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[NARRATIVE #1 on December 30, 2022]

On December 30, 2022 at approximately 0122 hours, Deputy Justin McClain was dispatched and responded code 3 to 130 Salem Ln. Cornelia, GA in reference to a possible overdose.

Upon arrival, McClain made contact with a 10 year old boy, [WITNESS #1], who stated his mom was in the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, McClain made contact with ERIN JUHASZ (complainant/witness) and a female laying on the bathroom floor who was unresponsive. The unresponsive female was identified as Zoe Jenkins (victim) and appeared to not be breathing. McClain observed Zoe’s lips to be blue and her face was very pale.

McClain administered one dose of Narcan which caused Zoe to take a deep breath but she did not wake up.

Fire/EMS arrived at this time and Zoe was turned over to them for further treatment. While in the bathroom, McClain observed a clear plastic container on the bathroom counter which had a large amount of a clear crystal -like substance inside suspected of being Methamphetamine.

Due to the amount of suspected Meth found, Investigator David Moulder was contacted and informed of the incident. Moulder advised he would be en route.

McClain made contact with Zoe’s husband, Andrew Waddell (witness/arrested), who stated he knew Zoe did drugs but it has been a while since she has. Andrew stated he help Zoe get clean and thought she was doing really good. Andrew stated he was in the garage working on ERIN’s car when she came into the garage yelling that Zoe was in the bathroom unresponsive.

While speaking to Andrew, McClain observed a black shotgun laying on the bed as well as a large coffee mug on the night stand which contained a large amount of cash. Andrew stated he works as a mobile mechanic and gets paid well. Afterwards, Andrew advised SGT Zach Beam, who was on scene at this time, that Zoe and himself were jobless.

ERIN stated she was visiting Zoe and letting Andrew work on her car. ERIN stated she was in the living room when she decided to ask Zoe if she could take a bath. ERIN stated once she walked into the bedroom, she saw Zoe laying in the bathroom floor turning blue in the face. ERIN stated she tried to wake Zoe up and when that didn’t work, she ran to get Andrew.

Once Fire/EMS had Zoe out of the house, McClain asked Andrew for his name and date of birth which was then given to dispatch. Dispatch advised that Andrew had a possible warrant out of Helen, GA for probation violation (warrant numbers 007000008,007000009 and 007000010). The warrants were confirmed as valid and Andrew was placed under arrest with his hands behind his back, checking the cuffs for fit and double locking them. Andrew was searched incident to arrest, revealing a pistol in the waistband of his pants and a large sum of cash in his left front pocket. The pistol was removed from Andrew’s person before being placed in the back seat of McClain’s patrol car where he was seat belted in for his safety.

Andrew was transported to the Habersham County Detention Center where he was turned over to jail staff without incident.

McClain returned to 130 Salem Ln. to await Moulder’s arrival. Upon arrival, the scene was turned to over to Moulder for further investigation.

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #2 on December 30, 2022]

On 12/30/2022, SGT Z. Beam responded to 130 Salem Ln reference to an overdose call.

On arrival Beam observed EMS personnel removing a white female patient from the bathroom of a back bedroom. While looking in the bathroom Beam observed a large quantity of Methamphetamine in a container on the bathroom counter. Beam also observed a cup on the night stand in the bedroom full of folded cash, and some small clear plastic bags spread across the floor just underneath the bed. SGT D. Moulder was contacted due to the items located and was requested to respond to the residence. Once Moulder arrived the scene was turned over to him for further investigation.

Beam also contacted on call DFACS regarding the child living in the residence to inform them of the

[End of Narrative]

[NARRATIVE #3 on December 30, 2022]

On 12/30/2022 Investigator David Moulder received a phone call from Sgt. Zach Beam, who was on scene at 130 Salem Lane, Cornelia GA., which was dispatched as an overdose call. Sgt. Beam stated to Investigator Moulder that a female identified as Zoe Lizbeth Jenkins had overdosed on an unknown narcotic, and was found unconscious in the bathroom floor, by another female, identified as ERIN ELIZABETH JUHASZ, as well as a male identified as Andrew Landrum Waddell.

