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Issac Harrison


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on August 06, 2023]

On Sunday, August 6, 2023 at approximately 1930 hours, Deputy Jeremiah Millender responded to [100 BLOCK] Simmons Mcintyre Road in reference to an Assault involving a machete. While responding, Dep. Millender was advised by Decatur/Grady 911 that the offender was a male subject named Isaac Harrison. Decatur/Grady 911 also gave Deputies a description of Isaac, wearing long grey shorts and with no shirt on. Upon arrival at approximately 1942 hours, Dep. Millender made contact with the offender, Isaac Harrison, on the roadway in front of [100 BLOCK] Simmons Mcintyre.

Dep. Millender approached Isaac, who was unarmed at the time and asked what happened. Isaac stated to Dep. Millender that his sister, [VICTIM #1] approached him and assaulted him on the roadway and ran him over. Dep. Millender observed the left hand of Isaac bleeding from his knuckles. Isaac began rambling and walking around, and eventually became incoherent, and continued to make statements that did not make sense. Isaac refused EMS.

Dep. Millender then made contact with the Victim, [VICTIM #1], who was also the original caller. [VICTIM #1] stated to Dep. Millender that her brother, Isaac showed up in front of [100 BLOCK] Simmons Mcintyre on foot. [VICTIM #1] stated that Isaac was carrying a machete, and was pacing up and down the road in front of her home. [VICTIM #1] believed that Isaac was under the influence of drugs.

[VICTIM #1] stated that Isaac began to shout threats towards her and the other family members on the front porch. [VICTIM #1] stated that whenever she cannot give Isaac money for alcohol or other things, that he becomes aggressive and threatening. [VICTIM #1] then stated that she walked to the front of her yard, just before the roadway and told Isaac to stay away from her property, because she was tired of him threatening her and disturbing the peace.

[VICTIM #1] stated that her and Isaac then began to argue, and Isaac began to threaten her with violence and was taunting her with the machete. [VICTIM #1] stated that Isaac stated that he would kill her. [VICTIM #1] then stated that eventually, the two met on the roadway in front of 109 Simmons Mcintyre. [VICTIM #1] stated that Isaac then swung the machete at her, but missed. [VICTIM #1] stated that when the Isaac missed with the machete, she lunged at him to protect herself. [VICTIM #1] stated that her and Isaac then went to the ground and started rolling around.

[VICTIM #1] stated that during the fight, Isaac told her he was going to “fu*k her up” and “kill her”. [VICTIM #1] stated that when she was able to get up and away from Isaac, he ran away and she believed that he ran down the road to hide the machete. Dep. Millender observed [VICTIM #1]’s right hand swollen with visible blood on her knuckles. Dep. Millender also observed [VICTIM #1]’s right knee swollen, and dirt all over her body. [VICTIM #1] refused treatment from EMS.

Dep. Millender then made contact with [REDACTED], [VICTIM #1]’s husband. [REDACTED] stated that Isaac is constantly showing up at their home of [100 BLOCK] Simmons Mcintyre and asking for money amongst other things. [REDACTED] stated that Isaac is always doing drugs and drinking alcohol, and that when he can’t get what he wants from them, he threatens the whole family and tries to extort them by threat of physical violence. [REDACTED] stated that he heard Isaac outside yelling and threatening [VICTIM #1]. [REDACTED] stated that he did not witness the altercation.

Dep. Millender made contact with [WITNESS #1], the step son of [VICTIM #1], who stated that he did witness Isaac approach the front yard waving a machete around. [WITNESS #1] stated that while Isaac was waving the machete, he was also shouting at [VICTIM #1], attempting to provoke a physical altercation.

[WITNESS #1] stated that he saw Isaac and [VICTIM #1] on the road yelling, when Isaac swung a machete at [VICTIM #1]. [WITNESS #1] stated that Isaac and [VICTIM #1] then tied up onto the ground fighting. [WITNESS #1] also stated that when Isaac and [VICTIM #1] separated, Isaac walked down the road towards another property, and when he returned, he was not in possession of the machete.

Dep. Millender also made contact with [WITNESS #2], [VICTIM #1] and Isaac’s brother. [WITNESS #2] stated that he also observed Isaac approach the property holding and waving a machete. [WITNESS #2] stated that he witnessed [VICTIM #1] tell Isaac to leave multiple times, but Isaac continued to threaten [VICTIM #1].

[WITNESS #2] stated that anytime Isaac wants money, he goes to [VICTIM #1]’s house and threatens whoever is there for what he wants. [WITNESS #2] did state that Isaac swung a machete at [VICTIM #1], but he continued to give very vague statements to Dep. Millender and appeared uninterested in cooperating with the investigation.

Dep. Millender then approached Isaac once again to ask where the machete was. Isaac denied ever having a machete, and stated that [VICTIM #1] was the one that attacked him first. Isaac answered Dep. Millender’s questions very erratically and made multiple incoherent statements. At one point, Dep. Millender told Isaac to stand in front of another Deputies patrol vehicle, to which he responded by poking his chest out and slowly walking towards Dep. Millender, seemingly attempting to intimidate Dep. Millender.

