Michele Phillips

Phillips, Michele

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On the above date and approximate time I stopped a silver Honda Civic bearing Georgia license plate [REDACTED] after the tag was captured on my vehicle mounted license plate readers for being cancelled. I verified this information via GCIC. The vehicle came to a stop near the Sixes Road ramp. While approaching the vehicle on the passenger side, I noted that the registration plate displayed a Douglas County registration sticker.

Upon arriving at the passenger window, I met with two female occupants. I explained to the driver Michele Phillips the reason for the stop. Michele stated the vehicle belonged to her. Michele stated that she recently had an issue with her vehicles insurance but thought that it had been taken care of. I noted that the address on Phillip’s license plate was a Cobb County address despite the plate displaying a Douglas County sticker. I explained to Michele that I was going to issue her a citation for the canceled tag.

I then asked Michele to exit her vehicle and join me at the front of my patrol car so that I could write the citation for her. While walking to my patrol car Michele stated that she registered her car in Cobb County. I asked why the tag was displaying Douglas County. Michele stated that she did not have any idea and then followed it up that she used to live in Douglas County. On GCIC the tag returned to a Douglas County Address. Michele also did not have a copy of her insurance card on her. I had to go back to my terminal to see if the insurance was valid.

While running the information Michele stood outside my driver door. [REDACTED BY AGENCY] Michele stated her ex sister in law was her passenger. Michele stated that she was not on probation or parole. Michele interjected with “believe it or not I am a good girl”. Michele then referenced her past. I explained to Michele that I did not run her history as I did not want to form any bias while speaking with her. I did notice that Michele was trying to convince me of being law abiding and trying to connect with me. Based on my training and experience in behavioral analysis and deception, I immediately recognized this. I then showed Michele on my computer terminal where her registration was listed as canceled.

At this time, Ofc. Shaw was arriving on scene. I asked Ofc. Grant to get the passenger out of the vehicle. I started working on the citation at this time. Once Ofc. Grant returned I handed my citation book over to Ofc. Shaw to complete. While Ofc. Shaw was continuing business to not prolong the stop, I began to speak with Michele. I explained to Michele my specific job function. I also explained that I attempt to conduct all of my interdiction traffic stops the same. I explained to Michele that this consist of a free air sniff with my assigned certified narcotic canine (Illinois V. Cabellas). Michele looked back at her vehicle and stated “you can search the car”.

I explained to Michele that I was going to walk the dog on a free air and not just search if I didn’t have to. I noted that Michele elaborated on searching the vehicle. This is often common when someone conceals something on their person. While walking to the vehicle to conduct the free air sniff, I noticed Michele to place her hands above her head and interlock her fingers. Based on my training and experience this is a behavioral posture consistent with worry and deception.

Canine Tesa is my assigned canine partner. Canine Tesa and I were both trained and certified by Arete Canine. Since that time of initial training this canine team has annually certified through the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association (NNDDA). This certification certifies both handler in his abilities of working his assigned canine, and the dog for the purposes of detection of cocaine, methamphetamine and heroin. This canine team also carries a dual certification through North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) in the detection of cocaine, heroin, and meth. This canine team conducts regular scheduled training that take place every Wednesday. In addition, this canine team will conduct regular trainings during, prior, or ending of a shift in order to stay proficient. All of Canine Tesa’s training and after action documents are up to date and accurate to represent all incidents.

K9 Tesa was casted out in the font of the Honda Civic. Tesa was given a verbal search command. Tesa turned around and placed her nose on the front bumper of the vehicle. Tesa pulled around the driver side on her own accord. I stayed behind the dog and never directed or detailed with the car. Tesa kept her nose to the seams. Tesa then abruptly stopped her forward momentum. Tesa then had a focused and localized search on the front seam on the driver door.

I continued walking to not stay static. Tesa had came to a sit and stare. This is Tesa’s trained conditioned response to a target odor. I attempted to redirect Tesa with detail for camera demonstration but Tesa would not move from her indication. I then pulled on the leash. However, Tesa refused to move and pulled back. I then dropped the leash and stepped away. Tesa did not move from her indication. I called the alert and rewarded Tesa at source. Tesa was then secured back in my patrol car.

After securing Tesa, I went and spoke with the occupants one more time. I explained that Tesa had indicated to the vehicle for the presence of a narcotic odor. I noticed that Michele had taken a different body posture at this time. Michele was leaned against my car with a forward slump. Michele also had her arms crossed tight. Michele also was hanging her head and looking at the ground. Michele’s voice also got more soft while speaking with me. All of this behavior was completely different than the baseline that I got when originally talking with her. Based on my training and experience with deceptive behavior and body language, I noted that Michele was displaying some deceptive body language.

I explained to both occupants that I was going to get a female officer to come and search their persons. I noticed the passenger to get wide eyed and raised eye brows. I noticed the driver to subconsciously grab her breast and lift them prior to bracing herself on m vehicle with her hands behind her back. Based on all of this behavior observed, I began to be suspicious that there was contraband on one of their persons.

A probable cause search was conducted on the vehicle based on the canine indication. During the search an open container of vodka was discovered underneath the driver seat and underneath the passenger seat. No other contraband was discovered.

Based on the probable cause from the certified canine that both occupants were riding in, the deceptive behavior observed from both Michele and passenger, I called Ofc. Maddie Brown to come assist me with a female search of both occupants. Ofc. Brown conducted a search of both parties. During the search Ofc. Brown located a small zip lock bag full of crystal meth from Michele’s left breast. Michele continued to deny that the substance belonged to her and blamed the meth in her bra due to a male. Michele was placed under arrest. Michele was placed in handcuffs and secured in the back of Ofc. Grant’s patrol vehicle.

Prior to departing for the adult detention center, Michele asked if Ofc. Grant could remove the remaining drugs in her bra so that she did not get charged with crossing a guard line. Ofc. Brown removed a second bag containing crystal meth from Michele’s bra. The second bag was placed in a separate evidence bag and sealed on scene in front of body worn camera. Both small evidence bags were placed in a singular larger evidence bag. The evidence was then secured in evidence locker number 4 at the Woodstock Police Department.

Michele was transported to Cherokee Adult Detention Center without incident by Officer Grant. Michele’s vehicle was impounded via Neese Towing. The passenger was cited for open container due to the open vodka bottle underneath her seat. The passenger was then given a curtiousy ride to Waffle House on Exit 07 by Ofc. Brown.

[End of Narrative]