Augustine’s in Atlanta receives a 74% on their recent health inspection

Augustine’s, located at 327 Memorial Drive in Atlanta, received a score of 74 points out of a possible 100 points during their 01/17/2023 inspection by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The violations noted by the inspector were:

Violation #1
1-2B – certified food protection manager
Points: 4
Corrected during inspection?: No
Repeat: No
Inspector Notes: 1. The responsibility of the CFSM shall include the safety of food preparation and service by ensuring that all employees who handle, or have responsibility for handling, unpackaged foods of any kind, have sufficient knowledge of safe preparation and service of the food. The nature and extent of the knowledge that each employee is required to have may be tailored, as appropriate, to the employee’s duties related to food safety issues. 2. The CFSM shall: (i) Be the person-in-charge while on the premises of the food service establishment and shall designate someone else to be the person in charge when not on the premises; (ii) Supervise and instruct food service employees in the techniques of sanitary food handling and proper maintenance of the facility; (iii) Offer a training program for all food service employees to satisfy employee proficiency in their job responsibilities for food safety; (iv) Communicate with representatives of the Health Authority about the effectiveness of employee training programs; and (v) Assess training needs of the food service employees and request formal training as needed.
Violation #2
5-2 – consumer advisory provided for raw and undercooked foods
Points: 4
Corrected during inspection?: No
Repeat: No
Inspector Notes: Observed failure to have on the menu an advisory of the dangers of consuming undercooked foods. if an animal food such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry, or shellfish is served or sold raw, undercooked, or without otherwise being processed to eliminate pathogens, either in ready-to-eat form or as an ingredient in another ready-to-eat food, the permit holder shall inform consumers of the significantly increased risk of consuming such foods by way of a disclosure and reminder, as specified in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this subsection using brochures, deli case or menu advisories, label statements, table tents, placards, or other effective written means. The disclosure and reminder statements shall be worded in legible type in all capital letters and no smaller than font size #8, or if displayed on a menu board shall be printed no smaller than the smallest lettering used for a menu item. PIC shall add consumer advisory to menu
Violation #3
6-1A – proper cold holding temperatures
Points: 9
Corrected during inspection?: No
Repeat: Yes
Inspector Notes: Observed failure to maintain potentially hazardous food items at or below 41F Except during preparation, cooking, or cooling, or when time is used as the public health control, time/temperature control for safety food shall be maintained at 41°F (5°C) or below PIC advised to toss all in question items and to lower temperature of units
Violation #4
8-2B – toxic substances properly identified, stored, used
Points: 4
Corrected during inspection?: Yes
Repeat: No
Inspector Notes: observed failure to label spray bottles with the common name of the contents Working Containers, Common Name. Working containers used for storing poisonous or toxic materials such as cleaners and sanitizers taken from bulk supplies shall be clearly and individually identified with the common name of the material. PIC labeled items
Violation #5
12A – contamination prevented during food preparation, storage, display
Points: 3
Corrected during inspection?: No
Repeat: No
Inspector Notes: observed at the bar ice being used as both a cooling medium and as food. Ice Used as Exterior Coolant, Prohibited as Ingredient. Ice may not be used as food after it has been used as a medium for cooling the exterior surfaces of food such as melons or fish, packaged foods such as canned beverages, or cooling coils and tubes of equipment. PIC advised to toss out the ice.
Chlorine Dish machine kitchen 50ppm
chlorine dish machine bar 50ppm
quats bucket 200ppm
Orkin Pest control contract last visit 12/7/22

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