William Gibson

Gibson, William

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Tuesday, 05/17/2022, while I was observing traffic on Northpoint Parkway I saw a black motorcycle pass me driving east on Northpoint Parkway towards Highway 92. There was no visible registration on the rear of the motorcycle. I followed the motorcycle to the intersection and conducted a traffic stop as it approached Cabela’s.

I exited my patrol vehicle and made contact with the driver, William Gibson. I explained the reason for the stop and requested his driver’s license. William stated he did not have a driver’s license through Georgia or any other state. I told William to step off the motorcycle and step to my patrol vehicle. William consented to me searching him at this time, and I found no contraband.

William provided me his information and at this time and told me he used to have a Georgia driver’s license, but it was suspended. He explained he had bought the motorcycle approximately 8 years prior from someone in North Carolina, and the motorcycle had been registered under his dad’s name. William provided me the expired registration from 2019 for a 1987 Harley Davidson XLH883 from when the vehicle had been registered to his father.

I conducted a GCIC check on the VIN: [REDACTED] from the registration. Dispatch advised the registration for this VIN was suspended and William had a suspended drive’s license through Georgia. When I searched for the VIN on the motorcycle I was unable to locate it. The sticker with the VIN on the front frame of the motorcycle had been painted over with black paint. When asked about this William stated he had painted the vehicle. The second VIN located on the motor had been scratched off, but the first digit was “C” which did not match the VIN provided by William. William stated he had not done any work on the vehicle other than painting it.

No other VIN was able to be located on the vehicle. When I confronted William about the lack of a VIN number on the vehicle he stated it was on the front frame. He stated it was under the paint and he could scratch it off. I allowed William to attempt this in order to confirm the vehicle matched the registration provided by. While he attempted to scratch the paint off the VIN sticker the VIN number was also being removed, so I had William start. After he completed this the only visible digits on the VIN were “[REDACTED]…”.

At this time I placed William under arrest for covering the VIN, driving on a suspended license, and suspended registration. I handcuffed William, checking them for proper fit and that they were double locked for security. I then transported him to the Cherokee County ADC and released custody to the deputies there after completing all necessary paperwork. Photographs were taken of the covered and damaged VIN, and will be uploaded to the case folder. Warrants have been secured against William at this time. The motorcycle was impounded under Impound Inventory #57753 by Pee Wee’s, which was completed by Deputy Miller.

Nothing further at this time.