Mother under No Contact Order arrested for taking child

Written by K Bishop

Published September 15, 2022 @ 2:48 PM ET

Cherokee County A mother was arrested August 8 for Interference with Child Custody after taking her son from his father’s home.

The mother, Alisha Wynn , 41, of Florida, was under court order to have no contact with her child.

The father, who is the sole custodian, was out of town on a business trip to Los Angeles, California when Wynn drove to his home and took the child.

At the time, the child was being looked after by his sister and her brother. The sister called 911 after witnessing Wynn take the child. A BOLO was issued for Wynn’s Chevy Traverse with a Florida tag. Wynn and her child were located a short time later by Cpl. Clark and taken to the Bridge Mill Police Precinct.

The child’s sister provided the police and sheriff’s deputy with custody documents and court orders showing that Wynn was to have no contact with her son and that the child’s father has sole custody. They were also informed of prior incidents, one of which occurred when Wynn attempted to take her child from his school earlier that same day.

The sheriff’s deputy who arrived to arrest Wynn was notified of a report given to another deputy citing child molestation. The Department of Family and Children’s Services was contacted, and Wynn and her child were interviewed.

DFACS created a safety plan for the child, and he was sent home with his sister.

Wynn was arrested and taken to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center.

Wynn filed petitions in the Cherokee County Superior Court two days later, on August 10, including a petition for a Temporary Protection Order against the child’s father on behalf of the child.

A warrant was issued for Wynn’s arrest on September 2 in the Cherokee County Magistrate Court. She remains in custody.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On August 8, 2022, at approximately 5:00 pm, I responded to [300 BLOCK] Keeter Road in reference to a possible kidnapping. While in route, dispatch advised the child, [REDACTED], was taken by his biological mother, Alisha Wynn. A BOLO for a newer model Chevrolet Traverse with grey wheels bearing Florida tag #[REDACTED] was given out to all surrounding units. Prior to my arrival to the residence, Cpl. Clark spotted the vehicle from the BOLO and initiated a traffic stop locating Alisha and [REDACTED].

I arrived at the residence and met with the caller [WITNESS #1] and her brother, [WITNESS #2]. [WITNESS #2] stated the following: He and [WITNESS #1] were watching [REDACTED] while their father, [VICTIM #1], was out of town. [REDACTED]’s mother, Alisha, showed up at the residence and coerced [REDACTED] to get in her vehicle and leave with her. [REDACTED] walked away, but Alisha wanted [REDACTED] to go with her. Alisha was able to get [REDACTED] in her car. Once [REDACTED] was in the vehicle, Alisha locked the doors and left the scene. [WITNESS #1] and [WITNESS #2] saw Alisha leave with [REDACTED] in the vehicle and called 9-1-1. [WITNESS #1] provided me with several court orders signed by a judge, which stated [VICTIM #1] has sole custody of [REDACTED] and Alisha was not allowed to have any contact with [REDACTED]. I collected contact information for [WITNESS #2], [WITNESS #1], and [VICTIM #1] prior to leaving the scene.

As I was in route to the Bridge Mill Precinct, I contacted [VICTIM #1] via telephone to get information on the incident. [VICTIM #1] left to go out of town on business in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday 08/07/2022, and would not be returning until Wednesday 08/10/2022. [VICTIM #1] stated [REDACTED]’s school, Freedom Middle School contacted him; Alisha was on the scene trying to get [REDACTED] from the school. I requested [VICTIM #1] send any further documents he has to my email in reference to the incident.

I arrived at the Bridge Mill Precinct and met with Cpl. McClure, Cpl. Clark, [REDACTED], and Alisha. I provided the information and paperwork obtained at the scene to Cpl. McClure for him to review. I was advised by Cpl. McClure, there was a separate report filed by Deputy Bond of allegations of child molestation. Please reference case #SO22-010976 for additional information. Due to the allegations made, Cpl. Clark contacted the Department of Family and Child Services (DFACS).

After reviewing the court orders, I contacted the Criminal Investigations Division (CID) to notify them of this case’s information. DFACS arrived on the scene to conduct interviews with [REDACTED] and Alisha. DFACS placed a safety plan for [REDACTED] to go home with his sister [WITNESS #1] and requested [WITNESS #2] leave the residence for the night. [WITNESS #1] arrived at the Bridge Mill Precinct, Cpl. Clark escorted [REDACTED] to [WITNESS #1]’s vehicle, where he was released into her custody.

I explained to Alisha, the court order, which is in place, states she is not allowed to have any contact with [REDACTED]. Alisha said she was unaware of the court order which she was present for. Alisha began to state the judge who signed the order was coving up different crimes, and she did not agree with any order. Based on all information I collected, I placed Alisha under arrest for interference with child custody. Alisha, knowing, enticed and took [REDACTED] away from [VICTIM #1], who has lawful custody of [REDACTED].

I placed Alisha in handcuffs behind her back, checked for proper fit, and double-locked them. I secured Alisha in the back seat of my patrol vehicle. Cpl. McClure secured Alisha’s belongings into her car and locked the doors. Cpl. McClure gave me the key to Alisha’s vehicle to be taken to jail and placed in Alisha’s property. I advised dispatch of my starting mileage and transported Alisha to the Cherokee County Adult Detention Center.

Once at the ADC, I advised dispatch of my ending mileage, and Alisha was turned over to jail deputies with the proper incoming paperwork. Before departing the ADC, I check the back seat of my patrol vehicle for contraband, finding none. Warrant for interference with child custody will be secured without delay. Please reference Cpl. McClure and Cpl. Clark’s supplemental reports are attached to this case file. Also attached to this case report are all court orders obtained from [VICTIM #1] and [WITNESS #1].

[End of Narrative]