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Two arrested in Winder after fight between sisters over leaving children home alone

Written by A. Smith

Published October 25, 2022 @ 3:36 PM ET

Warning: The following story contains strong language which may be unsuitable for some audiences. Discretion is advised.

Barrow County (September 22, 2022) – Two people were arrested after a fight between sisters turned violent when one accused the other of leaving her children home alone for an extended time. Amanda Marie Parker and her friend, Aaron Scott Galeski, were arrested after returning home to find her sister waiting outside the home. A fight involving a large wooden pole ensued, and the two suspects barricaded themselves inside the house before police arrived.

Officers were called out to 1280 Hwy 82 in Winder, where a victim wanted to report that she was injured in a physical altercation with her sister, Parker, after she left her two daughters, ten years old and eight years old, home alone. The victim stated she received a call from the father of one of the children asking her to go to her sister’s house to check on them. The oldest child called her father to tell him they had been home alone all day and did not know where their mother was. The victim called Parker numerous times and she would not answer her phone.

The victim arrived at the home and knocked on the door, but the children would not answer the door. She spoke to Parker, who told her to leave her house and that she would be home soon. The victim refused to leave the children until Parker arrived home.

Parker arrived home a short time later with a male friend, Galeski. The victim approached Parker and asked her who the male with her was. Parker told her that it was “none of her fucking business.” Parker grabbed the victim by the hair and started punching her in the head before slamming her head into the car door. The victim began yelling for help when Parker grabbed a large wooden pole from the garage and started hitting her with it.

The victim was able to wrestle the pole away from Parker and get away. Parker and Galeski went inside the home and barricaded themselves inside.

When police arrived at the home, they tried to contact the suspects, but they refused to answer the door. The victim confirmed that they had not left the residence and were inside. The police repeatedly knocked, rang the doorbell, and loudly announced themselves at the front of the home. 911 dispatch also tried to contact Parker via phone, but she would not answer.

Officers around the back of the house saw Galeski peeking out of the curtains, but he quickly closed them.

Officers noticed a child peering out of a window and motioned for her to come to the door. She was visibly upset when she opened the front door. She confirmed that her younger sister was still inside and locked in her bedroom, hiding from their mother. She was quickly moved away from the house to safety.

The child stated that their mother was yelling at them not to talk to the police or they would be in trouble. The police knocked on the child’s window to get her to safety, but she would not come to the window. The child said that Parker had recently left them home alone for several days to drive to Colorado to pick up Galeski. The child said she did not witness the fight but heard yelling and loud thuds.

Police called for additional backup and a K9 officer. A perimeter was set up around the house. Officers began using their PA system to contact the suspects inside the home with no response. Galeski came out of the backdoor of the home but retreated inside, ignoring the officer’s commands.

After an hour-and-a-half standoff, a department captain eventually made contact with Parker by phone, and Galeski came out of the front door to surrender. Shortly after, Parker exited through the garage door. The pair were placed in handcuffs.

While speaking with Parker, she claimed that her sister approached her and grabbed her by the throat. She said her sister was the one who obtained the wooden pole and swung at her before she could get inside. Parker had a swollen left eye, scratches to the right side of her neck, and complained of bruises on her right arm.

The victim had multiple swollen knots forming on her head, and her arms were red from the fight.

Galeski was visibly agitated that the police were at home. He stated that the victim lunged at Parker first inside the garage. He also said that the kids were “big enough to be alone” and that it “wasn’t a big deal.” Galeski said he did not come outside because it was not his house, and they had guns pointed at him.

Due to the totality of the circumstances, the police believed that the victim’s story was most believable and that Parker was the primary aggressor.

Parker was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and obstruction of a law enforcement officer. Galeski was arrested and charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer. They were both transported to Barrow County Detention Center for booking.

A family friend was called to take custody of both children. DFACS after hours was notified, and the case regarding the children was referred to them for further investigation.

The victim was relocated to a nearby church and treated for her injuries. The criminal court cases against Parker and Galeski are currently pending.

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the official initial incident report. The Georgia Gazette does not fix any spelling or grammatical errors that may exist. Any changes or redactions made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist. All subjects are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. The topics discussed may be sensitive to some readers. Discretion is advised.]

[NARRATIVE #1 on September 22, 2022]

On September 22, 2022, at approximately 2029 hours, I responded Code 3 (emergency) to [1200 BLOCK] Highway 82 in reference to a Domestic Disturbance.

On scene I spoke with the suspect’s juvenile child, who stated that she was told by her mother to not speak to law enforcement and to stay locked in her room or she would be in a lot of trouble. While speaking with the child, she also stated that she had been left at home alone recently for several days, while her mother drove to Colorado in order to pick up her boyfriend and bring him to the residence.

