Former Macon Prosecutor says racist remark was ‘clearly a joke’

Last updated June 10, 2022 @ 7:11 AM ET

Bibb County – Allegations of racist behavior have surfaced against former Assistant District Attorney of the Macon Judicial Circuit, Jason Martin.

According to a 2017 text message obtained by The Georgia Gazette, Martin responded to a message from a friend about dealing with “the worst people in the world” by answering “black people?”, seemingly implying that black people were “the worst people in the world”.

image 2
Former ADA Jason Martin’s reply is shown in gray

During a phone interview with Martin, he informed our reporters that this remark was “clearly a joke”, after saying if we published this story, we should “expect to be sued”.

According to Martin’s LinkedIn profile, he is currently a trial lawyer at the Law Office of Michael West, a private firm.

Other than being a former prosecutor, Martin was also an assistant solicitor at both the City of Stockbridge and the City of Morrow. We are working on obtaining his personnel files from these agencies to explain his reason for leaving.

Screenshot from Martin’s LinkedIn page

Georgia’s Superior Courts are organized into 49 judicial circuits. A judicial circuit is composed of one or more counties. The Macon Judicial Circuit is comprised of Bibb, Crawford, and Peach Counties and oversees a variety of cases, from divorces to violent felonies.

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Map outlining the Macon Judicial Circuit

It is unclear exactly how many cases were handled by Martin during his tenure from 2014 to 2021.