Police impersonator arrested in Acworth

Written by K Bishop

Published September 17, 2022 @ 6:48 PM ET

Cobb County The Acworth police pulled over a vehicle with flashing emergency lights, driven by a man in uniform. The man identified himself as an off-duty HERO member with the Georgia Department of Transportation. The man was later arrested for ‘Impersonating a Public Officer or Employee,’ a felony.

Jerardson Mackey was arrested July 22 after investigators discovered he was not a GDOT HERO employee. He had been fired from that position earlier this year.

Mackey was initially stopped by police after flashing emergency lights from his vehicle and skirting around traffic. Mackey was wearing his work uniform, which resembled a police uniform, and displayed his HERO badge to police.

Mackey explained that his uniform resembled a police officer’s uniform but that it was the uniform for his funeral escort service. Mackey asked the officers several times to refrain from citing him and repeatedly advised that he was formerly a police officer in the Bahamas.

Officers checked Mackey’s permit for emergency lights in the vehicle and found that it was valid. However, he was using the lights improperly and flashing red emergency lights, which is not permitted.

Officers initially cited Mackey for ‘Improper use of Emergency Lights’ during the traffic stop. After further investigation, the charge was added for ‘Impersonating a Public Officer or Employee’.