As other Deputies arrived on scene to search the area, the machete was eventually found two properties east of [100 BLOCK] Simmons Mcintyre, propped up under a tree. Upon finding the machete, Isaac stated to Dep. Millender that he did have the machete, but he did not approach [VICTIM #1] with it. Dep. Millender asked [VICTIM #1] to describe the machete before showing it to her, and she described the machete found as a match of the one Isaac swung at her.

It should be noted that before this incident was dispatched, Decatur/Grady 911 advised units of an anonymous report of a subject walking south bound on US HWY 27S, near Mile Marker One. Deputies were advised that the subject appeared to be waving a machete or a large knife around while walking. Deputies were unable to located the subject.

Dep. Millender took photo’s of [VICTIM #1]’s injured right hand and right knee, and also Isaac’s injured left hand, along with the machete and the location in which the machete was found. Dep. Millender placed Isaac under arrest, due to witness statements and evidence found pointing towards Isaac as being the predominant aggressor. Dep. Millender handcuffed Isaac, placing his hands behind his back, double locking and then checking for fit.

Dep. Millender then searched Isaac and found a cellphone, two lighters, a speaker box and some spare change. Isaac was then placed into the rear passenger seat of Dep. Millender’s patrol vehicle. Dep. Millender then turned on the rear seat AXON Camera to record. After Isaac was taken into custody, he started to complain of neck pain, and stated that he had a bullet in his back. Dep. Millender requested EMS to the scene to check his condition.

When EMS arrived, Dep. Millender opened his back door to let EMS check Isaac, but found him slumped over and unresponsive. Dep. Millender then lifted Isaac up and performed a sternum rub, Isaac responded and looked at Dep. Millender. EMS cleared Isaac, but he still wanted to go to the Hospital. Isaac was transported to BMH by Deputy David Green.

Isaac’s property will be turned over to Jail personnel when he is booked. Photo’s and Video recording of the incident will be uploaded to AXON Evidence with the case number attached. This incident was recorded on Dep. Millender’s Department issued Body Worn Camera. The machete taken from the scene was turned over to Investigator Vincent Edmond.

This incident will be turned over to Investigator Vincent Edmond.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on August 06, 2023]

On Sunday, August 6, 2023 at approximately 1930 hours, Deputy Jeff Riggins responded to [100 BLOCK] Simmons McIntyre Road in reference to a report of an assault involving a weapon. Dispatch advised the offender, Isacc Harrison, had a machete and was still on scene. Dispatch advised Harrison was wearing gray shorts, no shirt and black slides. While still en route Dispatch advised the complainant stated Harrison had put the weapon down.

Upon arrival, Deputy Riggins observed a male subject matching Harrison’s description walking around and talking with Deputy David Green about tire tracks. Deputy Riggins walked to where Deputy Millender was speaking with the victim. The victim, [VICTIM #1], continued stating Harrison had thrown the knife somewhere and several other individuals at [100 BLOCK] Simmons McIntyre Rd stated they had seen Harrison with the weapon and heard him making threats towards [VICTIM #1].

[VICTIM #1] stated the incident had happened down the street in front of her Grandmother’s residence at 109 Simmons McIntyre Rd. Deputy Riggins walked with [VICTIM #1] to 109 Simmons McIntyre Rd. [VICTIM #1] stated Harrison was walking between some cactus plants next to the road and into a wooded area across the street. [VICTIM #1] stated Harrison had hidden the knife in this area. Deputy Riggins began looking in the area and locate a knife hidden behind a piece of wood next to a tree in the area where Harrison was seen.

Deputy Riggins asked [VICTIM #1] to describe the knife and she stated it had a long blade and looked like a Rambo style knife with serrations on the blade. The knife Deputy Riggins located matched the description [VICTIM #1] had given. Deputy Riggins called for Deputy Millender and showed him the knife.

Deputy Millender took pictures of the knife and collected the knife while wearing gloves. As Deputy Millender and Deputy Riggins were walking back to the patrol vehicles, Harrison noticed Deputy Millender was holding the knife and stated he had been using the knife to do yard work. Deputy Millender asked Harrison several times to back away and when [VICTIM #1] saw the knife she stated it was the knife Harrison had during the altercation. Another male on scene also identified the knife as well.

Deputy Millender secured the weapon and placed Harrison in handcuffs. Harrison requested EMS stating his hands hurt and neck hurt. Harrison stated he also wanted to press charges against [VICTIM #1] for assault and trying to run him over. EMS responded to the scene and checked on Harrison. Investigator Vincent Edmond also responded to the scene. Harrison was transported to Bainbridge Memorial Hospital by Deputy Green for further medical treatment. The weapon and scene were turned over to Inv. Edmond.

[End of Narrative]

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