Ashley Pendley


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Officer’s Narrative:
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On October 14th 2021 I, Deputy Ryan Scott, working for the Gilmer County Sheriff’s Office, was dispatched to [200 BLOCK] Brook Ct in reference to a physical altercation in which a female was grabbing a male by the throat. Myself and Deputy Ellington responded Code 3 (lights/sirens) as the chance for serious injury was present.

Upon arrival we met with the caller, identified as Mr. [VICTIM #1], who stated that a former associate of his brothers, identified as Ms. Ashley Pendly, came onto the property looking for him. Mr. [VICTIM #1] stated that she could not come on to the property and Ms. Pendly became irate and started hitting Mr. [VICTIM #1].

Mr. [VICTIM #1] and witnesses saw Ms. Pendly place her hand around Mr. [VICTIM #1]’s throat in a threatening manner and according to Mr. [VICTIM #1] she started to squeeze in order to restrict his access to air. All of this was done in full view of a 7 year old girl, identified as [REDACTED BY AGENCY].

At about that time, Deputy Lexi Robinson #724, came walking up the hill from her home. She and Ms. Pendly had a conversation in which Ms. Pendly instead of waiting for Law Enforcement to arrive, like Deputy Robinson said she should, decided to flee the scene.

She was seen and heard on a video made by witness, [WITNESS #1], admitting to hitting Mr. [VICTIM #1] and placing her hands around his throat. Witness statements were gathered by all parties and a victim’s notification form filled out for Mr. [VICTIM #1]. Mr. [VICTIM #1] was given a copy of the case number for his records.

Myself and Deputy Ellington searched two locations for the Red Nissan Frontier that Ms. Pendly was driving in but were unable to locate. Warrants are currently pending for Ms. Pendly.

[End of Narrative]