Carmen Lowery


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:

Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Sunday, November 7th, 2021, at approximately 0818 hours, I was patrolling the area of Georgia 38 near Veteran’s Hwy when I observed a pink sedan traveling East. I used my Mobile Data Terminal to conduct a GCIC/ NCIC check of the displayed Georgia tag. GCIC/NCIC returned the registration on the vehicle was suspended with no proof of insurance on file.

I initiated a traffic stop and activated my emergency lights and sirens. The final stop was in the parking lot of the Discount Tire’s Plus. I approached the driver and requested his license, registration, and proof of insurance. He appeared very nervous. His hands trembled when he retrieved his identification card from his wallet. I identified him as Justin Mercer by his GA Id card. Mercer attempted to exit the car then re-entered the car to get his registration several times without finishing or accomplishing either task. I could smell the odor of burnt marijuana coming from the inside of the car. I told him to stand in front of my patrol car.

Further investigation showed Mercer had no proof of ownership, registration or valid insurance. It also showed his license was recently suspended without a serve date for a child support obligation. He stated he just had the license reinstated and they must have suspended it again. I asked him if the front passenger, whom he identified as his wife, had a driver’s license and he stated yes.

Deputy Henning retrieved the identification from both passengers in the car and conducted a check of their license over the air. I asked the female in the front seat to step out and identified her as Carmen Lowrey by her GA Driver’s License. I explained the situation and asked her if she could drive but she stated her license was suspended. Central returned all three licenses were suspended.

Mercer stated he purchased the car from a man named [REDACTED] in Savannah, GA. He went on to explain he had an agreement to make monthly payments on the car with him but never changed over the registration, title, or insurance. Mercer was unable to provide proof of insurance on the vehicle so I requested next list wrecker service to my location.

I asked Mercer and Lowrey when the last time someone smoked marijuana in the car was. They both stated they loaned the car out to friends the previous night and they smoked marijuana in it then. I explained the odor gave probable cause to search the vehicle. I requested the back passenger whom I identified as Justin Fife by his GA Id. Lowrey stated Fife was her son.

While searching the car I found a very large amount of drug related objects. Over a dozen used needles and syringes, several cooking spoons with narcotics residue were located in the seat were Fife was sitting, and various packaging materials with narcotics residue.

In Lowrey’s purse I located several cut straws with narcotics residue and a broken methamphetamine pipe with a white crystal like residue inside. I also found several baggies and containers with a white powder residue inside.

I placed Fife in double locked handcuffs checked for fit and explained he was under arrest for the drug related objects found around his person in the vehicle. Deputy Henning placed Lowrey in double locked handcuffs checked for fit and explained the same to her. I secured Fife in the back seat of Deputy Henning’s vehicle. He informed me the seat had been cleared of contraband. Deputy Henning secured Lowrey in the back seat of SGT McKnight’s patrol car. He informed me his back seat had been checked previously for contraband.

I informed SGT McKnight of what I found and he requested a narcotics detective place me a phone call. While speaking with Fife he stated he was a diabetic and those were his medications. He also stated the objects around him in the back seat were his. Deputy Henning informed him Lowrey stated she used methamphetamine and her son, Fife, used Heroin.

Detective Winchell placed me a call and arrived on scene a short time later. She collected the information and evidence from the scene. While on scene she conducted a field test that showed positive for cocaine from one of the small plastic baggies.

I issued a citation for No proof of insurance, and no tag to Mercer and allowed him to leave the scene. CDs towing removed the vehicle from the scene. I issued a drug related objects citation to both Lowrey and Fife. They were transported to the Liberty County Jail and turned over to the booking department.