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Pregnant Albany mother arrested for abusing daughter when she couldn’t say her ABC’s

Written by K Bishop

Published November 12, 2022 @ 6:56 PM ET

WARNING: The following report contains information regarding violence against children.

Dougherty County (October 24, 2022) – Family members of three young children called police when they found one of the children in a corner with severe bruising on her face and body. The child’s mother was arrested and charged with cruelty to children and battery.

When asked by her grandmother why her mother, Kiaberia Nicole Young, hit her, the child said it was because she couldn’t say her ABCs. When Young was asked why the child was in the corner and bruised, Young told a family member, “she swung at me.”

The child’s grandmother was notified by another family member of the bruising on the girl and was told she should contact Young and ask about the injuries. The grandmother did so, then asked another family member to go take the victim from her mother’s home. Once the grandmother saw her granddaughter’s condition, she called for EMS.

Responding officers and medical personnel assessed the child in an ambulance. They noted bruising all over the child’s body, including around her right eye, the back of her neck, her torso and back, both arms, and her inner thighs.

The Department of Family and Children’s Services was notified, and the child was taken to the hospital for further evaluation. Family members returned to remove two other children from the home. The mother helped gather the children’s belongings before officers placed her under arrest.

Young, who is pregnant with another child, was arrested and booked into the Dougherty County Jail. Her bond amount was set at $2,500 on the condition that she has no contact with her daughter.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 10/24/2022 at approx. 1757 hours, I, Ptl. Harris, responded in normal patrol mode to [1000 BLOCK] Dunes Ave Lot [REDACTED] in reference to family violence.

Upon arrival, contact was made with a female who identified herself as [WITNESS #1] who stated her grandchild, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was assaulted by her mother, Kiaberia Young. [WITNESS #1] stated she was alerted by her niece, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to call Young and ask about [REDACTED BY AGENCY] face. [WITNESS #1] stated she called and immediately went and got [REDACTED BY AGENCY] from the residence ([900 BLOCK] Desota St).

[WITNESS #1] stated she called the police after looking over [REDACTED BY AGENCY] body and seeing all of the bruises on her. [WITNESS #1] stated she asked [REDACTED BY AGENCY] why would she do this to you to which she stated “because I couldn’t say my ABC’s.” [WITNESS #1] stated she called for EMS to respond to the location to ensure [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was okay. Med Unit 6 responded and assessed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] wounds.

I made contact with [WITNESS #2] who stated she went to Young’s residence when she observed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] standing in the corner. [WITNESS #2] stated she told [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to come to her and that was when she noticed the wound on her face. [WITNESS #2] stated she asked Young what happened to which she stated she swung at her. [WITNESS #2] stated she left the location and immediately called [WITNESS #1] and told her what she saw.

I made contact with [WITNESS #3] who stated she went to the residence to pick up [REDACTED BY AGENCY] after [WITNESS #1] told her what happened. [WITNESS #3] stated she started gathering her clothes as her mother requested and transported [REDACTED BY AGENCY] back to the residence. [WITNESS #3] stated [WITNESS #1] called the police soon after.

Sgt. Price arrived on scene. Med Unit 6 placed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] on the EMS truck and I was able to look at the wounds on [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. I observed [REDACTED BY AGENCY] to have a bruise under her right eye, bruising on both of her arms, bruising on the back of her neck, bruising on her back, bruising on her torso, and bruising on her inner thighs. [WITNESS #1] went with [REDACTED BY AGENCY] and Med 6 to Phoebe Main. Photos were taken and logged into Albany Police Department Property and Evidence Locker #02.

Sgt. Price called for additional officers to respond to the incident location to make contact with Young at [900 BLOCK] Desota St. [WITNESS #3] stated she would come to the location as well so she could get the other two children at the residence, [REDACTED BY AGENCY]. Ptl. Hatcher and Ptl. Walters arrived on scene. I observed [WITNESS #3] packing up the other 2 children and clothes for both of them. I observed Young inside of the residence assisting [WITNESS #3] with the other two children.

Ptl. Walters transported Young to the Albany Police Department Investigations Division. I made contact with Sgt. Brown at Phoebe Main and briefed him on the incident. Sgt. Brown, along with DFCS, spoke with [WITNESS #1] in reference to the incident. The nurse that assisted in the case was able to undress [REDACTED] to see if there were any more wounds on her.

The nurse assisted [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in taking off her shirt and I observed a bruise on her right shoulder and more bruising on her arms than I observed previously. The nurse assisted [REDACTED BY AGENCY] with taking off her pants and I observed more bruising on the back of her thighs and legs. I also observed redness on her buttocks. Photos of the other bruising was taken and logged into Albany Police Department Property and Evidence Locker #02.

After speaking with [WITNESS #1] at Phoebe Main, Sgt. Brown went back to the Albany Police Department where he spoke with Young in reference to this case. Sgt. Brown determined Young would be charged with Cruelty to Children 1st Degree and Battery Family Violence. Young was placed in double-locked handcuffs in the front due to her pregnancy.

Young was searched incident to arrest which yielded negative results for any weapons and illegal contraband. Young was placed in the rear of my patrol vehicle, car 15-154. Young was transported to Dougherty County Jail and released to the jail staff without incident. The rear of my patrol vehicle was searched before and after the transport which yielded negative results for any weapons or contraband.

The nature of this case has been changed to Cruelty to Children 2nd Degree and Battery Family Violence. This case has been turned over to Sgt. Brown with Investigations.

[End of Narrative]