Christopher Segars

Segars, Christopher

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On May 29, 2022, I responded to [5500 BLOCK] Bates Lane in reference to a residence check. Dispatch advised the caller stated there is a camper located on this property, with a female inside on a bed and a male waving around a gun. The caller also mentioned they could see what appeared to be a liquor bottle and a glass pipe on the bed. They also stated the female in the camper was currently on bond for trafficking.

Deputy Steer and I arrived on scene, parked down the street and walked the rest of the way to the house. As we approached the camper, I could see a black car parked in front of it which had a white male wearing red sitting in the passenger seat with the door open. I then noticed another white male standing outside the camper directly in front of the car. Suddenly I noticed the white male standing outside the camper, acknowledge our presence. I noticed the male’s demeanor change as he got a concerned look on his face.

While observing this male, I further noticed he was hiding his hands and it appeared he discarded something by throwing it behind his back. I did not see an object leave his hand due to my sight angle, but I clearly heard the sound of a metallic object hit the ground. When I heard this metallic object hit the ground, I believed it to be a firearm given the sound it made. At this time, the male was still hiding his hands behind his back, so I gave him verbal commands to show me his hands to and walk toward me.

The male then made his hands visible as he walked in my direction. The male told me he just had a glass pipe in his hand. This pipe was a glass stem which appeared to have drug residue in it. I grabbed ahold of the males left arm and removed the items from his grip. The male was the secured in handcuffs. After securing him in handcuffs, I located a second glass pipe on his person which appeared to contain methamphetamine residue. This male was identified as Jason Graves.

While dealing with Jason, I observed a white female walk out from the side of the trailer. I directed her to come over to the other side of vehicle so I could remove her from the area I believed Jason just discarded a firearm on the ground. I walked over to the car and located a small glass mason jar sitting on the trunk lid of the vehicle. Inside this glass mason jar was methamphetamine. I picked up the jar and moved it to the roof of the vehicle. After making this discovery, the female and second male were secured in handcuffs. The female was identified as [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and the male Christopher Segars.

While securing the other two individuals in handcuffs, I asked if there was anyone else inside the camper. I never got a clear answer, so I decided to conduct a security sweep of the interior of the camper. As I walked around the vehicle parked in front of the camper, I observed a silver handgun lying on the ground. This gun was located in the general area where I originally located Jason and heard the sound of a metallic item hit the ground.

I then walked up to the open door of the camper and announced my presence. While standing outside the camper, I could see an array of sex toys lying on the bed and ground just inside the door. I walked up the stairs entering the camper. I immediately encountered a bed which I could see a piece of glass lying on the bed which had white powder on it laid out in lines. I also observed some white round pills lying on the bed. I cleared the rest of the camper and did not locate any other people. I then exited the camper.

Once the scene was secured, I returned to my patrol vehicle and drove it down the residence. During this time, I contacted narcotics agents and advised them of the situation. I then called Jason over to my patrol vehicle, so I could speak with him. I explained to Jason I was going to read him his Miranda Rights prior to speaking with him. Jason interrupted me, stating he wanted me to skip reading his rights because he was already aware of his rights. I confirmed with Jason he was aware of his rights and he stated “yes” and followed with “what do you want to know”. I asked for Jason to explain what’s going on because he stated he wanted to talk to me.

Jason started off by trying to distance himself from the gun. Jason acknowledged the fact “everyone” heard the sound of the gun hitting the ground, but claimed he had nothing to do with it. It was explained to Jason that Christopher was sitting in the vehicle and could not have tossed the gun and that I believed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was in the camper because I had not seen her yet. Furthermore, Jason stated [REDACTED BY AGENCY] isn’t the person that tossed the gun on the ground which would only leave him.

