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Frequenty Asked Questions

What does the number mean at the end of some links?

The number displayed reflects the frequency of appearances on our website by individuals sharing the same first and last name. In the case of more common names, this number may be higher. However, it’s important to note that this does not imply that every post features the same individual.

For example, the first time the name “John Smith” is published, it would show /john-smith, without a number at the end.
The second time, it would show /john-smith-2
The third time, /john-smith-3
and so on…

Each link on our website has to be unique. That’s why this number is added to the end.

Can I pay to have information removed from your website?

No. Compensation of ANY kind is strictly prohibited by Georgia law, not to mention unethical. We do not accept any form of compensation or “donations” in exchange for the removal of any information on our website.

How do you decide which information to publish?

The Georgia Gazette currently covers 80 counties across the state. Every person booked into jail in a county we cover should be published without exception. We believe this provides a fair and unbiased platform to inform the communities of the alleged criminal activities in their area.

For individuals who are serving a “weekend” sentence can request to have their repeated postings removed, leaving just the first time they were booked to begin serving this sentence.

Why do you publish a booking photograph before conviction?

While we firmly believe in an individual’s innocence until being proven guilty in a court of law, we also believe in the public’s right to know who is accused of committing crimes in their area.

Why does The Georgia Gazette watermark a photograph that was taken by a public agency?

We do not own the booking photographs that are published to our website. They are all public record. The reason for watermarking them to is prevent a third-party from publishing the photograph to their own website and charging for removal, which is against the law.

Will the booking photograph of a 17-year-old alleged offender be made public?

Yes. In Georgia, individuals who are 17 years old are treated as adults when it comes to criminal proceedings.

Why was my booking photograph published twice?

We select certain bookings to include the officer’s narrative, aiming to provide more context about the arrest. If you noticed your booking photograph appearing twice, it was likely done to offer an update with this additional information.

Are you law enforcement?

Absolutely not. We are a news organization and are not affiliated with any law enforcement agency.

Why is there a charge to access information?

The information is available to the public and should be freely accessible. However, organizing and publishing the information in an accurate and efficient manner requires significant time and resources. To sustain this service, we have implemented a subscription fee for users who wish to access multiple pages on a daily basis.

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