WATCH: Wayne County Jailer Gets Uniform Cut Off After Being Arrested

August 22, 2021 @ 8:10 PM ET

WAYNE COUNTY – A video which was posted, then removed from the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page shows a jailer having his uniform cut off after being arrested on several charges stemming from an internal investigation.

In a press release, the Sheriff’s office says:

“Sheriff R.E. ‘Chuck” Moseley of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office and Chief Perry Morgan of the Jesup Police Department would like to announce the conclusion of a two-week long investigation.

The Jesup Wayne Tactical Narcotics Team has been conducting an undercover operation into a Wayne County Detention Officer moving contraband to inmates incarcerated in the Wayne County Jail. This investigation is in response to complaints and information received involving the corruption of one Detention Officer.

Credible complaints received against Officers and Deputies are taken very seriously by both the Wayne County Sheriffs Office and the Jesup Police Department.

As a result of this investigation. Dayton Beasley has been stripped of his authority and status as a Detention Officer with the Wayne County Sheriffs Office and has been arrested with multiple charges pending including:

  • Violation of Oath of Office
  • Trading with Inmates without Consent of Warden or Superintendent
  • Crossing the Guard Line with a Controlled Substance
  • Among other Charges

Other individuals that we have reason to believe may be involved will continue to he investigated and more arrests and charges will be forthcoming.

With assistance from Alma P.D., Bacon County S.O., Brunswick P.D., and the Georgia Department of Corrections K9, the WCSO Jail Staff, JPD Officers and WCSO Deputies conducted a jail search while in the facility.

Sheriff Moseley and Chief Morgan would like this case to serve as an example of their hard stance against corruption in Law Enforcement. As the adage goes, ‘no one dislikes bad cops more than good cops’. This stands true with both the Sheriff and the Chief. Corruption in our departments will not be tolerated. We strive hard to gain the trust and support of the public and Officers and Deputies that break that trust will be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Sheriff R.E. ‘Chuck” Moseley and Chief Perry Morgan encourage anyone with information pertaining any illegal drug or criminal activity to contact the Wayne County Sheriffs Office at 912-427-5970 or the Jesup Police Department at 912-427-1300.”