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Rome woman arrested after dozens of animals, child living in deplorable conditions

Published October 23, 2022 @ 8:45 PM ET

Floyd County (September 29, 2022) – Police went out to investigate the residence of Pamela Massey after a DFCS (Division of Family and Children’s Services) advised that a minor child, age 14, had come to school with noticeable filth, odor, and had roaches coming out of his clothing and bag. Officers went out to do a check on the property.

At one of the two dwellings on the property, the officer found a great deal of debris and trash surrounding the property. When the officer knocked on the door to speak with the owner, multiple dogs started to bark and could be seen inside the home. There was a donkey tethered to the front of the property with no access to water and tangled to a bicycle. The officers also noted a cat with ribs showing, walking around the property.

Although nobody responded to the knock, the officer could see the horrendous conditions inside the home. On one side of the house, a window was missing, and the officer peered inside, seeing the deplorable conditions: piles of trash, old rotten food, ripped open trash bags, and a dish with roaches crawling on it.

The officer called the homeowner, Pamela Massey, who stated she was out of town. She agreed to meet the officer the following day at the property. She said she had been working to clean up the property. The officer later, from Animal Control, found out she had been cited for animal cruelty for five puppies. They had current court orders to check the property for animals.

The following day, the officers responded with animal control. Massey was not home when officers arrived, but when notified of the warrant, she returned to the property and allowed officers and animal control to enter the home.

Once inside the home, the smell of feces and urine was enough to take your breath away, and the smell of ammonia burned the eyes of the officer. Disgusting was the best way the officer could describe the state of the home. Every corner was covered in grit, filth, and feces and infested with roaches. Massey stated that she and the minor child shared a bedroom, which she slept in during the day and the child at night. The bed was visibly dirty, and the room was covered in filth.

It was confirmed that 3 dogs, 5 cats, 3 snakes, a dragon, a gecko, and a donkey were on the property. The snakes, dragon, and one cat were all confirmed in critical condition. The bones of a cow and a goat were also found in the swimming pool.

Massey was charged with 5 counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and 1 count contributing to the deprivation of a child.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

On the above date and time, I (PFC Walters) responded to [3800 BLOCK] Morton Bend Road. I was referred the residence by Investigations when the DFCS referral was screened out.

I was advised by Investigator Warner that the minor child, age 14, had come to school with a noticeable odor of filth, and had roaches [REDACTED BY AGENCY] in his clothing and bag. I was also advised that the home itself had a noticeable odor of urine and filth from the outside. I went to the property on 9/28/22 to perform a check on the property. When I arrived at the location I observed two different dwellings on the lot.

The first was a single wide mobile home with a large pile of trash in the front yard. However, the only debris located near the home were in the large pile. There was also an open window were I was able to see inside. The inside of the home was free from any filth or trash and there was no odor from the residence. Next, I went to the other residence on the property. It was a mobile home with a large covered porch and attached carport area. There was a great deal of debris and house hold trash in the yard and porch and under the carport. There was also a grey donkey tethered out in front of the home. The donkey was in good shape physically however had no access to water and was tangled in a bike which was laying in the yard.

I attempted to make contact with the homeowner by knocking on the door. When I walked onto the porch I was able to see a strong odor of filth, and urine coming from the home. I knocked on the door was I heard a dog barking inside. There was also a small honey colored dog who appeared in the window. The porch was completely covered in trash and debris.

On the right side of the home there was a missing window covered with a blanket. The odor coming from the window was sickening even at a distance. Inside the home was dark so I was not able to see inside the window. I used my department issued camera with flash to take a photo inside the room. The photo reviled an extreme amount of household trash, old rotten food and drinks, take out containers, and ripped open trash bags along with a discolored mattress on the floor. Against the wall was a dresser with a glass dish on it. The dish was crawling with roaches and completely discolored. I also saw a glimpse of a larger white dog.

I also walked around the side and back of the property. Along the side was a camper and another large pile of trash which was partly burned. The amount of trash was staggering on the property. It was spread from the side around to the front. There was such an amount that I was not able to properly photograph it in one picture. In the side and toward the back of the property was old couches and an old tub. The back of the residence had another porch area were trash was literally spilling out of the home into the yard. The trash was also covered in dead leaves and yard debris so it was apparent this issue had been going on for some time. In the back of the property was an above ground pool with good sized pine trees growing out of it.

Under the carport area was also a large amount of trash and debris. Old Car seats, totes, and more ripped open bagged trash littered the whole area. While checking the carport I located a small medium haired cat. The cat was limping on a back leg. I contacted Animal control due to the donkey and cat. To prevent the cat from running off I decided to place it in my patrol vehicle until animal control could take it.

