Bibb County School’s “Hidden Hero” charged with spying on teenage neighbor

Last updated July 1, 2022 @ 10:41 AM ET

BIBB COUNTYThe head of cyber security for Bibb County Schools has been arrested after a GoPro camera was discovered outside the bedroom window of a Kathleen, Georgia home.

The victim, an 18-year-old female, was getting out of the shower when the camera was spotted. She immediately informed an adult in the home of her discovery.

The adult, assuming to be the victim’s mother, enlisted the help of their neighbor, 44-year-old Gregory Robert Hogan, due to his knowledge of cyber security, who then turned the camera over to police.

Following an investigation by the Houston County Sheriff’s Office, Hogan was charged with eavesdropping, stalking, peeping tom, and tampering with evidence. He was booked into the Houston County Jail on May 28th.

Hogan was featured in a 13WMAZ story about “Hidden Heroes” last year. Where, according to the story, “[Hogan] has 20 years of tech support saved to his career hard drive, including four years with Bibb County Schools and now almost one full year of supporting e-learning during a pandemic”.

Per a case study published by a vendor of Bibb County Schools, “Hogan oversees all aspects of data flowing in and out of the network, and ensures the security of that data. He also handles the district’s content filters to make sure the content students access, online and in the cloud, is appropriate and safe.”

Hogan’s official title, according to, is Enterprise Tech Coordinator with an annual salary of $85,166.20 in fiscal year 2021.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 05/18/2022 at approximately 06:56 hours, I was on duty with the Houston County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division, in uniform with my badge displayed. I was assigned to marked patrol vehicle 823. I was dispatched to [200 BLOCK] Grove Lane in reference to a peeping tom situation.

Upon arrival, I spoke with [VICTIM #1] and [VICTIM #2] who said they discovered a GoPro camera positioned outside of [VICTIM #1]’s bedroom window. [VICTIM #1] said she found the camera last night at approximately 23:30 as she was getting out of the shower. [VICTIM #1] told me she immediately told [VICTIM #2] who went outside to examine the camera.

[VICTIM #2] said she waited to call 911 and spoke with some of her friends about the incident. [VICTIM #2] explained her neighbor Gregory Hogan worked in cybersecurity for Bibb County so she gave the camera to him for him to examine it. She said he was currently on his way back home to give the camera to me.

[VICTIM #2] said they did not find a memory card in the camera so she was worried the footage may have been automatically uploaded to a cloud share file. I told [VICTIM #2] I would collect the camera and submit it into evidence and asked if she could think of anyone who may be responsible for placing the camera. Neither [VICTIM #2] or [VICTIM #1] could come up with anyone who would have placed the camera.

They did say that a strange account had begun messaging [VICTIM #1] on Snapchat. They believed the account was fake, but the person appeared to be trying to gain [VICTIM #1]’s affection. They told me [VICTIM #1] had been ignoring the person and said that other than this incident, they could not think of anyone else who may be responsible.

The person’s name on the Snapchat account was Clint Ryan and [VICTIM #1] said she did not know who that may be. She and [VICTIM #2] said it could possibly be someone from [VICTIM #1]’s school, but she did not know. I spoke with Gregory when he arrived and collected the camera. He said he did not see anything on the camera when he checked it and also said he checked the camera system around his house to see if it captured someone as they were placing the camera.

Gregory said he did not find anything on his cameras either so I collected his information and provided [VICTIM #2] with a case number. I also told [VICTIM #2] to send me a picture of the Snapchat account and it will be attached to this report once I receive it.

As I was leaving, [VICTIM #2] said she noticed a small hole in the window screen around March, but did not think anything of it. She showed me the hole in the screen and it appeared to have been specifically cut so as to position the camera in the corner of the window. I photographed the screen and the photos will be attached [NOT MADE PUBLIC AT TIME OF WRITING].