hoster (SMPD 129), was dispatched to the area of [200 BLOCK] Westgate Circle in Saint Marys, Georgia 31558 (Camden County) in reference to a possible physical domestic disturbance. The caller, identified as Ms. [WITNESS #1], stated that her husband helped to separate both parties before the male half ran down the street towards Plantation Village Drive away from the residence. The male subject was described as a white male wearing shorts, a yellow t shirt, and a hat. The caller also stated that the female half appeared to be injured but declined EMS attention.

I responded in unit 719 with my emergency lights and siren activated in a code three response. I was driving up the area of Charlie Smith Sr Hwy (Spur 40) and Winding Road when I observed a male walking shirtless on the sidewalk towards the Dollar General store. The male fit the description of his other clothing and was holding in his hands a yellow shirt. I immediately braked my patrol unit and rapidly entered the parking lot of the Dollar General to intercept the male subject. I called out to him and at first, he did not appear to acknowledge my presence but on my second attempt he said hello. I instructed him to walk over to my patrol car and he obliged.

I patted the male subject down for any weapons due to the nature of the call for service and from my pat down did not feel any weaponry on his person. I identified the male as Mr. Matthew Fiedler and I asked him what happened today. Mr. Fiedler was visibly sweating, had the odor of alcoholic beverage consumption coming from his breath and person. Mr. Fiedler stated that he had gotten into an argument with his one-time girlfriend, Ms. [VICTIM #1], and that both of them had been drinking “way too much.” Ofc. Shaw (SMPD 127) contacted Ms. [VICTIM #1] at [200 BLOCK] Westgate Circle, and I placed Mr. Fiedler into investigative detention before transporting him to Ofc. Shaw’s location.

I arrived on scene and spoke to Mr. [WITNESS #2], who reportedly separated both parties. I asked Mr. [WITNESS #2] to walk me through what he witnessed, and he stated that he saw Ms. [VICTIM #1] come out of the house carrying her daughter, [REDACTED]. Mr. [WITNESS #2] stated that he saw that Ms. [VICTIM #1] was bloodied and was asking for help. Mr. [WITNESS #2] had his wife call 911 while he walked over to [200 BLOCK] Westgate Circle and kept Ms. [VICTIM #1] separated from Mr. Fiedler as they continued to argue. Mr. Fiedler then walked off and Ms. [VICTIM #1] went back inside her house.

I then switched places with Ofc. Shaw so that I could speak to Ms. [VICTIM #1] in the residence. Ms. [VICTIM #1] had obvious blood marks on her yellow shirt as well as an injured right middle finger, a laceration to her left thigh, scraped knees, a visibly bruised and scraped right elbow, and a scrape on her right shin. I asked Ms. [VICTIM #1] what happened and she stated that Mr. Fiedler used to be in a relationship with her years ago. Mr. Fiedler had moved back to Camden County recently and she arranged for Mr. Fiedler to live with her father across town.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that she invited Mr. Fiedler over to celebrate her and her daughter’s joint birthday at her house and eventually go to the zoo. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that everything seemed fine until her daughter’s father called on the phone. Ms. [VICTIM #1] was speaking to this subject when Mr. Fiedler “went berserk.” I asked her to explain what that meant and she stated that Mr. Fiedler became enraged and shoved her down to the ground in the hallway of the residence.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that she fell to the ground into a door frame and attempted to get up before Mr. Fiedler pushed her again to the ground and took her cell phone. Mr. Fiedler then reportedly threw the cell phone into a rear bedroom and Ms. [VICTIM #1] went to retrieve it. Ms. [VICTIM #1] went to retrieve the cell phone and was then “manhandled” by Mr. Fiedler into an adjacent room where he reportedly then took off Ms. [VICTIM #1]’s maroon in color mesh gym shorts. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that Mr. Fiedler took the shorts and began strangling her with them.

I asked Ms. [VICTIM #1] if she felt as if she was unable to breathe or would pass out, and Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that she felt that she had to get the shorts off of her throat or she would have. Ms. [VICTIM #1] had red ligature marks on her throat on the right side, under her chin on the right side, and the left side of her neck. I observed no capillary bursting in Ms. [VICTIM #1]’s eyes and they dilated and constricted normally when exposed to light. Ms. [VICTIM #1] also had a bruise and red marks on her left clavicle.

Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that she struck her elbow against a door frame when Mr. Fiedler was pushing her and the injuries to her legs were also a result of this. I asked Ms. [VICTIM #1] what happened next and she stated that she grabbed her daughter and went out of the front door asking for help from any of her neighbors. She stated that Mr. [WITNESS #2] came to her residence and that he was able to keep Mr. Fiedler away from her before he walked off. I asked several times if Ms. [VICTIM #1] would like medical attention from EMS and she declined.

While on scene I did not observe or perceive any evidence of Ms. [VICTIM #1] drinking alcohol. Ms. [VICTIM #1] stated that during the events Mr. Fiedler had torn an amount of her clothing and showed me torn clothing in the trash can. Based off of the totality of the circumstances, the statements from Mr. [WITNESS #2], and the physical evidence on Ms. [VICTIM #1]. I placed Mr. Fiedler under arrest for Aggravated Assault, Battery, and Cruelty to Children in the Third Degree. While driving to the Camden County Jail for incarceration Mr. Fiedler spontaneously stated that approximately ten years ago he was arrested in Florida for strangling Ms. [VICTIM #1].

I transported Mr. Fiedler to the Camden County Jail without further incident. I am seeking warrants on Matthew Fiedler for Aggravated Assault for strangling Ms. [VICTIM #1] with her shorts, Battery for pushing her to the ground and “manhandling” her, and for Cruelty to Children in the Third Degree for doing all of this in the presence of [REDACTED BY AGENCY], Ms. [VICTIM #1]’s two year old daughter. Mr. Fiedler and Ms. [VICTIM #1]’s relationship did not meet any of the conditions for Family Violence nor did they have any children in common to my knowledge at the time of the call and charging.

[End of Narrative]