When I walked up to the cat it was very friendly and rubbed against my hand to be petted. When I started to pet its head it crawled up my arm and on to my chest sitting itself on the top of my vest near my face. The cat’s hair was soft and appeared fairly clean. It did have fleas, however I immediately noticed how thin the cat was. The cat’s spine and vertebrae were very prominent. All its ribs were easily felt and his hip and pelvic bones were very apparent. Its abdomen and waist also have tucked inside the ribcage. I placed the cat inside my truck for safe keeping until animal control was able to take custody of it.

I also called the homeowner, Pamela Massey (arrestee) on the phone. Massey stated that she was out in town and would not be home until later. I told her that I would return the following day to speak with her and would need to meet with her about the property. She also advised that she had been working with [WITNESS #1] with building inspection about cleaning the property.

I contacted [WITNESS #1] as well who stated that the property had been cleaned a good bit in the months he had been working with her. He also stated he had not viewed the inside of the property and did not know there was a minor child inside the home. I also discovered when speaking with Animal Control that Massey had been cited for animal cruelty under county ordnance for 5 puppies. I was also advised that they had court orders to check the property and the animals on it.

The following day 9/29/22 I returned to the property with animal control. Officer Gibson was able to acquire an inspection warrant to enter the property and verify the animals and conditions of the home. Officers Gibson, Atkins, and Freeman as well as Director [REDACTED] followed me to the property. When we arrived we discovered no one home again. I contacted Massey via phone again and advised her of the warrant and asked her to return to speak with us. She stated she would. Rome Building Inspection [WITNESS #1] also came to the property. After approximately 30 mins Massey arrived and allowed us to enter the home.

When opening the door, the smell of feces and urine took my breath. The ammonia stung my eyes and lungs. The home was very dark even with the lights turned on it was hard to see. The floor in what I believe was the living room was pulling up in several places and was discolored. There was a couch and chair in the room both were discolored and frankly disgusting. There was a medium sized brown dog in the room who I did not see before, as well as the white and honey colored dogs. Massey also advised there were 5 cats on the property. I showed her a photo of the cat that animal control has taken the day prior and she also stated that was her cat.

The living room appeared to have had an attempt to leave the room. There was a wall of bagged trash on the other side of the room. Every corner of the room was covered in grit, feces and filth. There were also several animal cages all over the room. We verified with Massey only the three dogs and 5 cats and she stated yes. Then she stated there were also 2 snakes inside the property. I also contacted DFCS to come to the residence.

To the right of the living area was another room which I was able to see from outside the home and photograph. Then a hall area and a bathroom. The carpet in the bathroom appeared to have been at one-time blue however it was now stained and worn down. There was a sinking in area right in front of the toilet were the floor was giving way. Every surface in the room was sticky, and covered in roaches and filthiness. The bath tub was covered with a red shower curtain however when I moved the curtain the tub was filled taller than me with clothing.

The next room was what I was advised as Massey’s daughters room. Massey also stated that many of the animals belonged to her daughter who moved out in May. This bedroom was also completely encrusted in animal feces, roaches, trash and dirt. There was a mattress on the floor against the wall. Opposite the bed were several bags of trash which were literally moving due to the roaches crawling inside them. In the floor was old smears of animal feces along with fresh feces that had not been stomped down yet. In this room were again several animal cages. In one corner was a shelf with two clear bins in it. When pulling the bins out we located two ball python snakes.

The first was a normal color. The enclosure for the snake was covered in mold. There was water in a bowl however something unidentifiable was floating in it. Along with the mold in the bin I noticed the bin was very wet all over, and when we picked the snake up roaches ran out from under the snake.

The next bin contained another ball python. This one was a hybrid snake so parts of its body were completely white. Its enclosure was also unsanitary. There were dead roaches in the corners of the bin. There was what I believe was a pillow case in the bin which was covered in black mold and was wet. There was also some sort of grit clinging to the wall of the enclosure.

We then discovered a third snake which Massey stated she forgot. This one was an albino ball python. Its habitat was the worst of the three. It was in a larger tote with a lid. There were holes in the side of the tote of airflow. The bottom of the enclosure was covered in think slimy muck. When we opened the lid water ran down the side and poured into the habitat. The bottom of the cage was covered in a blackish colored filth which I think might have been paper towel at one time.

There were also small insects stuck to the floor. In the corner of the tote was another possible pillow case which was dripping wet. Under the snake was beaded dragon whose cage had nothing in it but one perch. None of the enclosures had access to a heat lamp or pad or any available food. While searching the room we also located a tangerine leopard gecko. The gecko appeared to be in good shape.

