Kelton Jacobs

Jacobs, Kelton Jamal

Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On Thursday, March 3, 2022, at approximately 1014 hours, I was contacted by Cpl. Chapman to assist on a traffic stop where he believed the driver to be possibly under the influence of marijuana.

I arrived on the scene, and Cpl. Chapman briefed me on the incident. He observed Mr. Jacobs traveling east on Hwy 196 west at Veterans Pkwy. He stated Mr. Jacobs was not wearing his seatbelt. He conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle came to a stop in the parking lot of 351 Deal St. He conducted a driver’s side approach to the vehicle. As the driver let down the driver’s side front window, Cpl. Chapman could smell an overwhelming odor of marijuana emitting from within the vehicle. He identified himself and asked the driver for his driver’s license. He displayed his Georgia driver license and was identified as Mr. Jacobs. He instructed the driver to exit the vehicle and walk to the front of his patrol vehicle.

I made contact with Mr. Jacobs, who was located at the front of Cpl. Chapman’s patrol vehicle. I asked Mr. Jacobs when was the last time he smoked marijuana, and he stated approximately one hour ago. I asked him to stick out of his tongue, and he had a green leafy substance on his tongue, and it appeared that he attempted to eat the marijuana. He stated he ate a “Roach” when Cpl. Chapman initiated the traffic stop. I asked Mr. Jacobs on a scale of one to ten how “high” was he when he consumed the marijuana. He stated not very high. Mr. Jacobs’s pupils were dilated, and his eyes were glossy and red.

I asked Mr. Jacobs if he wore contacts, and he stated he did not. I then asked if he had any injuries that would hinder him from walking or standing on one leg for a limited amount of time, and he stated no issues.

The first evaluation I conducted was the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. I explained I wanted Mr. Jacobs to follow the tip of my finger with his eyes and his eyes only. Mr. Jacobs stated he understood the instructions. Mr. Jacobs’s pupils were of equal size and both eyes tracked equally on the stimulus (my finger). I did not observe any clues.

The second evaluation was the walk and turn. Mr. Jacobs was given verbal instructions and also given a demonstration. He gave a verbal “yes,” stating he understood the instructions. During this evaluation, I observed that Mr. Jacobs could not keep his balance during instructions, missed heel to toe on steps 5 and 6, and used his arms to balance on steps 1,2,3, and 6 on the first walking portion. On the return portion. I also observed Mr. Jacobs miss heel to toe on steps 2,4,5,6,7,8, and 9. He turned incorrectly. (I observed 1-instructional clue, 3 walking clues. 4 total clues.)

The third evaluation was the one-leg stand. Mr. Jacobs was given verbal instructions, and I also provided a demonstration. He gave a verbal “yes” stating he understood the instructions. During this evaluation, I observed Mr. Jacobs swaying, and he used his arms to balance on counts 1009. He put his foot down on count 1009 and stopped the evaluation. I instructed Mr. Jacobs if he stopped the test at any time to resume the test where he left off. I observed a total of 3 out of 4 clues.

I conducted the Lack of Convergence evaluation. I explained the instructions to Mr. Jacobs, and he stated he understood. I held my stimulus (my finger) approximately 12 inches from his eyes. Mr. Jacobs was then asked if he could see the stimulus. He gave a verbal “yes.” I explained to Mr. Jacobs that I wanted him to follow the stimulus with his eyes and eyes only without moving his head. Mr. Jacobs’s right eye did not converge on the stimulus.

I then conducted the Modified Romberg evaluation. I explained to Mr. Jacobs I wanted him to put his feet together, tilt his head back, and estimate the passing of 30 seconds in his head. Once he believed 30 seconds had passed, he was told to tell me to stop. Mr. Jacobs stated he understood the instructions. Mr. Jacobs advised me to stop timing at 22 seconds. He had eyelid tremors and was swaying left to right.

Based on my observations and the admission of marijuana consumption before driving, I placed Mr. Jacobs under arrest in double-locked handcuffs, which were checked for fit. I searched his person incident to arrest, and no contraband was found. I escorted him to my patrol vehicle’s rear passenger’s side, and he was placed in the back seat. The rear seat of my patrol vehicle was searched prior to the beginning of my shift, with no contraband found. I read Mr. Jacobs the Georgia Implied Consent Notice for Suspects Age 21 or over from my green implied consent card on scene. Mr. Jacobs provided verbal consent to the state-administered test of his blood.

I allowed Mr. Jacobs the opportunity to have someone retrieve his vehicle. Mr. Jacobs allowed Mr. [REDACTED] to take possession of his vehicle. Mr. [REDACTED] had a valid Georgia driver’s license.

I transported Mr. Jacobs to the Liberty Regional Medical Center to have his blood drawn. [REDACTED] drew Mr. Jacobs’s blood, and it was documented on Evidence/Property Receipt 09478. Later, the blood kit was placed into Evidence Locker #4 at the Liberty County Detention Center.

I transported Mr. Jacobs to the Liberty County Detention Center for further processing. Mr. Jacobs was turned over to jail staff without incident. He was issued two citations for Driving under the influence of drugs and no seatbelt. The rear seat of my patrol vehicle was searched before leaving the jail with no contraband being found. My body-worn camera was active during this incident.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation evidence submission form was completed, and the toxicology box was placed in evidence locker 5. It was documented on Evidence/Property Receipt #09478