Julian Peters


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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 08/30/2022, at approximately 1254 hours, I was patrolling on GA 73 near GA 30 in Evans County. I observed a gold Dodge Ram traveling south on GA 73. The driver was not wearing a seat belt. I initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle. I approached the vehicle and spoke to the driver and attempted to identify him. The driver provided me with a name and date of birth of Julian Turner [REDACTED BY AGENCY]/1997.

While speaking to the subject, I noticed that he had several tattoos visible that based on my training, I believed to be associated with gang activity. The subject was being very passive aggressive when speaking to me and I did not believe he was being truthful. I ran the information provided and it did not return with anything. I returned to the vehicle and asked the subject again if the information was correct and he said it was. He told me he had a Georgia License and Louisiana License. When the subject spoke to me, his body language indicated to me based off my experience that he was lying and would not be cooperative. The subject also looked at me in the eyes and blew his cigarette smoke in my face, in what I felt was him trying to intimidate me. I ran the information through Georgia and Louisiana, and it did not return with anything.

I believed that the subject was lying about who he was, most likely because he was wanted. Based off his behavior, my experience and my training, I knew he would possibly flee when I confronted him about this. I approached and told him to turn off the vehicle and exit. The subject stated he would not get out the vehicle. I told him at least 4 times to exit his vehicle and he refused. I explained to the driver why he needed to exit the vehicle. The driver still refused to exit. I opened the door of the vehicle and grabbed his arm to physically remove him. The driver flexed his muscles and pulled back away from me.

The subject had refused to follow my orders to this point. I felt the driver was giving me false information. Based off my training I knew there was a high possibility that this subject was involved in criminal gang activity due to the tattoos that I could see. When I grabbed his arm, I could feel his muscle tone and knew he was very strong. I felt he would be very difficult to gain control of when he resisted. For my safety and his, I determined that the most reasonable thing to do was to deploy my department issued Taser 7.

I stepped back drew my Taser, gave an announcement and fired my Taser at the subject. The subject was struck in the side and hip area and fell out of the truck onto the ground. The subject tried to get up but after several orders to get on the ground and he was taken into custody. The subject was finally identified as Julian Peters [REDACTED BY AGENCY]/98. Mr. Peters refused to get into my patrol vehicle and pushed and pulled away. Claxton PD Officer Stanfield and I were able to force him into the car. Mr. Peters was wanted by Bulloch S.O. I transported him to the Evans County Jail. He was released to the Jail Staff.

[End of Narrative]