Ringgold woman throws girlfriend out of moving car on I-75

Written by: K. Bishop

Published February 16, 2023 @ 2:20 PM ET

Catoosa County (January 23, 2023) – A sheriff’s deputy found a woman lying on the side of the interstate in the northbound lane with road rash, multiple injuries, and torn clothing. The battered woman said her girlfriend beat her before dragging her across the car and throwing her out of the moving vehicle onto the highway. The victim recalled sailing through the air before hitting the ground and sliding along the asphalt.

The victim identified her girlfriend and attacker as 30-year-old Ranven Shanell Owens. She told deputies the two began the drive on I-75 when Owens allegedly began screaming at the victim and punching her repeatedly as she drove, busting her lip.

Owen’s two young children were left at home alone when Owens demanded the victim drive her to a Chatanooga Hospital around 1 AM to see a friend. Owens was reportedly drunk at the time, and the victim first suggested they wait until the children were awake before making the trip to Chattanooga, but gave in so that Owens would not make the drive alone while heavily intoxicated. The victim told deputies Owens drank an entire fifth of liquor that night.

The victim was unsure why her girlfriend attacked her and tried to talk to her calmly before Owens dragged her by her dreads into the passenger seat across the vehicle as she was driving down the interstate. The victim managed to stop the car before Owens shoved her out and climbed into the driver’s seat. After climbing back inside the vehicle to stop Owens from driving drunk, the victim was again thrown out of the vehicle while it was moving around thirty-five miles per hour on the highway.

When the victim was located by the deputy and taken into an ambulance, it appeared her left hand and thumb were broken and turning blue. She had a large cut on the top of her head and road rash on her arms, elbows, legs, and head. Her clothes were torn from sliding across the road. Paramedics were certain her hand was broken based on the extreme swelling and inability to move.

The victim thanked officers for issuing a warrant for Owen’s arrest, saying Owens needed to be in jail for all the pain she had caused before being transported to the hospital.

Owens turned herself in at the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office on February 2. She was released on a $10,000 bond. This case is currently pending in court.

Officer’s Narrative:
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[NARRATIVE #1 on January 23, 2023]

On 01/23/2023, at approximately 1:30am, Deputy Weaver was dispatched to I75 Northbound right before Exit 350 in reference to a Domestic Dispute. Upon arrival Deputy Weaver observed a female laying on the right shoulder with torn clothes. Deputy Weaver approached the female and asked what was going on tonight.

The female told Deputy Weaver she was laying in bed sleeping, her girlfriend came upstairs, shook her awake and asked could she bring her to Erlanger in Chattanooga to see her friend who was in the hospital. The complainant said she looked at her phone and told her girlfriend its 1:00 in the morning, lets just wait till the kids get up so they aren’t home alone. The complainant said her girlfriend had drank a whole fifth of liquor so she didn’t want her driving, so she gave in and said she would drop her off at the hospital.

The complainant said while she was driving toward I75 on Cloud Springs Road, her girlfriend became enraged and started to yell and cuss at her for no reason at all. The complainant tried to calm her down and speak to her in a normal tone, but she said it only aggravated and made the situation worse. The complainant said out of nowhere her girlfriend started to swing at her and hit her in the face. Deputy Weaver asked the complainant was she swinging with a closed or open fist. The complainant said it was a closed fist and she was hit approximately 5-6 times.

Deputy Weaver observed the victim to have a busted lower lip that was bleeding, and asked was this due to her girlfriend hitting her. The victim said yes she busted it when she punched me in the face the first time. The victim said at this point she had just merged onto the highway. She was going to continue on and drop her off at the hospital, but her girlfriend grabbed her dread and started to yank her into the passenger seat while she was driving down the highway. The victim told her girlfriend to stop because she couldn’t drive, but it only made the situation worse.

The victim said her girlfriend pulled her dreads so hard she yanked her into the front passenger seat. The victim said she somehow stopped the car. At this time her girlfriend opened the passenger door and threw her out of the car. The victim said her girlfriend then climbed into the driver seat. The victim didn’t want her girlfriend to drive drunk so she climbed back into the front passenger seat. At this time her girlfriend started to drive down the road and gain speed. The victim tried to tell her to stop the car but she said her girlfriend continued to speed up.

The victim said she was pretty beaten up at this point and sore so she really couldn’t fight back. The victim said all of a sudden her girlfriend pushed her out of the car and she hit the ground and slid across the pavement. The victim said her girlfriend never hit the brakes she just continued to drive torwads Chattanooga. Deputy Weaver asked the victim how fast does she think they were going when she got pushed out of the car. The victim stated “It was pretty fast, I remember being in the air for a few seconds, before I hit the ground, I guess around 30-35mph”.

While waiting for Puckett EMS to arrive on scene Deputy Weaver looked at the victims injuries. Deputy Weaver observed the victim to have numerous tears and holes in her clothes from hitting the asphalt. The victim had numerous spots on her body consistent with road rash including her arms, elbows, shins and head. The victim had a 3-4″ laceration on the top of her scalp, along with numerous abrasions. The victims left thumb and hand were swollen and turning blue.

The victim told Deputy Weaver she could barely move her left thumb or hand without being in severe pain. Deputy Weaver advised her that EMS was on the way to check her out. Puckett EMS arrived on scene and loaded the victim into the ambulance and started to evaluate her. While the victim was lying on the stretcher Deputy Weaver took pictures of all of her injuries and they are attached to the report. Deputy Weaver asked the Puckett Paramedic if she thought the victims thumb and hand were broke and she stated “Most definitely with that much swelling and no range of motion.

The victim informed Deputy Weaver that her girlfriends kids who were 6 and 8 were home alone. Deputy Weaver asked the victim did she know anyone that could go and stay with them or pick them up. The victim said the only person that live close enough is her mom and the kids love her. The victim tried to call her mom, but her phone was broken. Deputy Weaver called the victims mom and explained what was going on and asked her if she could pick the kids up. The victims mom said that wouldn’t be a problem at all she would head over right now, grab the kids and head to the hospital.

Deputy Weaver informed the victim he would be taking out a Aggravated Assault Warrant for her girlfriend. The victim said thank you she needs to go to jail for all the pain she’s caused me. Puckett informed Deputy Weaver they were transporting the victim to Parkridge East for treatment.

Deputy Weaver has requested state warrants.

Deputy Weavers body worn camera and car camera documented the entire incident and is available upon request.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on February 02, 2023]

On 02-02-23 Deputy Smith was advised that the offender was in the lobby of the Sheriff’s Office to turn herself in. Deputy Smith obtained the warrant and confirmed the identity with the offender.

The offender was handcuffed in the front and the handcuffs were checked for fit and double locked. The offender was searched and escorted to the offender to booking. Deputy Smith read and executed the warrant on the offender. The offender was turned over to booking staff. The warrant was taken out of NCIC by records staff.

[End of Narrative]