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Mother randomly stabbed outside Norcross Motel 6 in front of 5-year-old son

Written by B. Collins

Published October 29, 2022 @ 11:00 AM ET

Warning: The following story contains strong language which may be unsuitable for some audiences. Discretion is advised.

Gwinnett County (October 15, 2022) – Multiple victims are recovering after being violently attacked and stabbed with a knife by a stranger at a Motel 6 off Oakbrook Parkway, with one of the victims being a 5-year-old boy.

Police arrived on the scene of the Motel 6 to discover two female victims had been stabbed, a five-year-old victim shoved down, and had witnessed the entire incident. The suspect, Filiz Yasemin Flood, was restrained by multiple people on the scene. One victim had already been transported to the hospital for stab wounds to the face and chest, with one victim’s eyelid appearing to have been cut in half.

The motel provided the footage to show precisely what had occurred that evening. According to the footage, two victims, a mother and her young son exited the vehicle while Flood left her hotel room at approximately the same time. When Flood approached the two victims, she shoved the 5-year-old boy’s head away from his mother and began attacking the female victim with a knife with the boy watching.

At this time, the other victim, the grandmother of the young child, was in a nearby hotel room and after hearing the commotion outside, exited the room to intervene, getting into a physical altercation with Flood.

According to the grandmother’s account, she heard the altercation and came outside to see Flood attacking her daughter with a knife and tried to knock it out of Flood’s hands. At this time, Flood stabbed her in the right arm. She was able to knock it out of Flood’s hand before chasing her across the parking lot and “beating the hell out of her” to restrain her.

They wrestled the suspect to the ground and got the knife away from her, but Flood attempted to grab it again to continue her attack. The knife was covered in blood once they got it away from her.

The victims did not know Flood before the incident.

Flood appeared to be under the influence of drugs and was transported by police to the county jail. On the way, she stated that she was drunk and “sorry for what she did.” Flood told officers that she needed to be placed with the men at the jail because she was afraid of women and threatened to kill herself several times on the way to jail.

Flood has current warrants for simple battery, cruelty to children, and aggravated assault.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On 10-15-2022 at approximately 1825 hours I was dispatched to a person stabbed call located at 6015 Oakbrook Pkwy which is the motel 6.

Upon arriving I met with officers who had already arrived and had the suspect in custody. I was notified that one of the victims, [VICTIM #1], had already been transported to the hospital for stab wounds to her chest and face. The other victims, [VICTIM #2] and [VICTIM #3], were still at the scene. I was notified by Ofc. Palmer #2025 that he was the first on scene.

Ofc. Palmer stated that when he arrived the suspect, Filiz Flood, was on the ground near the front office being restrained by multiple people. Ofc. Palmer took her into custody due to statements made to him. Ofc. Palmer took photos of the scene and uploaded them onto evidence.com. For more information see Ofc. Palmer’s supplemental report.

Video footage from the business was available of the incident. The video footage showed [VICTIM #1] sitting in her vehicle in front of her room [REDACTED]. At approximately 1730 hours [VICTIM #1] exited her vehicle with her son, [VICTIM #3], near her. Flood exited her room [REDACTED] on the second floor at roughly the same time. Flood went back into her room for a short moment then went down the stairs. Flood approached [VICTIM #1] and [VICTIM #3]. Flood shoved [VICTIM #3]’s head pushing him away from [VICTIM #1].

Flood then immediately starting attacking [VICTIM #1] with [VICTIM #3] standing nearby watching. [VICTIM #2] exited room [REDACTED] and started to intervene in the fight. The footage showed [VICTIM #2] and Flood get into a physical altercation and then Flood running away across the parking lot. [VICTIM #2] followed Flood until they got near the leasing office.

[VICTIM #2] stated that she had been in the room when she heard her daughter in a fight outside. [VICTIM #2] came out and saw Flood attacking [VICTIM #1] with a knife. [VICTIM #2] intervened trying to knock the knife out of Flood’s hand. During this altercation Flood stabbed [VICTIM #2] in the right arm with the knife. [VICTIM #2] was able to knock the knife out of Flood’s hand after a struggle.

Flood then ran accross the parking lot towards the office. [VICTIM #2] followed and was able to restrain Flood on the ground near the office until police arrived. [VICTIM #2] stated that she “beat the hell out of her” while trying to restrain Flood. [VICTIM #2] stated that she did not know Flood prior to this incident. [VICTIM #2] provided a written statement which was submitted at west precinct.

[WITNESS #1] stated she did not see the original incident but came over when [VICTIM #2] was restraining Flood. [WITNESS #1] saw that someone had wrapped a knife in a paper towel and moved it from in front of room [REDACTED] to where Flood was being restrained. The person who initially moved the knife is unknown. [WITNESS #1] said that Flood had attempted to reach for the knife after it was first moved.

[WITNESS #1] moved the knife into the office at the incident location for everyones safety. [WITNESS #1] assisted with first aid until police arrived. The knife was covered in blood and was secured by officers when they arrived onscene. A nail with blood on it was also located on the ground near the office. [WITNESS #1] and [VICTIM #2] stated that Flood had the nail gripped in her hand while she was being restrained.

Flood was searched incident to arrest and secured in the rear of my patrol car. Flood appeared to be under the influence of drugs. I transported Flood to the county jail. On the way to the jail Flood stated that she was drunk and sorry for what she did. Flood stated that “they” were threatening her. Flood also made it clear that she did not like women. Flood stated that she needed to be placed with the men in the jail and that she was afraid of women. Flood stated that she was going to kill herself several times. After arriving at the county jail I turned Flood over to the deputies on duty.

I proceeded to magistrate court where I obtained 4 warrants against Flood. Warrant 22W-16295 for aggravated assault due to stabbing [VICTIM #2] in the arm. Warrant 22W-16296 for simple battery due to pushing [VICTIM #3]. Warrant 22W-16297 for cruelty to children in the third due to commiting an aggravated assault in the presence of [VICTIM #3] who was 5 years old. Warrant 22W-16298 for aggravated assault due to Flood stabbing [VICTIM #1] in the face and chest. I took the knife and the nail to Gwinnett County headquarters and submitted them into evidence.

I then went to [REDACTED BY AGENCY] hospital and met with [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] stated that she was getting out of her vehicle when she saw Flood running down the stairs. [VICTIM #1] did not think anything of it due to the incident location being a motel. [VICTIM #1] said that Flood pushed [VICTIM #3] then came up to her and started attacking her with her fists first. Flood then pulled out the knife and stabbing her several times. [VICTIM #2] then came outside and intervened and Flood then stabbed [VICTIM #2].

[VICTIM #1] did not know why Flood had attacked her and said that there was no arguement leading up to the incident. [VICTIM #1] said that she didn’t know who Flood was before this incident. [VICTIM #1] described the knife as a silver kitchen knife which matches the description of the knife secured and entered into evidence. [VICTIM #1] had a stab wound on her chest, on her upper right cheek, and her eyelid appeared to have been cut in half.

I went back to magistrate court a recalled warrant 22W-16295 due to incorrect victim information. I took warrant 22W-16305 for aggravated assault due to stabbing [VICTIM #2] in the arm. Warrant 22W-16305 was taken out under case number GP22085104A. These warrants were served to Flood in the jail. I was unable to secure the video footage of the incident. The employee of the business stated that his manager was coming to work on the 16th and that he would be able to give me the footage.

[End of Narrative]