Terry Starnes


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 11-13-21 I Deputy Evans #964 was sitting stationary on North Van Wert Rd observing traffic pass by me. I observed a white in color 4 door sedan go by that was occupied by two white males. As the vehicle went past me the male in the passenger seat turned all the way around with no seatbelt and was looking at me. I pulled out behind the vehicle and noticed where the vehicle had multiple brake lights out. Once I caught up to the vehicle, I initiated my emergency equipment and performed a traffic stop on the vehicle on North Villa Rd just off North Van Wert Rd.

Before I could approach the vehicle, the male driver who was identified as Kenneth Messel began getting out of the car. I had him stay seated and spoke with him briefly before he went ahead and got out on his own. I then had Kenneth step to the rear of his vehicle due to him wanting to get out. I also requested the passenger who was identified as Terry Starnes to step out of the vehicle to which he initially refused. Terry began moving items around inside the vehicle while arguing before ultimately getting out. Once he was out of the vehicle and I explained to him why I wanted him out to calm him down, which was for officer safety due to his erratic behavior as well as because I already had Kenneth out. I requested the licenses from both subjects at this time.

While I spoke with Terry I also asked if he had any knives or guns on him. Terry stated he had a knife and gave it to me. During my initial contact with Terry, I smelled the odor of Marijuana coming from his person. At this time I had both males stand in front of my patrol vehicle while I ran their information on my in car computer. I also requested for another unit to respond to my location at this time.

I returned to the two males and spoke with Kenneth. I asked Kenneth if their was any other knives guns, or drugs inside his vehicle. Kenneth replied no and I asked if I could search his vehicle. Kenneth advised me that I could and I told him we would just have to wait for another unit to step out with me. As another unit arrived on scene a few minutes later, I asked Terry if he had anything else in his pockets to which he stated he did. I had Terry empty his pockets on the hood of my patrol vehicle at this time. Terry also handed me his wallet at this time. I opened it and inside one of the credit card pockets was a plastic bag sticking out. I pulled the plastic bag out which contained a crystal like substance of suspected Methamphetamine.

I placed Terry in Handcuffs which were double locked and checked for tightness. Terry was then placed into the back of my patrol vehicle. A search of the vehicle was then conducted which turned up no other contraband other than a small marijuana roach inside a cigarette pack in the passenger seat.

Kenneth was then released from the scene with his vehicle with a verbal warning to get his lights fixed.

Terry was transported to the jail where he was strip searched for the drug arrest. During the search by Jailer Foss #836, a clear plastic bag containing green Marijuana was located on Terry’s person. Terry was then booked for the following charges: Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Marijuana less than one ounce.

Evidence was placed into locker # 4. No Further at this time.