Pamela Fernandez


Date of Booking:

Reason(s) For Booking:


Officer’s Narrative:
[Please note: The following is a direct transcription from the officer’s narrative report. We do not fix any spelling or grammatical errors. Any changes made by our staff are placed inside brackets. Some errors may exist.]

On 10-31-21 at approximately 2246 hours I was dispatched to [800 BLOCK] Sagewood Dr in reference to a domestic.

Prior to my arrival dispatch advised she could hear screaming in the background and the complainant was hiding in the bedroom after being slapped twice in the face by her mother.

Upon arrival I made contact with [VICTIM #1] who advised me there was nothing going on it was just his ex-wife (Pamela Fernandez) being upset.

While Mr [VICTIM #1] was speaking to me, Ms Fernandez came out of the residence and was visibly shaken and upset. Ms Fernandez also had a noticeable bleeding injury to the left side of her face near her eye.

Ms Fernandez began to demand I get the name of a black male that was standing near her vehicle in the driveway. I advised her he was not part of what was going on and she became irate. Mr [VICTIM #1] attempted to get her to calm down but Ms Fernandez told him she did not care what he had to say. I asked Ms Fernandez how she got her injury to her face and she refused to answer. I asked Ms Fernandez if she needed medical attention for her injury and she stated no.

Ms Fernandez appeared to be intoxicated.

Mr [VICTIM #1] attempted to talk to her again and Ms Fernandez threw a set of keys at Mr [VICTIM #1]. I advised Ms Fernandez she needed to calm down. Mr [VICTIM #1] approached Ms Fernandez and I observed Ms Fernandez striking Mr [VICTIM #1] in the face twice. As I came around the porch to detain Ms Fernandez due to her actions Ms Fernandez proceeded to walk around the porch toward my direction stating several times “you gonna shoot me, shoot me”.

I approached Ms Fernandez and Ms Fernandez proceeded to walk away from me toward the roadway. As I grabbed Ms Fernandez arm she turned toward me pushing me and slapping my hand to which I grabbed a hold of her arm and forced her to the ground. Once on the ground Ms Fernandez turned on her back facing me and began to kick upward at me hitting my legs with her feet. I was able to gain control of her on the ground by placing her hands behind her back as she continued to resist.

Officer miller #157 arrived on scene.

Once I had control of Ms Fernandez I applied handcuffs (checked for fit and double locked) and turned her on to her side.

Ms Fernandez continued to be belligerent by spitting and screaming racial slurs toward officer miller. Ms Fernandez refused to get up on her feet and walk on her own. Officer miller and I carried Ms Fernandez to officer miller’s patrol vehicle and she had to be forced into the patrol vehicle because she continued to resist by wrapping her legs around mine. Once in the patrol vehicle Ms Fernandez was kicking the window bars and hitting her head against the separation window.

Ems arrived on scene but were not able to treat Ms Fernandez due to her belligerent state. Ems advised Ms Fernandez was bipolar and was currently in a manic state.

I made contact with Mr [VICTIM #1] who stated Ms Fernandez suffers from bipolar and had not been taking medication for several years due to not being able to find a doctor to treat her condition.

I conducted my investigation as to what initially occurred and was informed by Ms Fernandez son ([WITNESS #1]) he tried to intervene when Ms Fernandez began screaming and hitting his sister ([VICTIM #2]). Ms Fernandez turned her attention towards him and pushed him back. Mr [WITNESS #1] stated Ms Fernandez does have mental health problems and should not have been drinking in her mental state, but Mr [VICTIM #1] bought her alcoholic beverages anyway. Mr [WITNESS #1] stated Ms Fernandez had been through a lot with her personal relationships.

I made contact with [VICTIM #2] who stated her mom (Ms Fernandez) was being paranoid and accussed her of talking to her current boyfriend (Ms Fernandez boyfriend) but she tried telling her she had no idea what she was talking about when her mom slapped her in the face.

Ms Fernandez boyfriend was not on scene and no information was provided.

Mr [VICTIM #1] stated he did buy her a 6 pack of an alcoholic beverage (10% alcohol in each) and she drank a few of them. Mr [VICTIM #1] stated the injury to Ms Fernandez face had been self inflicted but did not elaborate on how.

Ms Fernandez was transported to the liberty county jail by officer miller and released to their custody.

I gave Mr [VICTIM #1] the report number on a victims’ and witness information pamphlet.