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Carbora Thomas

Thomas, Carbora Renesco

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:




Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 17 July 2023, Chatham Dispatch advised of multiple shots fired called at [1100 BLOCK] S. Rogers Street near the park area located in Pooler, Ga located in Chatham County, Ga. Pooler PD officers arrived in the area shortly after this call was dispatched. While I was arriving in the area, I observed a male waving me down at his residence on Madison Ave. I slowed my patrol vehicle down and asked the male if he heard any gunshots and he said “Yes”.

The male was later identified as [VICTIM #1]. Mr. [VICTIM #1] notified me that he confirmed his trailer was shot and he located the bullet hole. I notified Mr. [VICTIM #1] someone will be back to speak with him about this incident. While driving towards the intersection of Madison Ave and Brownsville Rd (park area), I observed a black vehicle reversing towards me at a high rate of speed. I observed the vehicle traveling from 3rd Street onto Madison Ave while reversing. I observed the vehicle did not have lights on while reversing.

With all the information I gathered to this point, I determined this vehicle was possibly involved in the shooting investigation. I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle with my lights and siren active. The vehicle came to a stop at the intersection of Madison Ave and Brownsville Rd. The driver and back right passenger attempted to exit the vehicle and I notified all parties to stay in the vehicle and they complied after verbal commands were given. While waiting for other units to arrive to me, I observed a white female yelling at me saying “That is them, they are involved”.

Ofc. Beckum and Cpl. Drane arrived on the scene at this time. I conducted a high-risk stop/ felony traffic stop on the vehicle due to the nature of the call for service, confirmed property damage and a witness advising this vehicle is involved with the shots fired call. I conducted verbal commands for all parties in the vehicle.

All parties were taken into custody without incident. All parties were notified they were being detained with handcuffs on and they were all placed in separate vehicles. Officers cleared the vehicle and confirmed no other parties were inside the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle were identified as Antwon Bryant (driver), Carbora Thomas (front seat passenger), and juvenile (rear right seat passenger). I spoke with Mr. Byrant and advised him of the reason he was being detained.

Mr. Bryant notified me that there are no firearms, or guns located inside the vehicle. I asked Mr. Bryant for consent to search the motor vehicle and he gave a verbal response “Yes”. Ofc. Beckum and Ofc. Hernandez searched the motor vehicle and I was notified they located various firearms/guns and various amounts of ammo for those firearms/guns.

Ofc. Silva-Brown went to [SINGLE DIGIT BLOCK] Madison Ave to speak to Mr. [VICTIM #1] about the bullet hole damage to his residence. I was notified by Ofc. Silva-Brown that it was a confirmed bullet hole and that Mrs. [VICTIM #1] was inside the room where the bullet hole was located. Ofc. Silva-Brown notified me he collected both victims’ information.

I spoke with Mrs. [WITNESS #1] who witnessed this incident happen. Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised me that she was sitting on her front porch and heard the shooting happen. Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised she observed 3 young black males running from the park area toward a black sedan that was parked across from her residence on the roadway. Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised that she observed the three males run toward the vehicle and enter the vehicle.

Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised she attempted to get the tag of the vehicle before they left the scene and advised that the driver exchanged words with her. Mrs. [WITNESS #1] advised all three individuals were inside the vehicle when the driver placed the vehicle in reverse and attempted to flee the area. During the vehicle reversing from the scene is when I made contact with it. I gathered Mrs. [WITNESS #1]’s information for this report.

Cpl. Drane was on the scene and I notified him of all the findings during this investigation. I was notified by Ofc. Beckum that the purple firearm located inside the vehicle is a stolen firearm (Savannah PD, 220629102 CRN, date entered: 06-30-2022). Ofc. Silva-Brown advised me he called Chatham Dispatch to confirm the firearm and take it out of GCIC/NCIC as stolen (employee #10119).

Lt. Schmidt and Sgt. Holland arrived at the scene. Sgt. Holland processed the scene and collected evidence for this case. Ofc. Beckum, Ofc. Silva-Brown and I transported all three individuals to Pooler Police Department. While at Pooler Police Department, all three parties advised they would not talk without a lawyer present to Lt. Schmidt.

I contacted RYDC (Regional Youth Detention Center) and spoke with Ofc. Hart and she advised that she would accept the juvenile. Ofc. Silva-Brown transported the juvenile to RYDC where he was accepted and taken into released into their custody.

I transported Mr. Thomas and Mr. Bryant to Chatham County Sheriff’s Office. While at CCDC, both individuals signed their citations and were provided copies of the charges. No bond was issued on this date. I collected all the firearms as evidence in this case from Ofc. Beckum. I logged the firearms into locker 018 as evidence in this case.

Ofc. Hillis notified me that he was able to review camera footage of the shooting incident at the park area but was unable to get a copy of the camera footage at the scene. This concludes my involvement in this case.

[End of Narrative]

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