Jason then asked why we responded to this address. It was explained to him that we received an anonymous 911 call concerning a male waving a gun around. Jason then explained he believed the caller to be [REDACTED BY AGENCY] boyfriend, Marc Leferve, who is currently incarcerated in prison. I then asked Jason about the methamphetamine that was located on scene. He stated the methamphetamine is coming from [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. He further explained that [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and Marc are working together to move large amounts of illegal drugs. He explained they have at least three “shops” they use to help them in their endeavors.

Jason then started to explain how he and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] had sex in the trailer. Jason went as far to tell me he videoed the act. He further explained Marc called his phone while this was taking place and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] answered it. This is why he believed Marc was the person who called 911. Jason further stated the reason Marc was behind this is because Marc had been trying to organize a “hit” or hire someone to hurt [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. Jason stated Marc is mad at him because he told [REDACTED BY AGENCY] about the “hit.” Jason further eluded to the fact that Marc hired or told him to do [REDACTED BY AGENCY] harm and shave her head. Jason said after Marc called he began receiving text messages. He stated one of the messages stated “they’re on the way.” Shortly after receiving the text messages law enforcement showed up.

After speaking with Jason, I spoke with [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. Prior to speaking with [REDACTED BY AGENCY], I read her Miranda Rights and she agreed to speak with me. Upon asking [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to explain the situation, she immediately brought up Marc Leferve aka Big Ghost, and advised he is a member of the gang Ghost Face Gangsters. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Jason is essentially a “hitman” for the gang and he was hired to do a job. Once they arrived at [REDACTED BY AGENCY] camper, Jason told Chris to stay outside as they went into the camper.

[REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated once they were inside the camper, Jason got in her face and started yelling at her. At this point in our conversation, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] became very emotional and started to cry. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated while Jason was “raging” Marc called him. After speaking to Marc, she stated Jason sexually assaulted her. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated this interaction between them was not consensual. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated while the sexual assault took place in the camper, Jason had a small gray handgun.

Further along in my conversation with [REDACTED BY AGENCY], I inquired as to her location when I first arrived on scene. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated she was right behind Jason. I explained to her that I did not see her. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] clarified and stated she was right behind him leaving the camper explaining she was trying to get her shoe on at the time. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated Jason dropped the handgun on the ground right after exiting the camper. I later asked [REDACTED BY AGENCY] about some of the items I observed on the bed in the camper. I specifically asked about the substance on the glass. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] stated she believed this substance to be methamphetamine. She stated Jason crushed it up and separated it into lines which is a common practice for snorting.

Next, I spoke with Christopher Segars. Christopher stated he lives out in Monroe, GA. Christopher said he was picked up by Jason and they drove to Brookes place. Christopher stated after arriving he was invited into the camper, but eventually went back outside to sit in the car. I asked Christopher if he knew what Jason and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] were doing in the camper. He stated it sounded like they were having sex. I then asked Christopher where the gun and the methamphetamine came from. Christopher denied knowledge of either object, but confirmed he heard the gun hit the ground when I arrived. It should be noted Christopher stated he was affiliated with “GD” or Gangster Disciples.

After conducting the brief interviews, the criminal investigation division was contacted concerning the sexual assault. Later, Sgt. Kuykendall and Inv. Owens arrived on scene to continue the investigation. Agent Griffis also arrived on scene to handle the narcotics side of the investigation. I provided a summary of the investigation up to this point, and turned the investigation over to the appropriate divisions.

While the investigation continue, Jason asked if I could locate his cell phone. Jason claimed the cell phone he was looking for had the video of Brooke and his sexual encounter. Upon him asking me to look for his phone, he gave me permission to search through his vehicle and black bag that was sitting on the ground. While looking through his belongings, I never located his cell phone. I did locate a small container which contained methamphetamine in his black bag. Prior to locating the methamphetamine in the bag, Jason did tell I would likely find some in his bag.

Furthermore, Jason did make a statement about Marc hiring him to surveille [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in the past. Ultimately, Jason and Christopher were arrested and transported to the jail. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was released and sent for a SANE exam. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] will have pending methamphetamine charges.

Nothing Further.