Sgt. Beam states that while doing a search or “Sweep” of the residence, looking for any other unknown person or persons, he and Deputy Justin McClain observed a clear plastic container with suspected methamphetamine, that was in plain view, in the bathroom that Zoe was located in. Also, located on Andrew’s person was a handgun, along with several other firearms sitting in plain view, throughout the residence. Deputies also located in plain view, in the bedroom, a container sitting next to the bed, in the bedroom belonging to Zoe and Andrew, an unknown amount of cash money/U.S. currency.

Upon the arrival of Moulder, along with Cornelia Detective Brian Woods, and Appalachian regional drug enforcement office special agent Mark Pulliam, an investigation was conducted. Pulliam and Woods began interviewing persons that were still on scene. Moulder responded to the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office and applied for a search warrant of the residence, which was granted.

Moulder then returned to the residence, and executed the search warrant of the residence, leaving a copy with Zoe, who was still on scene, sitting in the driveway, in a white in color Honda Civic, along with Juhasz.

Moulder, Woods, and Pulliam then began a search of the residence and the following items were located. In the bathroom where Zoe was located, was a small clear platic screw top container, that contained methamphetamine. Also in the trashcan in the bathroom was a hypodermic needle, along with another small clear plastic bag that contained an unknown white powder substance.

In the bedroom, next to the bathroom door, in a large standing type cabinet, several other narcotics were located. Inside of it, Moulder located a small clear plastic bag of chopped up mushrooms, a small piece of aluminum foil contained approximately 12 blue in color pills, a small black in color screw top key chain, holding methamphetamine, as well as three small stips of paper that are suspected to be LSD. Next to the bed, identified as Zoe’s side of the bed, was located a small tin container, with U.S. currency cash, in denominations of one and five dollar bills, as well as a couple of two dollar bills, totalling $222.00.

Also located in the bedroom, and throughout the residence, and the white Honda, was six firearms. Being as follows.

Taurus 9mm pistol Serial number ABD488283 with magazine and laser
Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm serial number RFF6531 with magazine
Ruger LC9S 9mm serial number 328-02507 with magazine
Ruger 10/22 rifle serial number RCS4-11038 with scope
Maverick Arms 12 ga shotgun serial number MV0891559
Wise Arms AR15 rifle serial number 04581 with scope and magazines

Moulder and Wood then began a search of the vehicles in the driveway, one being a 2019 Honda sedan bearing GA tag [REDACTED], registered to Jenkins. Inside of the vehicle, a quantity of methamphetamine was located in the passenger’s side floor board, between the front passenger’s seat and front passenger’s door. This is the vehicle that both Jenkins and Juhasz were sitting in durring the search of the residence. When asked, both denied having any knowledge of the narcotics.

All narcotics, firearms, and cash were taken in to evidence by Evidence Tech. Kayla Neal, who also responded to the scene. Waddell was placed under arrest and transported to the Detention Center due to him having active arrest warrants from Helen P.D.. Moulder was advised that Waddell had $1,525.00 cash on his person when he was transported. That cash was turned over to Moulder at the Sheriff’s Office for seizure purposes. Seizure will also be filed on the remainder cash located at the residence, and firearms taken at time of incident.

Jenkins as well as Juhasz were placed under arrest after execution of the search warrant, and were transported to the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, and turned over to Detention Staff by SGT. Ethan Nean and CPL. Amir Colar.

Jenkins, Waddell and Juhasz are charged with the following charges.
Trafficking in methamphetamine
Poss. of schedule II narcotic/adderal
Poss. of Schedule I narcotic/Psilocybin
Poss. of Schedule I narcotic/THC edibles
Poss. of Schedule I narcotic/LSD

Poss. of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

Juhasz receivied an additional charge of poss. of a firearm by a convicted felon.

[End of Narrative]