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Roberts, Madelyn

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

My report has been prepared based upon my observations and the information given by those individuals relative to the instant offense(s). My report is intended to give anyone reading a basic understanding of the facts that I collected pertaining to the case. My report is not intended to be an exhaustive recitation of all the facts pertaining to my investigation, but a summary. I will make myself available to speak with both the prosecution and defense attorney so each can ascertain any and all other relevant facts which I may testify about, if called to testify.

On 7/16/2022 I observed a Honda HR-V (GA: [REDACTED]) run the stop sign going southbound on East Main Street at Hubbard Road. I was sitting in front of Christophers on Hubbard Road at the time, watching that stop sign. I immediately activated my emergency lights and siren and followed the vehicle southbound on East Main Street, observing the driver then run the stop sign at East Main Street and Fowler Street, driving straight across Fowler Street and into the adjacent parking lot. Once the vehicle finally stopped, I made contact with the driver.

I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, making contact with the driver identified as Madelyn Roberts [REDACTED BY AGENCY] explaining why I had stopped her. Madelyn explained she was just trying to drive over to Madlife so that her boyfriend, who works there, could driver her home. I observed Madelyn’s eyes were glassy and red, and she was slurring several of her words. I was recovering from a sinus and double ear infection arid was not able to smell odors very well.

I asked Madelyn how much she had to drink prior to me stopping her and she responded she had “two tall vodka” drinks. Madelyn began asking if she could just park her car and get an Uber ride. I instead began to ask Madelyn questions attempting to establish if she had any injuries, which she reported she did not. Madelyn stated she graduated from Kennesaw University with an interior design degree and spends most of her days on her feet. Madelyn stated she does not wear glasses or contacts.

I asked Madelyn to exit the vehicle in order to have her perform voluntary field evaluations. I asked Madelyn if she would perform voluntary field evaluations, which she agreed to do. I then performed the following field evaluations:

-Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus
-Vertical Gaze Nystagmus
-Walk and Turn
-One Leg Stand

The first evaluation completed was Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN). I then positioned Madelyn, explaining the evaluation. I then asked Madelyn if she understood the instructions I had given, which she stated she did. I then observed Madelyn’s eyes, noting that they were green and had equal pupil size and tracking, with no resting Nystagmus. I then administered the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus (HGN) evaluation, observing the following six out of six (6/6) clues of impairment:

-Lack of smooth pursuit, in both eyes.
-Distinct and sustained Nystagmus at maximum deviation, in both eyes.
-Onset of Nystagmus prior to 45 degrees, in both eyes.

I had to restart HGN once from the beginning as she stopped during the evaluation. I restarted the evaluation from the beginning, observing the results as recorded above. I then performed Vertical Gaze Nystagmus, which was present.

Madelyn and I had a brief discussion about whether or not she should continue the field evaluations, to which I explained it was purely voluntary and her choice to do. Madelyn asked what would happen if she did not continue the evaluations and I explained I would have to make an arrest decision based on what I had at the time, which I did not want to do. Madelyn agreed to continue the evaluations.

The next evaluation I completed was the Walk and Turn. I then positioned Madelyn, explaining and demonstrating the evaluation. I then asked Madelyn if she understood the instructions I had given, which she stated she did. I then administered the Walk and Turn evaluation, observing two out of eight (2/8) clues of impairment:

-Does not touch heel to toe
-Steps off the line

The next evaluation completed was the One Leg Stand. I then positioned Madelyn, explaining and demonstrating the evaluation. I then asked Madelyn if she understood the instructions I had given, which she stated she did. I then administered the One Leg Stand evaluation, observing zero out of four (0/4) clues of impairment.

Based on Madelyn’s driving, my observations, clues from my evaluations, and my knowledge, training, and experience, I believed Madelyn was impaired and unsafe to operate a motor vehicle on the roadways. I then directed Madelyn to the front of my patrol car, where I handcuffed her behind her back, checking the handcuffs for proper fit and double locking them. Ofc Dixon searched Madelyn for weapons and contraband, finding none.

I had already confirmed Madelyn’s age (24) and read Georgia Implied Consent for suspects over 21, requesting a sample of her blood. Madelyn consented to a sample of her blood after first asking if I would just take a sample of her breath; I explained I needed either a yes or no, offering to read the card again. Ofc Dixon placed Madelyn in the backseat of his patrol vehicle, searching the backseat both before and after for weapons and contraband; finding none.

Ofc Dixon then seat belted Madelyn into the backseat of his patrol car and transported her to WFD Station 14 for a blood draw utilizing a GBI Blood Kit. Once at WFD Station 14 a firefighter attempting the blood draw was unable to extract blood after an attempt to do so, stating he had “blown out her vein” and could not do anymore attempts. Ofc Dixon then transported Madelyn to Cherokee ADC with no further incident.

I had remained on scene with Madelyn’s vehicle, requesting a wrecker for the vehicle. Neese towing responded, removing the vehicle from the scene. I completed an inventory of the vehicle which I submitted to records via mobile.

I cited Madelyn with the following:

-Reckless Driving
-Stop Sign x2

I did have a Body Worn Camera (BWC) and in car video activated at the time.

[End of Narrative]