New details emerge in attack of pregnant West Georgia woman

Cody Mitchell Weems

April 17, 2021 at 11:22 AM ET

THOMASTON, GA – Cody Mitchell Weems remains behind bars today, facing a list of felonies after allegedly breaking into the home of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, TikTok star Kylie Strickland, and brutally attacking her in the early morning hours last Sunday.

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The Thomaston Police Department released the incident report, which shows there was also a second person assaulted that morning, a male who was present in the home with Strickland.

According to Strickland, her and Weems broke off their relationship that previous Wednesday.

The report says Weems entered the home through a bathroom window and immediately started attacking the pair. He then dragged Strickland into the woods, where he told her she and the unborn baby “were going to die today”, before proceeding to assault her further. Strickland managed to escape and an officer, who was dispatched to the area by a concerned neighbor, spotted her running from the woods.

Weems fled but was apprehended later that same day, near the incident location.

Both reports are located below.

Some names and addresses in the following transcription may have been redacted to protect the innocent. Errors may exist. We don’t fix spelling/grammatical errors made by the agency:

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Incident)

On 04/11/2021, at approximately 0628 hrs, I Officer McDonald of the Thomaston Police Department was dispatched to the area of [700 BLOCK] Poplar Dr regarding a possible domestic called in by a concerned citizen.

Upon arrival to the area of [700 BLOCK] Poplar Dr, I began to continue down Poplar Dr towards Hannahs Mill Rd when at the corner of Poplar Dr and Crystal Dr I made contact with a white female who ran from the wood line on the northside of Poplar Dr to my patrol car and was screaming for help. The female identified herself as Kylie Strickland [DOB REDACTED]. Strickland frantically pointed to the woods and said, “He is in the woods, and he is trying to kill me.” Strickland advised the offender’s name was Cody Weems (DOB 08/06/1991).

Officers Sanders and Johnson proceeded to patrol the area for Weems, who had fled on foot while I began to interview Strickland.

Strickland stated that at approximately 0620 hrs, she heard a crashing noise coming from her bathroom and got out of bed to investigate. When she entered the bathroom, Weems had entered through the bathroom window and was standing in front of her. Weems started yelling at her, and open hand slapped her in the face.

Weems then noticed there was a man in the bed [VICTIM #2] [DOB REDACTED]). Weems went to [VICTIM #2] and began punching him, hitting him twice in the head with his fist. [VICTIM #2] fled to another bedroom. Strickland then stated she went to run outside when Weems grabbed her, snatched her phone away, threw it, and punched her in the face with a closed fist.

Weems then grabbed Strickland by her hair and throat and began dragging her outside and towards the woods. Strickland attempted to fight back as he was pulling her into the woodline. Once in the woodline, Weems covered Strickland’s mouth and nose and told her “she was going to die tonight.”

Strickland begged Weems to stop, and he continued to assault her by sticking his fingers into her vag*na and said, “it smells like a d*ck has been in here” and started kicking and stomping Strickland in the face and abdomen while he told her he was going to kill her and her kids.

Strickland informed Weems she is pregnant, and he began to stomp her stomach, stating, “She and the baby would die tonight.” Weems then noticed my patrol car coming down the road, and Strickland was able to run away; Weems fled the scene on foot.

Strickland did not wish to have EMS evaluate her at the scene and advised she would go to the ER herself. I was interviewing and photographing Strickland’s injuries inside her residence to maintain her privacy when in the distance, myself and other officers in the area heard a pop that sounded like a gunshot come from the area that Weems had reportedly fled to.

I, along with Inv. Allen and other officers from Thomaston, patrolled the area in our vehicles and on foot and could not locate Weems.

Inv. Allen put a BOLO out for Weems. I took victim statements from both victims, Strickland and [VICTIM #2].

Weems left his truck and cellphone at the scene. The truck was impounded and towed by Boggs to the Thomaston Police Department. The truck is a company truck, and the owner was notified and agreed to recover the vehicle from the police department. I handed over Weems’ cell phone to Inv. Allen when he arrived on the scene.

All information and victim statements were given to Inv. Allen.

End Transcription of Narrative Report (incident)

Begin Transcription of Narrative Report (Apprehension)

On Sunday April 11, 2021 at approximately 19:29 hours, I Officer Traylor was patrolling the surrounding area of Crystal Drive. Upon turning onto West Main Street near Highway 74, I observed a white male walking along side the highway. The white male appeared to be wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a hat.

The white male also had facial hair from what I observed. It seemed a little suspicious that anyone walks that area, so I contacted Sgt. Jackson and advised him of what I observed. I asked Sgt. Jackson if we had a clothing description of what the male subject was wearing in reference to an earlier call at [900 BLOCK] Crystal Drive. Sgt. Jackson was unable to give a clothing description, however he did advise that the subject had facial hair, and that he was a white male.

Sgt Jackson advised me to make contact with the male subject, and after making contact with the subject he advised that his name was Josh Flowers. Josh Flowers advised that he did not have his ID on him, and he advised that he was just walking home from the store, and that he lived near by.

After running the name through the data base, the computer showed warrants on the Josh Flowers subject. Sgt. Jackson arrived on scene and after observing the subject, he confirmed that this was the subject from the call at [900 BLOCK] Crystal Drive.

At that time, the subject was placed under arrest and transported to the Thomaston Police Department to be interviewed by Investigator Matt Allen. It was also determined that this subject gave me a false name and date of birth. Josh Flowers was in fact Cody Weems. Cody Weems was interviewed by Investigator Allen, in which he requested to have a lawyer present.

Cody Weems was then transported the Upson County Jail. Cody Weems is at the Upson County Jail where a hold was placed on him per Investigator Allen. Warrants are pending for Cody Weems in reference to the incident at [900 BLOCK] Crystal Drive.

Nothing further.

End Transcription of Narrative Report (Apprehension)