The child further stated that while she was left home alone, her father, who lived approximately 15 minutes away would stop by to check on her and her sister. The child stated that she did not see the altercation between the suspect and the victim, however she could hear yelling and several loud thuds.

The child stated that she stayed in the bedroom because her mother continued yelling at her and told her law enforcement was coming to the house because of her. The child stated that her mother never threatened her or made any physical contact with her, and only yelled, which is why she went to her room.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on September 22, 2022]

On September 22, 2022, at 2109 hours, I responded Code 1 to [1200 BLOCK] Hwy 82 for a domestic dispute call. While enroute to the call, I learned from dispatch that there was a physical altercation between sisters and that a “stick” was used offensively against the caller.

Upon arrival, I observed a female standing in the driveway. I exited my patrol unit, introduced myself and learned that the female was the caller/victim, Ms. [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] stated that over the last couple of weeks, her sister Ms. Amanda Parker, had been out of state. She stated that Amanda’s children ([WITNESS #1], 10-year-old female; [REDACTED], 8-year-old female) were being cared for by a family friend and [REDACTED]’s father, [REDACTED]. [VICTIM #1] stated that tonight [REDACTED] had called her and asked her to check on the children as Amanda had not been home when the children got off the bus nor had she been home since. According to [VICTIM #1], [REDACTED] was contacted via Facetime by [WITNESS #1] that her mother had not been at home all day.

[VICTIM #1] stated that she attempted to call her sister several times while enroute to the residence and was not able to contact her. When she arrived, the stated that she rung the door bell and no one answered. Shortly after, Amanda returned [VICTIM #1]’s phone call and told her that she would be home shortly and that she should leave. [VICTIM #1] refused and stated that she would stay until Amanda arrived as she was concerned for her and the children.

When Amanda arrived, [VICTIM #1] stated that she got of her vehicle and approached the garage where Amanda was parking her vehicle. [VICTIM #1] stated that Amanda had yelled out “goodnight” and “goodbye” as she entered the garage area. When Amanda exited her vehicle, she told [VICTIM #1] that she “better get out of here”. [VICTIM #1] stated that she asked who the male (later identified as Aaron Galeski) was, to which Amanda said “none of your fu*king business.” Amanda then grabbed [VICTIM #1] by the hair and began to punch her on the head.

[VICTIM #1] stated that when she was doubled over, Amanda began to knee her on the side. [VICTIM #1] stated that she screamed for help and Amanda dragged her to the corner where she grabbed a wooden pole and began to hit [VICTIM #1] with it. [VICTIM #1] stated that Amanda could not swing the pole well in the garage and struck her own car several time in addition to striking [VICTIM #1]. [VICTIM #1] then stated that she was able to get the pole away, at which time Amanda and Aaron went into the residence and locked the doors. [VICTIM #1] then called 911.

I observed some redness to [VICTIM #1]’s arms. [VICTIM #1] also had some swelling (knots) forming on her head. Photos were taken of [VICTIM #1]’s injuries. At this time, myself and Lieutenant Greeson approached the residence in order to speak with Amanda. After first receiving no answer at the garage door, we attempted to contact Amanda at the front door. From the front door side windows, I observed that there were no lights on. After ringing the doorbell, knocking loudly on the front door and announcing ourselves, we were not successful in contacting Amanda.

I went back to the garage area and confirmed with [VICTIM #1] that Amanda had not left. [VICTIM #1] confirmed that she had stayed at the residence from the time of the incident until my arrival and Amanda was still at the residence. [VICTIM #1] offered that their mother used to do the same thing when police arrived when they were younger, turn off the lights and wait for them to leave. I then asked for dispatch to contact Amanda via telephone and connect her with me. Dispatch attempted, but stated that the phone went to voicemail.

Lieutenant Greeson and I then moved to the backyard. While in the backyard, we both observed Aaron pull back the curtains in the master bedroom window. We announced ourselves and Aaron immediately closed the curtains and withdrew from the window. I knocked loudly on the wall below the windows, announced who we were and for them to come to the front door. While at the front door, one of the children, [WITNESS #1] answered. We moved her to a safe location and confirmed that her younger sister [REDACTED] was still in the house asleep.

After failing to come to the door again, we contacted Sergeant (SGT) Jordan to apprise him of the circumstances. SGT Jordan arrived shortly after as well as several other deputies. SGT Jordan instructed me to use my public address system on my patrol unit to communicate with Amanda and Aaron. Starting at 2157 hours, I made multiple attempts to contact Amanda and Aaron using my PA system with no success. While doing so, SGT Jordan and K91 Stephens attempted to make contact at the front door. They also were not successful in getting Amanda or Aaron to come speak with us.

Based on the severity of the alleged crime (aggravated assault) and the unwillingness of either Aaron or Amanda to come speak with us, SGT Jordan contacted Captain Henderson to let him know what was going on.

