Jerramyha Wright

Wright, Jerramyha Nayshion

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Officer’s Narrative:
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On 6 January 2023, I (PFC Metroka) while on duty for the City of Rome Police Department, in uniform, in a marked patrol vehicle, in the area of Maple Ave, Rome GA 30161 at approximately 10:13 PM I was behind a white Kia Forte GA Tag: [REDACTED]. When the vehicle hit their brakes in front of me, I observed that the theird brake light that was equipped was not illuminating. I then activated my emergency lights and siren to initiate a traffic stop.

The Kia then turned right onto W Mahan St and into the parking lot of 3002 Maple Rd. I then made contact with the driver of the vehicle Vanessa King. I then advised Kin the reason for the stop and requested her drivers license and insurance card. While speaking to King, I observed the odor of marijuana coming from inside of the Vehicle. I recognized the odor to be marijuana based on my knowledge, training, and experience as a law enforcement officer.

I then returned to my vehicle and requested another officer to the scene and began checking information through NCIC/ GCIC. Once FCPD OFC Masciovecchio #31 arrived on scene, I then returned to the vehicle and asked King to exit the vehicle. I then asked King about the odor of marijuana coming from inside of her vehicle. King stated that she does not use marijuana and did not know of any marijuana inside of her vehicle.

King then advised me that one of her passengers David Hutchins had smoked some marijuana earlier in the day and that’s most likely what I was smelling. I then returned to the vehicle and had Hutchins exit from the front passenger seat. As I was having Hutchins exit the vehicle, I could smell the odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his breath as well as a bud light bottle near his seat. I then brought Hutchins to my patrol vehicle and asked him about the marijuana.

Does not use marijuana and that he did not know of any marijuana inside of the vehicle. I then returned to the rear passenger side of the vehicle to get the final occupant of the vehicle. I had Jerramyah Wright exit the vehicle. Wright stated that he did not have any marijuana and that he did not know of any marijuana being inside of the vehicle. While each of the occupants were pulled out of the vehicle they were checked for contraband.

I then requested OFC Masciovecchio stand by with the vehicle occupants while I then searched the vehicle. While searching the vehicle, the odor of marijuana grew stronger on the passenger side of the vehicle. Inside of the glove box, I located a small black bag. Inside of the bag I located two plastic baggies containing marijuana. Along with the marijuana, I located a firearm in the bag. The firearm is a Smith and Wesson Model 439 S/N:A742870 that had a magazine and 8 9mm bullets with it. I also located a debit card inside of the bag issued to Jerramyha Wright. Upon locating the contraband and gun I OFC Masciovecchio put Hutchins in handcuffs while I placed Wright into handcuffs.

I then read Miranda warning to Wright and asked him if he would be willing to speak to me without a lawyer, he responded yes. I then asked Wright who the drugs and firearm belonged to. Wright denied ownership of the drugs or gun. I then read Hutchins Miranda warning and asked if he would speak to me with out a lawyer, he replied yes. Hutchins advised that he was unaware of the bag and its contents being in the vehicle.

Due to me finding a debit card belonging to Wright in the bag with the marijuana and the gun I then placed him under arrest. I advised Wright that he was under arrest for possession of marijuana and possession of a handgun by a person under the age of 18. Wright then asked if he could speak to his grandmother (Vanessa King). While Wright was speaking to King, I overheard King telling Wright “this is why you don’t hold stuff for other people” refereeing to Wrights bag.

I then began working on a citation for Hutchins for the open bud light bottle that was in his seating area. Hutchins then poured out the open container and signed his citation for the open container. King was given a written warning for the brake light not functioning as required. I then transported Wright to the Floyd County Jail without incident. The prisoner quarters of patrol vehicle 198 was checked prior to and after transporting Wright. The gun, magazine/ bullets, and marijuana were submitted into evidence at the Rome Police Department.

[End of Narrative]