Wade McEwen

McEwen, Wade

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On June 30, 2022, I was driving westbound on Highway 92 when dispatch notified all units that a Woodstock Police Officer witnessed a shooting at the intersection of Woodstock Road and Highway 92 between a blue four-door sedan and a red pick-up truck. The Woodstock Unit advised the red truck, a red 1996 Chevrolet 400 pick-up truck (Ga Tag# [REDACTED]), was the one that opened fire and was attempting a High-Risk Traffic Stop on the vehicle, however, the blue sedan drove away. Within a couple of seconds, we received another 911 call claiming there was a black male shot and laying in the roadway of Highway 92 in front of Lummus Supply Store, 5539 Highway 92. I activated my emergency lights and sirens and responded to Lummus Supply.

I arrived on scene right after Corporal Lonberg and observed a black male, identified as [VICTIM #1], laying prone next to a blue 2014 BMW 320 sedan (Ga Tag# [REDACTED]). [VICTIM #1] was conscious and responsive to my questions. He stated the following: He was “back there”, referring to Woodstock Road and Highway 92, and was shot by another driver. He has a .40 caliber firearm somewhere in the car. He came from [100 BLOCK] Oak Grove Place but was unable to explain to me what happened due to Cherokee Fire and EMS arriving during the interview.

[VICTIM #1] appeared to have a gunshot wound to his left side and another to his right arm. A witness, [WITNESS #1], stopped to render aid. [WITNESS #1] had tied a makeshift tourniquet around [VICTIM #1]’s arm. He was wearing shorts and socks but was missing a shirt and shoes. His shoes and keys were placed on the driver’s seat but one of the other civilians. Cherokee County Fire and EMS Squad 1 arrived on scene and rendered aid. I passed along as much patient information as we had and they transported [VICTIM #1] to Kennestone. I immediately began taking photographs of the scene prior to deputies releasing witnesses from the scene.

I interviewed [WITNESS #2] and she stated the following: She saw traffic backed up on Woodstock Road and Highway 92 but didn’t know what was going on. She then drove past the BMW when she saw [VICTIM #1] fall out of the driver’s door and lay on the ground. She did not hear any gunshots leading up to or during her time on scene. [VICTIM #1] did not say anything to her besides announcing that he had been shot and his concern for making it home to be with his 11-month-old baby. I confirmed with the other deputies on scene that all witness information was collected along with their statements. We then released all witnesses and secured the crime scene with crime scene tape. I completed a Crime Scene Log.

Deputy Demaskey and other units were out at Woodstock Road and Highway 92 for that scene. Corporal Lonberg, Deputy Mills, and I remained on scene in front of Lummus Supply and shut down two of the eastbound lanes on Highway 92. CID and Crime Scene Technicians arrived on scene to process the scene. An Impounded Vehicle Inventory (#63048) was completed on the BMW and the BMW was transported to the Cherokee County Evidence Bay for further processing. All photographs and forms were scanned into the case folder.

[End of Narrative]