Antwan Tyler

Tyler, Antwan Delon

Date of Booking:

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Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 06/15/2022 at 0219 hrs, I was dispatched to [300 BLOCK] Beverly Street apartment [REDACTED] in reference to a domestic in progress. Central advised the female complainant stated her boyfriend choked her and was outside. Central advised the male party threw out her clothes, refusing to let her back in the house where their child is located. While enroute central stated the female called back stating she was scared of calling the police because she feels things will get worse if law enforcement shows up and she was going to attempt to defuse the situation.

When I arrived on scene, I made contact with Ms [VICTIM #1] who stated her boyfriend, Antwan Tyler, threw her clothes out of the home, refusing to let her back inside where their child is located. Ms [VICTIM #1] appeared to be having discomfort while speaking and was visibly upset. I asked Ms [VICTIM #1] if Mr Tyler attempted to strangle her. She stated yes. Ms [VICTIM #1] stated they had been arguing all night of small things. She stated the arguement became intense and Mr Tyler grabbed her by throat and was choking her. I asked Ms [VICTIM #1] if she was able to breath and she stated no. I asked Ms [VICTIM #1] if she felt Mr Tyler was attempting to kill her and she stated: “no he does this all the time”. I observed red marks consistent with Ms [VICTIM #1]s statement on both sides of her neck and small marks consistent with finger nails digging into the skin on both sides of Ms [VICTIM #1]s neck. Ms [VICTIM #1] stated she did not need EMS.

I went to apartment [REDACTED] where I observed female clothing laying on the ground in front of the home consistent with someone throwing them out of the door. When I knocked on the door and a male yelled: “what”. I announced loudly “police department”. Mr Tyler opened the door. While attempting to ask him what happened this morning he began to yell that Ms [VICTIM #1] was lying and started to yell loudly that she was a “dope wh*re” and calling her a “b*tch”. I asked Mr Tyler if I could step inside and speak with him away from Ms [VICTIM #1], he stated that was fine.

While attempting to ask Mr Tyler what happened this morning, he was still yelling at Ms [VICTIM #1], calling her a “wh*re” and “b*tch” in front of there 2 year old son. Mr Tyler stated he was laying in bed sleeping with their son, [REDACTED BY AGENCY] when Ms [VICTIM #1] came into the room looking for his wallet. He stated earlier in the day Ms [VICTIM #1] took $40.00 from his wallet to buy “dope”. He stated he had his wallet hidden and woke up while she was looking for it. He stated Ms [VICTIM #1] began to yell before walking out of the home. He stated he did throw some of her clothes out of the door so she could stay elsewhere and return for her items at a later time. He stated things never became physical and that she is lying if she tells us that it did. He stated if Ms [VICTIM #1] has marks on her it is because she did it herself.

I went back outside to speak with Ms [VICTIM #1]. While attempting to gather further information from her I had to request Mr Tyler to go back inside the home several times due to him yelling at Ms [VICTIM #1] and calling her names while I was attempting to speak with her. Ms [VICTIM #1] stated the first time Mr Tyler choked her, he grabbed her by the throat and began squeezing. She stated this occurred on the couch in the living room and [REDACTED BY AGENCY] was also present, crying. She stated she felt herself getting to the point to where she was going to pass out. I asked Ms [VICTIM #1] what made Mr Tyler let go. She stated this happens all the time and when she begins to gasp for air he knows to let her go.

Ms [VICTIM #1] stated the arguement continued when Mr Tyler grabbed her by the throat again and with his other hand began to push her head down into the couch. She stated once she got to the point of where she was gasping for air and felt as if she was going to pass out Mr Tyler let go. She stated she then got up, exited the home and called 911. She stated Mr Tyler came outside and took [REDACTED BY AGENCY] back inside the house with him. She stated he then threw some of her clothes outside and locked the door so she could not get back in the house. I asked Ms [VICTIM #1] how Mr Tyler grabbed her by the throat. She demonstrated by using her right hand in a claw shape in the air. It appeared by her demonstration that someones finger nails would dig into the skin while squeezing.

Mr Tyler was placed under arrest for aggravated assault strangulation and cruelty to children in the 3rd degree. He was placed in handcuffs, checked for fit and double locked. Mr Tyler was searched incident to arrest with no contraband found. I placed Mr Tyler in the rear seat of my patrol vehicle, seat belted in and transported to the Liberty county jail where he was released to the jail staff without incident.

The rear seat of my patrol vehicle was searched before and after transport with no contraband found.

My department issued bwc was active for the duration of this call.