Alex Sentelle


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 4-20-2022 at approximately 12:35 am, I performed a traffic stop which resulted in an arrest.

I was patrolling the area of Greentop Rd and Highway 29. As I stopped at the Marathon gas station on Greentop Rd, I observed a red Chevrolet pick up in the parking lot. I stopped and observed this vehicle pull into a parking spot and watched as the passenger get out to enter the store. At this time of day, this store was closed.

The passenger got back into the vehicle. The vehicle did not move for about 1 minute. At that moment, the vehicle backed up quickly as if to spin around. I proceeded to get behind the vehicle to observe. The vehicle turned right onto Highway 29 north, traveling at 16 mph until it got to Greentop Rd. This is approximately 1000 ft.

Once the vehicle turned thru the roundabout, it accelerated quickly. The vehicle made it seem like it was going to try to lose me. At this time, I activated my emergency lights and siren. The vehicle pulled over on Greentop Rd, at which time I started my traffic stop.

I approached the truck from the driver’s side. I was met by the driver Alex Sentellen (D.O.B. [REDACTED]). I explained to Alex the reason for the traffic stop. I explained that I observed him driving slowly from the gas station to Greentop Rd. The max speed was 16 mph. I also explained that once he turned on to Greentop Rd, he accelerated very quickly and even crossed the center line.

I asked Alex if he had anything to drink. Alex did state he left the Alamo bar in downtown Newnan. He stated that he only had one beer. I could tell he did have the smell of an alcoholic beverage on his breath. At this time, I requested for another unit to come to my location to perform a field test to make sure he was able to drive. Deputy P. Smith arrived at my location.

I had Alex exit the vehicle and speak with Deputy Smith. As Deputy Smith was performing the test, Alex keeps trying to argue or not perform the test as Deputy Smith requested. Deputy Smith ended the test due to Alex’s issues with the test. Deputy then had Alex blow into the alcohol breath sensor.

Deputy Smith performed the test which stated that Alex had a reading of 0.142%. At this time, I placed Alex under arrest for DUI. I did check with the passenger [WITNESS #1] (D.O.B. [REDACTED]) to see if he was able to drive.

Deputy Smith asked [WITNESS #1] to blow into the Alcohol sensor which came back with a reading of 0.117%. Alex started yelling to [WITNESS #1] to not let the officers search his truck. Alex was placed into the back of my patrol vehicle. I read the state-provided Implied Consent card to Alex requesting to draw blood to check his alcohol level in Alex. Alex agreed.

I contacted 911 to start the next list wrecker to my location. 911 stated that Orr’s wrecker would be on the way to my location. DFC [REDACTED] transported [WITNESS #1] to the Best Western hotel. Orr’s arrived at my location and took possession of the vehicle. I transported Alex to Coweta County Fire Station 6.

I requested the station to draw blood for the Georgia blood kit. The station drew 2 veils of blood and placed them into the kit. Alex was then transported to the Coweta County jail. Alex was turned over to the jail staff with issues. The blood kit was entered into evidence. The blood kit will be sent to the GBI crime lab for testing.

Alex Sentellen is being charged with the following

40-6-391 DUI 0.08 or more
40-6-48 Failure to maintain lane

BWC was activated.