Meanwhile, I was continuing to use my PA system to try and convince Amanda to come outside to speak with us. I was still doing so as a perimeter was established around the house and additional units arrived. From my position at the garage, I heard over the radio that deputies had made contact with Aaron at one of the back doors when he opened it. Instead of obeying instructions to come outside, Aaron retreated back into the residence and shut the door behind him.

After Aaron retreated back inside, I was instructed to stop using my PA system at the garage as other deputies attempted to use their PA in the backyard. I was also instructed to begin the process for an arrest warrant and prepare a narrative for a potential search warrant. I was doing this when, at 2241 hours, I heard over the radio that CAPT Henderson had contacted Amanda via the phone. I was then instructed to pause my efforts on warrants.

At 2251, Aaron exited the front door of the residence and was detained by other deputies on scene. Shortly after, at 2255 Amanda exited the residence from the garage door. The time from when I first attempted to contact Amanda and Aaron upon my arrival and when Amanda exited the residence was approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. After being searched for weapons, Amanda was turned over to me to continue my investigation as to what occurred earlier in the evening.

Amanda stated that when she and Aaron came home, [VICTIM #1] was in her truck in the driveway. Amanda stated that she told [VICTIM #1] to leave, but instead, [VICTIM #1] approached her and punched her in the face and grabbed her throat. Amanda stated that she responded by grabbing [VICTIM #1] by the shirt and again asked her to leave. Amanda stated that [VICTIM #1] then grabbed a wooden pole and swung at her before Amanda could get inside the house. She stated that [VICTIM #1] then began to strike her car in the garage with the wooden pole. I observed that Amanda had a swollen left eye, scratches to the right side of her neck, and she complained of bruises on her right arm. Photos were taken of Amanda’s injuries.

I asked Amanda if she would write a statement and she agreed. As she was writing the statement, I observed that Amanda was writing with her left hand.

Meanwhile, other deputies were getting a written statement from Aaron. In his written statement, Aaron stated that he and Amanda arrived at Amanda’s house and [VICTIM #1] was there waiting. Aaron stated that [VICTIM #1] then lunged at Amanda while in the garage. While speaking with Lieutenant Greeson, Aaron made a verbal statement regarding the children being left home alone. He stated that the kids were “big enough to be alone.”

I then checked Amanda’s vehicle to check for any damage with Amanda and observed no damage. After weighing the testimonial and physical evidence, I determined that [VICTIM #1]’s statement was most believable.

At this time, I had probable cause to seek warrants for the following:

Amanda Parker

Aggravated Assault, in violation of OCGA 16-5-21, in that Amanda did use a wooden pole, when used offensively against her sister [VICTIM #1], is likely to result in serious bodily injury.

Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer, in violation of OCGA 16-10-24, in that Amanda did knowingly and willfully obstruct or hindered Deputy in the lawful discharge of his official duties by refusing to exit a residence when ordered to do so.

Aaron Galeski

Obstruction of Law Enforcement Officer, in violation of OCGA 16-10-24, in that Aaron did knowingly and willfully obstruct or hindered Deputy in the lawful discharge of his official duties by refusing to exit a residence when ordered to do so.

I then advised Amanda that she was under arrest for aggravated assault and obstruction. I asked her who could take responsibility for [WITNESS #1] and [REDACTED]. She stated that [REDACTED], [REDACTED]’s father could take them. We attempted to contact [REDACTED] via telephone, but it went to voice mail. Amanda then stated that her friend Ms. [REDACTED] could take the children. We contacted [REDACTED] and she stated that she would take responsibility for the children and would be enroute. I then secured her in double locked handcuffs that were checked for proper fit. Prior to securing her in the back seat of my patrol car, a search of her person was conducted for weapons or contraband, and nothing was found. I then placed her in the back seat of my patrol unit and secured her with a seatbelt.

While [REDACTED] was enroute, I contacted the afterhours DFACs number and spoke with [REDACTED]. I explained to her what [VICTIM #1] had told us about the children being left alone, the current charges against Amanda, and who was taking responsibility for the children tonight. [REDACTED] stated that DFACs would follow up with the children tomorrow. When [REDACTED] arrived, I gathered her information and confirmed her driver’s license. [REDACTED] and Amanda conversed and decided that [REDACTED] would stay the night at Amanda’s house and ensure the children were placed on the school bus in the morning. [REDACTED] stated that between her and [REDACTED], the children would be taken care of.

I then transported Amanda to the Barrow County Detention Center where I turned her over to the deputies on duty. Prior to exiting the Detention Center, a search of the back seat of my patrol car was conducted for weapons or contraband and nothing was found.

Photos were placed and a DVD. The DVD and wooden pole were entered into LERMS and placed into evidence.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on September 22, 2022]

On September 22nd, 2022, at approximately 2109 hours, I responded to (Code 1) [1200 BLOCK] Highway 82, in reference to a Domestic Dispute.

