Donna Glover

Glover, Donna

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On 07/09/2022, I was stationary on Ball Ground Hwy near Fairview Rd. observing traffic when I noticed a blue Ford Ranger with a broken taillight, emitting a white light from the rear. The vehicle was traveling north on Ball Ground Hwy, towards the 515 Connector. I followed behind the vehicle as it turned left onto the 515 N Connector. While turning left, the vehicle crossed over the first available inside lane, and continued into the outside right lane of travel; this maneuver was incorrect in accordance with state law pertaining turns.

I conducted a traffic stop on the truck just north of Ball Ground Hwy. I approached the vehicle and spoke with the two occupants, identified as Donna Glover and Jason Galloway. I informed Donna of the reason for the stop, and requested both of their identifications. After collection their information, I informed Donna I would issue her a written warning for the violations. I invited her out of the vehicle and to the front of my patrol car, where I would issue the warning. Donna exited the vehicle and we reconvened at the front of my patrol car.

I obtained my warning book before radioing their information into dispatch. I began completing the warning while Donna and I had casual conversation. During our conversation we talked about Donna and Jason’s activities from today and their relationship. We also talked about how Donna is on probation. She explained the circumstance that led to her being placed on probation. Donna offered information regarding her prior history with methamphetamine, and how she has been clean for approximately six years.

When asked about the contents of the vehicle, I specified when asking if she possessed anything illegal such as stolen items, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine or large amounts of currency that didn’t belong to her. Donna answered “no” to all the above, and offered consent for me to search her vehicle to validate her answers. While Donna and I had this casual conversation, dispatch advised that someone I was out with had an active warrant for their arrest. Deputy Castle responded to me as backup after this was broadcasted.

During this conversation with Donna, she displayed numerous indicators of deception. These indicators were continuous, even after she was initially informed she wouldn’t receive a citation. Continuing, Donna’s sense of nervousness and deceptive behavior spiked as we delved into conversation pertaining illegal substances and her past with methamphetamine. These indicators, which through my knowledge, training and experience, are indicators which give rise to the reasonable suspicion that Donna was in violation of state law or involved in furthering criminal activity.

Deputy Castle arrived on scene. Dispatch advised Jason was wanted out of Arkansas and the warrant had nationwide extradition. I requested they confirm the request to hold as I re-approached Donna’s vehicle to detain Jason. Jason exited the vehicle and I secured his wrists into handcuffs utilizing proper handcuffing procedures. I searched Jason’s person, not finding anything illegal, before he was secured in the rear of my patrol car. I confirmed with Donna that I had her consent to search her vehicle; Donna confirmed this consent as valid.

While searching Donna’s purse inside the vehicle, I located a clear plastic Ziploc baggie containing numerous pills and a cellophane tied wrapper. After further examination, the cellophane wrapper contained a small amount of crystal methamphetamine. The 12 pills were imprinted 7.5, and were later identified as a Buspirone, which is a dangerous drug and given only by prescription. Nothing else illegal was found inside the vehicle during the consensual search. Deputy Castle secured Donna into handcuffs and secured her into the backseat of his patrol car. About this time, Dispatch confirmed Arkansas confirmed the warrant and wished for Jason to be arrested on their pending charges.

Deputy Castle and I completed an impound log of the vehicle, notating items of value and miscellaneous items. Towne and Country wrecker service was called to respond to the scene to take custody of the vehicle. I removed Donna from Deputy Castle’s car and secured her into the back of my patrol car with Jason. I secured the drugs in the rear trunk area, before transporting Donna and Jason to the Cherokee ADC.

Upon arrival, Donna and Jason were released to the intake deputies while I completed all proper incoming and booking paperwork. Jason was charged with one count of fugitive from justice, while Donna was charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of dangerous drugs. Once the paperwork was complete, I returned to service. The narcotics were packaged and secured into a temporary evidence locker at headquarters. ECR-22-01458 notates the evidence that was packaged. A GBI submission form was completed to have the methamphetamine positively identified.

[End of Narrative]