Next, I checked the left side of the house. This side was a kitchen area and two more bedrooms as well as a laundry room and bathroom. The kitchen area was almost unpassable due to the amount of trash and debris. Where the wall meet the ceiling was covered in roaches as well as the floor and all the surfaces. There was old dried feces and urine everywhere. There was not a single surface in the room that was fit to place food on let alone prepare meals.

The floor was again covered in old feces which had been down smeared and ground into the flooring. There where bags or trash as well as old food, drink containers and clothing in the floor. The sink was covered in roaches and old used dishes which had not been washed for what appeared to be a very long time. The stove was covered in dirty pots and pans. There was visible filth running down the front of the oven. Packages with food were on the counters but the packages were filled with roaches.

Behind the kitchen was a room which housed several old mattresses. The mattresses were covered in rat feces, roaches and more grime. The floor was once carpet but was now worn down and grey in color from dirt and animal feces. Again more clothing and household debris were littering the floor and all surfaces. Past this room was what Massey advised was her and the minor child’s bedroom. Massey stated that her and the child shared the bed. She stated that [REDACTED BY AGENCY] slept during the day and the minor slept at night.

The floor of the room was completely covered in trash and clothing I was not able to see the floor in any places. The floor was again covered in trash bags that were ripped open, clothing, old food and drink packages, clothing and different debris. The odor of urine and feces in this room was extremely strong and burned my eyes while photographing.

The bed she and the minor shared was stained and visibly dirty. There was only one pillow and the fitted sheet had been pulled away from the mattress reviling the dirty mattress below. The bedside table was also covered in clothing and filth. The debris in the floor was stacked as tall as the bed. This room also had animal cages in it too. The other side of the room beside the bed had a huge pile of old cans of soda and paper plates. This room had a bathroom attached which was completely unusable. The floor from the bath and toilet area was collapsed and unable to bear weight. The wall where it met the celling was again covered in roaches and spider webs. It was very clear the residence had not been cleaned in sometime.

The last room in the home was a laundry room which I was unable to enter due to the floor. This room had what appeared to be feces smeared against the cabinetry and the floor was completely covered in debris.

When walking back through the residence to collect the animals I observed a cage in the living room that appeared to have animals in it. When checking this cage, we located 3 rats, apparently feeder rats for the snakes, that had starved to death. Massey again stated that she was unaware of these and stated that she kept frozen mice for the snakes. She then produced a large freezer bag of rats from the fridge. When pulling the snakes and lizards out I was able to feel how cold the animals were. All were very cold to the touch. The weather had been in the 50s on that date and colder at night. All the snakes were covered in small black dots which I was later told were missing scales and wounds probably from roach bites. The bearded dragon was in very poor shape. His skin was very dry looking like old leather. And he actually had cobwebs on his body.

I was also told there where bones in the pool behind the house. Massey stated they had a baby cow who died from prolapse. She stated she could not bury the cow so it was put in the pool to decompose. Due to my high I was not able to see inside the pool from the ground level. I went to the back porch were I located more trash and debris. However, the room also had old hay in the floor like the cow was possibly stored in that area. When I entered the pool I located a skull consistent with a cow however there was another much smaller skull. When questioned about the other skull and jaw bones Massey advised there was also a goat put in the pool.

It was around this time that DFCS arrived at the home. I allowed them to speak with Massey regarding the minor child’s placement. Once the child arrived home [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was allowed to gather belongings and then Massey was transported to Floyd County Jail by Officer Carrington.

On 9/30/22 I spoke with the vet, Dr. [REDACTED] at animal control who stated that all snakes on the property were listed at a 1/9 on the body conditioning score. The albino snake was also suffering from pneumonia and would need daily shots. He stated that pneumonia was mostly caused from the water in the cage and could very easily be fatal for the snake. He stated that all snakes were also suffering from insect bites, likely the roaches. The bearded dragon was listed at 2/9 and also in grave condition. The gecko was in the best physical condition. He suffered from cold and too much moisture however had been eating roaches most likely and so we not malnourished at all.

I was also advised that the cat was a female and scored at a 2/9 on the scale. In addition to being very underweight she also had an older fracture that was beginning to heal improperly. She also suffered from severe flea infestation. I was told that the leg fracture appeared to have never been treated however the cause of the break was unknown.

Massey was charged for 5 counts aggravated cruelty to animals and 1 count contributing to the deprivation of a child.

[End of Narrative]