Upon arrival, Deputy C. Jackson and I meet with [VICTIM #1] outside the residence. [VICTIM #1] advised us that her sister Amanda Parker attacked her. [VICTIM #1] stated she came to the residence to check on the welfare of Amandas children, 10-year-old [WITNESS #1] and 8-year-old [REDACTED], who [VICTIM #1] stated were left alone since Labor Day. [VICTIM #1] stated that Amanda arrived at the residence and the met in the garage. [VICTIM #1] stated that Amanda began yelling at her and then grabbed her by her hair and slammed her head into the car door.

[VICTIM #1] stated Amanda began to punch her in her head and stomach, and then grabbed a wooden stick and struck her with it multiple times in the head and arms. [VICTIM #1] stated the male subject (later identified as Aaron Galeski) was with Amanda and stood in the garage during the attack. [VICTIM #1] stated she was able to get away from Amanda and exited the garage. [VICTIM #1] advised that Amanda and Aaron then went inside and locked the doors.

I then gave [VICTIM #1] a witness statement form to which she filled out. While speaking with [VICTIM #1], I could see red abrasion marks on her head and arms. [VICTIM #1] was relocated to Hope Baptist Church where she was treated for minor injuries on scene by the Med Unit.

Deputy Jackson and I attempted to make contact with Amanda at garage door and front door at the residence, but no one came to the door. I knocked and announced multiple times at both doors. The main portion of the house was dark as if no one was home. While looking at the upstairs window, I noticed a young girl looking out. I advised the young girl to come to the front door. Seconds later, I met with [WITNESS #1] who was visibly upset. [WITNESS #1] explained that her mother was yelling at her, and her sister and she was scared.

[WITNESS #1] advised me that [REDACTED] was in her room with the door locked. [WITNESS #1] stated that she had [REDACTED] lock her door to keep her safe from her mom. [WITNESS #1] showed me the window which was near the front door and advised that her sister was in that room. I knocked on the window and called out for [REDACTED] to come outside but did not receive an answer. [WITNESS #1] advised me that her mom and a man she did not know was in her room which was on the back right side of the house. [WITNESS #1] was then placed in the back of my patrol car for safety.

I then walked around the back of the residence where I noticed the lights were on in the back right bedroom. I then heard a female’s voice talking inside. I then seen a white male who looked out the bedroom window. I noticed the male had a white shirt on and had long hair. The male seen me, and I gave him loud commands to come to the front door. The male then moved fast away from the window and closed the curtains.

It was determined that the subjects in the bedroom were barricading themselves and refusing to come outside. A perimeter was secured around the house by multiple Patrol Units and other agencies which had responded to assist. Commands were given over the P.A system on Patrol vehicles for Amanda and Aaron to come outside but they refused. At one point Aaron opened the back door and when he was confronted by Deputies and I, he retreated inside the house again refusing our commands to come outside with his hands up. Aaron was seen looking out windows and walking from the bedroom to the master bathroom multiple time.

Contact was made with Amanda on her cell phone, and she agreed to come out. Aaron came out the front door and was met and detained by awaiting Deputies. Amanda exited the garage door and was detained by Deputies.

I then spoke with Aaron and asked what he witnessed tonight. Aaron stated that he and Amanda returned home from running an errand to find [VICTIM #1] waiting on Amanda in the driveway. Aaron stated they had been arguing on the phone with each other prior to their arrival, because [VICTIM #1] was upset that Amanda left the children at home alone. Arron stated that when they exited the vehicle inside the garage, [VICTIM #1] attacked Amanda by punching her. Aaron advised that Amanda only pushed [VICTIM #1] to get out of the garage.

I asked Aaron why he refused my commands as well as other Deputies commands to come outside to which he stated, “This is not my house, I am not opening the door for police who are pointing guns at me.” I advised Aaron that he was given lawful commands to come outside, and he refused to follow them. Aaron was visibly agitated with us being at the residence.

Aaron presented us a Michigan Drivers License, and I asked him how long he had been in Georgia. Aaron advised that Amanda picked him up in Colorado two days ago and he came to Georgia with her. Aaron stated Amanda was by herself when he picked her up and advised her children were old enough to stay by themselves and wasn’t a big deal. Aaron was given a witness statement form to which he completed it about the night’s events.

I then stood by as Deputy Jackson was speaking with Amanda who was filling out a witness statement. It was determined that Amanda was the primary aggressor and was placed under arrest by Deputy Jackson for Aggravated Assault and Obstruction. Aaron was placed under arrest for Obstruction, and I followed Deputy Myers who transported him to the Barrow County Detention Center where he was turned over to Detention Staff.

Deputy Jackson and other units remained on scene until the children were turned over to a fit custodian.

[End of Narrative]