Taquizas Catalan in Duluth receives a 49% on their recent health inspection

Taquizas Catalan, located at 3750 Venture Drive in Duluth, received a score of 49 points out of a possible 100 points during their 01/04/2023 inspection by the Georgia Department of Public Health.

The violations noted by the inspector were:

Violation #1
1-2A: .03(2)(a)-(l), (n)Person in charge (PIC) not maintaining active managerial control over employees and food safety practices. // Re-train. It is the responsibility of the person in charge to ensure compliance with the food code by demonstrating active managerial control within their facility. (Pf)

Violation #2
2-1B: .03(5)(c)Employee wearing gloves handled raw fish, removed gloves, rinsed hands at warewashing sink, donned new gloves, and proceeded to handle packaged lettuce heads. // Employees must wash hands and exposed portions of arms immediately before engaging in food preparation including working with exposed food, clean equipment and utensils, and unwrapped single-service articles, and: 1) after touching exposed body parts; 2) after using the restroom; 3) after coughing, sneezing, using tobacco, eating, or drinking; 4) after handling soiled equipment or utensils; 5) during food preparation, as often as needed to remove soil and contamination and to prevent cross contamination when changing tasks; 6) before putting on gloves; 7) after engaging in other activities that contaminate hands; 8) a second time when entering the kitchen from using the restroom. (P)
Corrective Actions: Lettuce discarded. Gloves removed and hands properly washed. //

Violation #3
2-2A: .03(2)(m)Employees not informed of health policy in a verifiable manner. PIC unable to produce any verifiable forms. // Food employees and conditional employees shall be informed in a verifiable manner of their responsibility to report to the person in charge information about their health and activities as they relate to diseases that are transmissible through food. (Pf)

Violation #4
2-2D: .06(2)(c)No hot water supplied in the restrooms. // A handwashing sink shall be equipped to provide tempered water at a temperature of at least 100ºF (38ºC) through a mixing valve or combination faucet. (Pf)

Violation #5
2-2D: .06(2)(o)Container with raw beef in handwashing sink. // A handwashing facility may not be used for purposes other than handwashing. (Pf) A handwashing sink shall be maintained so that it is accessible at all times for employee use. (Pf)
Corrective Actions: Container with raw beef removed from sink. //

Violation #6
3-1D: .04(3)(h)Mussels purchased in bag raw removed from the original container and the tag was discarded. // Shellfish tags not maintained on file for 90 days. // 1. Shellstock tags shall remain attached to the container in which the shellstock are received until the container is empty. Pf 2. The date when the last shellstock from the container is sold or served shall be recorded on the tag or label. Pf 3. The identity of the source of shellstock that are sold or served shall be maintained by retaining shellstock tags or labels for 90 calendar days from the date that is recorded on the tag or label, as specified under paragraph 2 of this subsection, by: Pf (i) Using an approved record keeping system that keeps the tags or labels in chronological order correlated to the date when, or dates during which, the shellstock are sold or served.
Corrective Actions: Mussels discarded. //

Violation #7
3-1D: .04(5)(e)Parasite destruction documentation not provided for tilapia and catfish used for ceviche. Fish is not heat treated. // Before service or sale in ready-to-eat form, raw, raw-marinated, partially cooked, or marinated-partially cooked fish shall be: 1) Frozen and stored at a temperature of -4°F (-20°C) or below for a minimum of 7 days (168 hours) in a freezer; (P) 2) Frozen at -31°F (-35°C) or below until solid and stored at -31°F (-35°C) or below for a minimum of 15 hours; (P) or 3) Frozen at -31°F (-35°C) or below until solid and stored at -4°F (-20°C) or below for a minimum of 24 hours. (P)

Violation #8
5-2: .04(7)(e)Consumer advisory requirements not met for carne asada and eggs (served your way) that is offered undercooked and the ceviche that contains raw fish. // If an animal food is served or sold raw, undercooked, or without otherwise being processed to eliminate pathogens, either in a ready-to-eat form or as an ingredient in another ready-to-eat food, the permit holder shall inform consumers of the significantly increased risk of consuming such foods by way of a disclosure and reminder using brochures, deli case or menu advisories, label statements, table tents, placards, or other effective means. The disclosure and reminder statements shall be worded in legible type in all capital letters and no smaller than size #8 font, or if displayed on a menu board shall be printed no smaller than the smallest letter in used for a menu item. (Pf)

Violation #9
6-1A: .04(6)(f)Time/temperature controlled foods holding above 41F, see temperature chart. // Time/temperature control for safety food shall be maintained at 41°F (5°C) or below. (P)
Corrective Actions: Salsas relocated to freezer to cool. Other foods discarded. //

Violation #10
6-2: .04(6)(h)Time/temperature controlled foods prepared more than 7 days ago still in refrigerator (e.g., chicharron rojo 11.23 / consume res (cooked beef) 12.27 / bbq 12.24 made in house / salsa bbq 12.23 made in house). // A food that requires datemarking shall be discarded if it exceeds 7 days, not including the time that the product is frozen. (P)
Corrective Actions: Food discarded. //

Violation #11
8-2B: .07(6)(o)Personal medications stored with food and supplies used for restaurant. // 1. Only those medicines that are necessary for the health of employees shall be allowed in a food service establishment. (Pf) 2. Medicines that are in a food service establishment for the employee’s use shall be labeled with a legible manufacturer’s label and located to prevent the contamination of food, equipment, utensils, linens, and single-service and single-use articles; and located so they are inaccessible to children. (P)
Corrective Actions: Medications relocated to an approved area. //

Violation #12
11C: .04(6)(c)Meat thawing in stagnant water. Fish thawing in stagnant water. Fish not in container. // Time/temperature control for safety food shall be thawed: 1) under refrigeration that keeps the food at 41°F or below; 2) completely submerged in running water with the temperature of the water at 70°F or below, and the no part of the food exceeding 41°F; 3) as a part of the cooking process. (C)
Corrective Actions: Cold water turned on to flush over food. Fish was placed in container. //

Violation #13
15A: .05(6)(a)Glass door cooler holding above 41F (used for salsas). // Equipment shall be maintained in a state of repair and condition that meets the requirements specified under subsections (1) and (2)of this Rule. (C)

Additional Comments
Cold holding items assessed at 41F or less, unless otherwise specified. Hot holding items assessed at 135F or higher.
Salsas are given to the customer and then returned by customer to be placed back in cooler. Salsa in squirt bottles must remain at 41F or less. Otherwise, place on time as a control for food safety.
A follow up inspection will be performed by January 13, 2023. If facility makes a U on the follow up inspection or the next routine inspection, then the food service permit may be suspended. // Correct items by date noted or the food service permit may be suspended.
An additional routine inspection will be performed by January 3, 2023.

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